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Networks etworks && Information Information Security

Networks & Information Information Security- 1404709

Prof. Shawkat K. Guirguis
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Creation Date: 21/03/2024

Category: Computers

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1. In a permutation cipher with π(λ) = (3*2) mod 26 what would you expect the value of Index of Coincidence to be: 0.068 0.052 0.044 0.0384.
Use Vegenere table to encrypt the message : "COMPUTERSECURITY" with the keyword "abc" dqpqwwftvfexskwz None of them coopxesuedwrjvy cpopvvesuedwrjvy.
In a Caesar cipher we found that the correlation coefficient between the ciphertext and the English text at different (d) is given as follows, what is the value of (d)? b. (0.7863) at k=2 d. (-0.9943) at k=4 a. (0.4760) at k=1 c. (0.6263) at k=3.
In Kasiski analysis we found the start of four repeated patterns in a given ciphertext to be (18, 53, 130, 165). What will be the key length? 11 7 9 5.
In a Caesar cipher the word "CONNECTION" is enciphered as: a. eqpvgevkqp b. dpoofdujpo c. frqqhfxurt d. gsrrigxssr.
In a permutation cipher like: π(λ) = (3* 2) mod 26 what will be the ciphertext of "CONNECTION" a. "mqppmgfyqn" c. "gqnnvxtbrn" b. "gqnompfyqn" d. "gqnnmgfyqn".
In a poly-alphabetic cipher that works on odd and even characters like: πι(λ.) = (2* λ. + 13) mod 26 and πι(λ) = (2* 2.) mod 26 what will be the ciphertext of "WELCOME" a. "svwrcli" b. "fvjrplv" c. "siwecyi" d."fijepyv".
Which of the following random number generators would you select to be used assuming that ro=2 a.r+1(r*3+ 7) mod 8 C. Ti+1 = (ri *3+7) mod 13 b. ri+1=(r*3+2) mod 7 d. ri+1=(r;*3+7) mod 11.
In RSA the value of p=19, q-23 and e=29, what are the value of (n) and the decryption key (d)?.
a. In an expansion permutation as shown what will be the value of (100101) after permutation? 1 Answer=[ ] b. Is it possible to reverse it and use it as a permuted choice? (Answer with YES or NO and state WHY?) .
In a columnar transposition cipher the enciphered message is : "smmhleesaccecnauhadsranleinnestioaxystlx", what is the plaintext message?.
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