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Network Security Quiz

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Network Security Quiz

Network Security

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Layer 5 of the OSI model is the ____ layer. Data Link Network Session Presentation.
Layer 3 of the OSI model is the ____ layer. Network Data Link Session Presentation.
A ____ is a standard network device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together by using twisted-pair copper or fiber-optic cables in order to make them function as a single network segment. Firewall Hub Router Switch.
A ____ is a network device that can forward packets across computer networks. Router Firewall Bridge Switch.
____ is a technology that can help to evenly distrubute work acroos a network. Stateful Packet Filtering DNS Caching DNS Poisoning Load Balancing.
A ____ is a computer or an application program that intercepts a user request from the internal secure network and then processes that request on behalf of the user. VPN Server Telnet Server Proxy Server DNS Server.
A(n) ____ encrypts all data that is transmitted between the remote device and the network. IKE Tunnel Router VPN Tunnel Endpoint.
A basic level of security can be achieved through using the security features found in network hardware. True False.
Workgroup switches must work faster than core switches. True False.
The key to the OSI reference model is ______.
NAT replaces a private IP address with a(n) _____ IP address.
Match: NAT VLAN Baseline DMZ OSI model Remote Access PAT HIDS Subnet Addressing.
The most common protocol suite used today for local area networks (LANs) as well as the internet is ____. UDP BER ASN.1 TCP/IP.
TCP is the main ____ protocol that is responsible for establishing connections and the reliable data transport between devices. Transport Layer Network Layer Presentation Layer Application Layer.
SNMP agents are protected with a password known as a(n) ____ in order to prevent unauthorized users from taking control over a device. entity community string MIB OID.
DNS poisoning can be prevented by using the latest edition of the DNS software known as ____. Finger WINS BIND DHCP.
A ____ forwards packets across computer networks. Switch Router Bridge Hub.
A ____ is a feature that controls a device's tolerance for unanswered service requests and helps to prevent a DoS attack. Flood guard Protocol guard link guard frame guard.
____ can be used to determine whether a new IP addresses are attempting to probe the network. DNS Logs DHCP Logs Firewall Logs Proxy Logs.
TCP is responsible for addressing packets and sending them on the correct route to the destination, while IP is responsible for reliable packet transmission. True False.
TCP/IP uses its own five-layer architecture that includes Network Interface, Internet, Control, Transport, and Application. True False.
The ____ Layer is omitted in the TCP/IP model.
A(n) ____ is a record of events that occur.
Match Network discovery SNMP DNS Poisoning IP Telephony Ping of Death DNS ICMP STA Smurf DoS attack.
The IEEE 802.15.1-2005 Wireless Personal Area Network standard was based on the ____ specifications. Bluetooth v2.1 Bluetooth v1.2 Bluetooth v1.0 Bluetooth v1.1.
A group of piconets in which connections exist between different piconets is called a ____. Scatternet Honeynet Broadnet Boundnet.
A ____ access point is an unauthorized AP that allows an attacker to bypass many of the network security configurations and opens the network and its users to attacks. Random Sanctioned Rogue Legitimate.
____ is designed to detect any changes in a packet, whether accidental or intentional. CBC CRC AES TKIP.
____ is a framework for transporting authentication protocols instead of the authentication protocol itself. PEAP TKIP SSL EAP.
A(n) ____ packet contains a field that indicates the function of the packet and an identifier field used to match requests and responses. ICMP TKIP EAP RADIUS.
____ allow a single access point to service different types of users. Wireless VPNs Wireless encryption standards Wireless multimedia protocols Wireless VLANs.
Bluetooth devices are not backward compatible with previous versions. True False.
Because of the weakness of WEP, it is possible for an attacker to identify two packets from the same IV. True False.
When a wireless device looks for beacon frames it is known as ____.
When using IEEE 802.1x authentication, ____ prevents an unauthenticated device, either wired or wireless, from receiving any network traffic until its identity can be verified.
Match: TKIP Protected EAP Evil Twin War Chalking Lightweight EAP Initialization Vector SSID Bluetooth War Driving.
A user or a process functioning on behalf of the user that attempts to access an object is known as the ____. Subject reference monitor entity Label.
A(n) ____ model is a standard that provides a predefined framework for hardware and software developers who need to implement access control in their devices or applications. Accounting user control access control authorization control.
In the UAC dialog boxes, the color ____ indicates the lowest risk. Red Gray Yellow Green.
____ is considered a more “real world” access control than the other models because the access is based on a user’s job function within an organization. Role Based Access Control Rule Based Access Control Discretionary Access Control Mandatory Access Control.
A user under Role Based Access Control can be assigned only one ____. Role Group Label access list.
A(n) ____ is a set of permissions that are attached to an object. ACE DAC Entity ACL.
____ indicates when an account is no longer active. Password expiration Account expiration Last login Account last used.
Authorization and access are viewed as synonymous and in access control, they are the same step. True False.
A shield icon warns users if they attempt to access any feature that requires UAC permission. True False.
__ is granting or denying approval to use specific resources.
In the DAC model, ______ can create and access their objects freely.
Match: Access End User Authorization Owner Authentication Object Directory Service Identification Custodian.
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