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Project Team on-boarding_2018(CDH)

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Project Team on-boarding_2018(CDH)

Project Team on-boarding_2018(CDH)


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What is not the major benefit of the cloud? Elasticity Affordability Totality Availability Simpicity.
Which of the following is not related to Public Cloud? With a public cloud, services are maintained on a private network protected by a firewall Public clouds offer efficiency and affordabilty, and are often multi-tenant Public clouds offer the most security and control With a public cloud, services are delivered to customers over a network that's open for public usage SAP S/4HANA Cloud is offered as a public cloud solution that includes quarterly innovation cycles.
Which of the following is most relevant to PaaS? PaaS is a way of delivering applications over the Internet The PaaS provider takes care of everything PaaS provides a cloud platform and tools to help developers build and deploy cloud applications. PaaS lets companies "rent" computing resources such as servers, networks, storage, and operating systems on a pay-per-use basis Customers can access PaaS applications right from a Web browser, which means there is no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update.
Which of the following is the SAP Fiori UX design principle? Role-based Simple Complex Adaptive Coherent Delightful.
Choose something that is not the Highlight Key Feature of SAP S / 4 HANA Cloud. HR Connectivity Project Services Optimized Order to Cash Emergency station Streamlined Procure to Pay Core Finance Accelerated Plan to Product.
What is not related to SAP S / 4 HANA Cloud Best Practices? SAP Activate Roadmap SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Starter System SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Quality System SAP Best Practices Explorer.
Choose things that are SAP integration. SAP-delivered integrations Template-based integration Customer-driven integrations Application-based integration.
What is the End-to-end solution for Streamlinet Procure to Pay? Operational Procurement Accounting and Closing Operations Project Management Invoice and Payables Management Order and Contract Management.
In which SAP Activate Methodology phase is the Experience Trial accessed by customers? Discover Prepare Explore Realize Deploy & run.
What is not an explanation of the Trial System? A customer can ask for the full 14 days for SAP S/4HANA cloud access. If they are interested in testing the on-premise system then that equipment can be accessed here for 60 days. Trial systems can be accessed with different types of roles so that the users can try out and test different scenarios. The goal of these trial systems is for the customers to get a good first impression of the look and feel of the S/4HANA Cloud solution. Help and Guided Tours available for tablet .
What are further system changes after project closure occur in an additional implementation phases? Change phase Explore phase Preset phase Realize phase Run phase.
Which of the following will appear in the Preset phase? Q-system is not activated the Production system and the S-system is terminated This is a fully activated SAP Cloud System with all processes that we have in scope and demo data included We can not change the ID settings (as described above, company codes and accounts and goals) S-system is terminated.
Which of the following is the SSC UI content in the Explore Phase? equivalent to the Realize phase Configuration of the chart of accounts Creation of additional Organizational Structure elements Can be used to test system adaptions These changes can not be transferrend to the quality system.
Which of the following is not about Customizing Activities in Guided Configuration Self-Service? Changes are written in the customizing tables. when enabling a systems CLM, it is important to record all customizing changes and to conduct customizing changes in a CLM compliant way the tools will allow the adaptation only of important fields within the SAP best practice content. To differentiate them from SAP content, they all start with an "X". provide checks and validations to protect the SAP best practices content Customer specific configuration changes need to be carried out via the guided configuration tools, Self-Service UIs and Expert configuration.
Which of the following is a description of the MMO, the SAP S / 4 HANA's logistics process? SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Cloud is not include the MMO processes of : Streamlined Procure to Pay SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Cloud is not include the MMO processes of : Optimized Order to Cash not a formal product name, used to describe the combination of multiple lines of business including Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sourcing and Procurement, and Sales. Associate some of your employees with relevant external partners.
Which of the following is not a cloud C4C data case for customer integration in SAP Best Practices customer engagement and commerce integration? UI navigation via ARIBA and Fiori Bidirectional Business Partner replication Material management via IDOC in S4 outbound and ARIBA service in CFC inbound Business Partner replication via SOA services in S4 and CFC Functional scope enhancements (TBD) .
Which of the following can be accessed with code-based enhancements? Read access through Open SQL to public CDS views Calls to cloud-released APIs Calls to math or string libraries Connectivity to SAP HANA Cloud Platform through the SAP HANA cloud connector Change order of columns in a table Change format of dates.
Which of the following customer and partner development features are not part of the existing scalability? Better performance (no latency, no data transfer to a side-by-side system) Any structural enhancements of business data and related reporting ABAP Development Tools (Eclipse, ABAP Workbench) Runs in the ABAP stack using direct ABAP/HANA features and no overhead for stack switch Integrated into the application Custom application can be made lifecycle-stable by using public APIs.
Which of the following is inappropriate regarding data migration activities? executed in the Cloud implementation cockpit. You must use an existing project to display all available migration objects. Existing customers can establish a connection from their current (on-premise) system to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. For all new cloud customers, the template-based approach is used. The Migrate Your Data application is located within the Manage Your Solution app.
What is not true about the description of SAP Cloud Platform services? only developers to build, extend, and run next-generation applications on SAP HANA in the cloud SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's in-memory platform-as-a-service offering. Partners or customers can use SAP Cloud Platform as if they were in the classic ERP world for SAP S/4HANA, on-premise SAP S/4HANA integrates with SAP Cloud Platform through the SAP Cloud Platform Connector that is already preconfigured SAP Gateway technology is already installed and preconfigured in SAP S/4HANA.
What SAP Fiori apps enable customers and key users to access embedded learning content in the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud system? Learn More app (in Manage Your Solution) My Learning app Enterprise Search Learning app My Learning Assistant app.
What is SAP S/4 HANA Cloud System Landscape? Starter System Quality System Productive System Test System.
We want to reduce and manage the complexity of configuration to reduce the total cost of ownership. How do we manage complexity to reduce TCO and what are the different measures? Self-Service Configuration UIs address the simple variations within the pre-configured process Scopping (whoe only relevant configuration & UIs) Start only with the confguration really needed (Client 000 cleanup)새 avoid issues in upgrade and scope extensions allow customer to activate additional pre-configured scope items after go-live. Ensure that pre-configured processes run smoothly after upgrade. Show impact of configuration on end-user UIs and vice versa navigate from end-user UI fields to relevant configuration UI.
What are the characteristics of the new user training and online help concept using SAP S / 4 HANA? Includes getting started and guided tours with onboarding content for new users allows to choose content by role role based interactive demos central access point to learning content.
Select all the features of the List Report in SAP Fiori 2.0. Easy to consume overview Choose from predefined variants Create own variants and ad-hoc queries Successor of the (read-only) Factsheet Type of data determines visualization.
What is Differentiators of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation Projects? Standardized Solution: Focused scope solutions that allow tailoring to fit the customer’s business and reduce complexity Innovation: Upgrades to public cloud solutions automatically applied by SAP every six months System Landscape: Public cloud solutions typically use three test tenant and two production tenant Project Timeline: Public cloud projects are initiated immediately following contract signature with go live in 12 to 25 weeks Roles: Customer owns many more tasks of a public cloud implementation, including data migration, testing, and change management.
What are the characteristics of the Explore phase? Pahse Closure Data Load Preparation Setup production environment Configuration Definition Establish project standards, organization and governance.
In traditional architecture data resides on discs, it is never loaded into the database buffers or application buffers. In the Suite on SAP HANA world this needs to be changed because the cost of SAP HANA comes in at certain pricing tiers. What licenses can customers do? 512GB 100TB 10TB 1023 GB.
Why use a 2-tier strategy? Reducing ERP Costs Improving functional coverage in the subsidiaries Enabling more innovation .
What are the new app types for SAP Fiori 2.0 with the following characteristics? features: - Immediate insight on what needs attention - Access the most important applications in the current business context - Trigger quick actions or drill down to next level of detail - Cards efficiently combine information and action from different tasks Overview Page List Reports Object Page.
SAP Activate Methodology defines how to implement an SAP S/4 HANA solution, and consists of three main components Methodology SAP Best Practices Guided Configuration (SSCUI) Business-to-Employee Scenario.
Prepare 단계의 주요활동이 아닌것은? Define project goals, a high-level scope, and a project plan Secure executive sponsorship Fit to Standard Analysis Setup production environmnet Kickoff the project.
What is the Content Lifecycle Management methodology intended to protect in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system? Pre-configuration delivered by SAP Personalization done by customers New process steps and processes added by customers or partners Applications and integrrations developed in SAP Cloud Platform.
다음 중 옳지 않은 것은? Hotfixes are scheduled on a three weeks basis and are installed over the weekend during standard downtimes Emergency patches are created on request and will be installed on request or during standard downtimes Upgrades are scheduled on a quarterly basis.
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Customer Landscape에 해당하지 않는 것은? Starter System Quality System Productive System Trial System.
업데이트, 업그레이드, 핫픽스, 응급 패치와 관련된 내용이다. 다음중 옳지 못한 것은? In software terms, an update (patch) is meant to address and correct bugs (or problems) that make the software perform less than optimally. An upgrade does address bugs, but rather "upgrades" a standard version and advances it to the next version. The reserved time frame for hot fix collection is Sunday morning between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. at local Data center time. Release delivery allows two weeks to test the new functionality in your quality (test) system before the upgrade in the productive system happens on the release weekend. Emergency patches have an individual approach for test and import.
총 소유 비용을 줄이기 위한 위해서는 복잡성을 줄이고 관리를 하는 것이다. 그럼 이 복잡성을 어떻게 관리하고 조치할까? Pre-configuration을 사용하여 주어진 콘텐츠를 이용하고 복잡한 구성 종속성을 처리한다. 고객이나 컨설턴트라 IMG에 들어가서 메뉴 경로를 회사 코드 테이블로 드릴 다운하여 변경한다. 셀프 서비스 구성은 고객이 자체적으로 작은 변경을 수행할 수 있지만 여전히 미리 구성된 프로세스 내에서 유지된다. 콘텐츠와 간단한 셀프 서비스 구성 UI를 결합시킨다.
Starter System에 관한 내용이 아닌것은? The Starter System is fully pre-configured - based on the scope of the ordered edition Best Practices are activated accordingly and Sample Data/Model Company are/is available for the customer in order to prepare/explore the S/4 HANA Solution. This starter system normally includes the complete best practice processes for the project services edition including sampled data of a model company and that means the system can be used to perform the Fit to Standard analysis workshops. In the starter system customers will be able to perform key changes in things like company code or bank relations or other configuration changes. Customers can also use this starter system for their Fit to Standard workshops so that they can define the personalization requirements for their S/4 HANA solution. .
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Fit to Standard Process Flow에 해당하지 않는 것은? (답 1개) Consultant explains the process using the best practice process flow. Consultant leverages the configured system and delivered data to demonstrate the system best practices. Highlight areas that likely require configuration decisions. Team discusses and explains how the system meets or can meet specific customer requirements. Basic processes are discussed first as to gain understanding. Complex processes are built from the basic. Team identifies and catalogs the gaps on the product backlog for further analysis and closure. Team determines and documents configuration values required. The Team is responsible for providing value lists i.e. product group definition. Consultant provides the process flows, test scripts and users so that the customer can execute the scenarios on their own. If necessary, create sample customer data to enhance the learning.
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud에서 보기들이 해당하는 기능적 범위 요소는 무엇인가? ■ Accounts Payable ■ Accounts Receivable ■ Cash & Collection ■ Asset Accounting ■ Cost Management & Control ■ Accounting & Financial Close Sales Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Professional Services Asset Maintenance Finance & Controlling.
클라우드 컴퓨팅의 주요 이점을 고르세요 Cloud computing makes it possible for users to access data, applications, and services over the Internet. The major benefits of cloud include Elasticity, Affordability, Availability, Complexity Fast implementation time, providing quick access to functionality Reduced IT efforts because both hardware and software operation and maintenance are the provider’s responsibility. .
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