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you plan to work with network and was elements structures, what do you considerer? you can assign a network header to multiple wbs elements you have to activate the indicator operative "account assingment element" you have to maintain a network profile in the project profile you can reassign an activity from one network to another.
you intend to work whit predefined project coding mask to create project definitions... the standard project definition must differ from the definition you can create a project coding mas x..even if there are projects are beginning with x you can only use number for a project coding mas definition you can use an indicator to determine than only coded project number.
the system status of wbs elements is created CRTD no stats profile is assigned to this wbs element goods receipt for purchase orders creation of purchase orders calculation of actual values activity allocation.
where do you control wether a project stock is managed as evaluated or non-evaluated project stock? in the material master in the wbs element in the network activity in the project definition.
if your project, your work a network an external activities, you have created a purchase requisition, the corresponding purchase order is created as well, now you increase the quantity of the external activity the purchase order can be updated in migo the purchase order is updated automatically a workflow can be triggered inform the purchasing group no system support is required, since the purchase order.
you want to create purchase requisition for the materials used in your project, however, after releasing project no purchase requisition has been created "2 the item category of the mm is set to non stock material the item category of the material is set to stock item the procurement type in the mm is set to house-production the materials have no material numbers.
which sales documents can update planned revenues on wbs elements? (2) sales order quotation billing inquiry.
how can you define external tasks in your project?2 assign a purchase order for external create a service activity in a network create a external activity un a network create a service milestone.
how can you update the degree of processing for an activity? by using result analisys by charging the activity by scheduling the activity by confirming the activity.
how can the system activate the requirements such as reservations or purchase requisitions? when releasing a network or an activity inmediately, by saving the project automatically using a standard milestones.
wich statement regarding the creation of a wbs structures are true?3 a new wbs must contain 10 level a wbs element can be a planning element, an account assignment element, and a billing element at the same time you can create several wbs element the wbs structure can contain several level 1 wbs element a wbs element of the new project can be assigned to a different project.
you want to plan costs, therefore you have defined a costing variant and valuation variant for you network.3 wbs elements internally processed activity externaly procesen activity material components assigned to activities documents assigned to activities.
a component is assigned to a network activity, what are prerequisites to generate project stock reservations?3 the network is assigned to a sales order item the project stock indicator is set in the project definition the network activity is assigned ro a wbs element the item category of the component must be d the material master of the component must permit project non stock management.
a customer user cross-company - code projects with a top billing element and an additional a billing element underneath for each company code.... split the project into different projects adjust the customizing of the valuation method in the expert mode f the periodic settle the wbs elements change the project structure.
you have saved a network and activities with assigned material component.s you receive the error message "business transaction cannot be carried out" what is the reason? missing authorizations to release material components missing material avaibility missing budget for material components missing reservations for material components.
you want to use subnetworks to detail networks during the course of the project a sub network cannot be defined a superior sub networj mainteneance orders can be defined as subnetworks the scheduling type is copied of subnetwork subnetworks must be scheduled separately from superior networks.
float time is calculated duration schedukling -->3 by default critical activities have a float time wicks is less tan or equal to zero tha maximum size of a free float is as large the total float of an activity activities with the time constrain must start on float can be negative.
what can you plan using activities internal material procurement resource.related budgets workforce planning multiple works centers on one internal activity.
how can you confirm the working hours for different work centers to a single activity assign multiple wc to the activity drawings create multiple confimations enter multiple wc within a single confirmation you cannot confirm working hours of different wc to a single activity.
to which object can you assingn factory calendar material component network headerq milestone relationship.
what budgeting function can be used to check assigned values against the current budget result analisys cost forecasrt easy cost planning avaibility control.
you have a project with a network, want to plan an activity to start two days after its predecessor .2 use an offset of two days for the relation ship of both activities use an offset of two days for milestone date use an offset of two days for the requirement date calculate the start date of the activity constraint "must start on".
which of the following factors influence the scheduling of internal processing activities? 3 activated indicator scheduling in control key of the internal processing the relationships between activity elements the factory calendar the unit hour , days.,.. the work for the internal activity.
what functions are available for period-end closing confirmations settlements result analisys progress analysis milestone.
you are using assembly processing, you need determine the delivery dat of a sales order item with account assignment to the project , whaT are the prerrequisites? 3 a bill of material with sales. views a production order a material master with sales view assignment between material and standard networks standard network with activities.
how are the capacity requerimients determined? using the control key using scheduling independent of scheduling using the scheduling and distribution key.
your customer wants to establish costing for wbs, costing should be easy to use and should not refer to cost elements. what do you recommend' easy cost planning detailed planning unit costing planning of overall values.
where can you assign the user status profiles for wbs elements' 3 in the project profile in the project definition os a standard wbs in the operative wbs element in the project type in the project version.
which orders or documents can be displayed in proman 2 reservation purchase order item sales order item internal orders.
you want to assign milestones to wbs elements, for what can you use these milestones? to start workflows tasks for trend analisys to create standard networks to set and actual finish date.
for which objects can billing plans be created? 2 project definition wbs elements activities milestones sales order items .
you use networks and internal activities in your project, you have activated capacity requeriments and notice that one work center is overloaded, you have not authorization to change the wc. how can you reduce the overhead of the wc. 2 shift activities backward or forward on the time axis where more capacities are avalaible increase the capacities of the wc in project planning board capacity leveling is done automatically after scheduling create subordinate internal activity elements assigned to other wc.
your customer use progress tracking for network components and maintains dates of events manually, they need to implement scheduling of events, prerequisites''=?? events must be released automatically events scenarios must be defined priority of events must be set scheduling parameters for material scheduling must be set.
you have activated the workflow for work in the sap project system, who receive this workflow' the person responsible for the network activity the person responsible for the superior wbs the person responsible for the wc the mrp controller of the network.
you want to determine the planned cost for an internally process activity, which data do you need? 2 duration work activity tipe profit center.
a customer wants to use project simulations in the quotation phase, characteristics' 3 multiple project simulations can be used simultaneously projects simulations can be used to planned structure and cost project simulations allow posting of actual data project simulations can be created without using an operational project as template project simulation can created purchase requisitions.
you use reductions to reduce scheduled duration of all internally processed activities. what do you check?2 if the reductions strategy is set in the network header if the appropiate reduction type is set in the parameters for network scheduling if the reduction strategy is set in each activity if the reduction type is set in the parameters of wbs if the maximum reductions level use less than 100.
which statements about networks are true' 2 relationships can be used to connect activities of different networks a network activity can be assigned to several wbs a network can be activity account assigned and headed milestones, material components and documents can be assigned to network activity material components can be assigned to activity elements.
your customer uses a tight integration between sales orders and wbs with networks to deliver finished and semifinished products, using delivery from project (CNS0) with delivery from project you can generate purchase requisitions for sub contracts with delivery from projects goods receipts are automatically posted while saving with delivery from material you can deliver material components assigned to your network with delivery from project you can generate goods issues for projects .
which of the following data can be maintained in a standard network? 3 basic dates for activities relationships material components internal processed activities assignment of documents activities.
which of the following statements regardings networks are correct? 3 capacity requeriments of a network activity are reduced with activities is confirmed you can assign the same wc to more that one activity on the same network you can assign more than one activity element to a network activity during scheduling, the system plan the network activities in such a way the assigned wc are not overloaded in terms of capacity.
your customer uses project planning board to crear gantt chars 3 display of maintenance order for activities user-specific color management for the gantt chart display of project relevant purchase orders display of object cost plan display of production orders assigned to wbs element.
you used overall revenue planning CJ42 to plan revenue for wha element. why does ehe cost element report not show up any revenues? The overall revenue planning has not reference to cost element the overall revenue planning will be displayed only mode expert cost elements reports display integrated planning only cost elements reports can display costs but not revenues.
your customer want use scheduling of networks to specify planned dated of tasks. which sets of dates can be used for scheduling of networks? +2 basic dates planned dates fundamental dates forecast dates baseline dates.
which objects can be used to specify settlement rules' 3 project definition network definition for activity -account assigned networks standar wbs network header for activity -account assigned network wbs element.
which of the followings transactions can you use to post actual cost for external processing?2 creating a service entry sheet creating a purchase order posting goods receipt approval of a goods receipt approval of a service entry sheet.
you want to set up the field selection cats in customizing, which influencing field do you use? project profile data entry profile network profile network type.
what are prerequisites for resource related billing? 2 a header-account assigned network that is assigned to a sales order item released wbs elements, activities and or activity element a dip profile with appropriate settings an activity-account assigned network that is assigned.
when you create service activity in your network what data can be entered?3 service specification service purchase order number vendor material master within service specification overall limit.
yout want to use billing plans for customer projects. what is the reason for assigning billing plans to wbs element? billing plans for wbs elements are copied automatically billing plan for wbs elements are used for revenue planning the billing can be carried out with a billing plan billing plan for wbs elements prerequisites.
which organizational structures are required for networks activities? 3 operating concern sales organizational controlling area plant company code.
an external component is assigned to a network activity, the delivery date for purchase requisitions depends on the dates of the network activity, control wether the delivery date is defined by the earliest or latest scheduled dates? the network profile the table of mrp controllers the scheduling parameters for the network the control key.
they don't want to finished and semi-finished goods before the customer orders them, which setup would yo recommend? assign a sales order to a project with appropriate hierarchy levels assign network to a sales order assign one production order to a sales order Assign several production orders to a sales order.
templates in CJ20N, which templates can use in the project builder, 3 project definition standar network project milestones project versions standar project definition .
whee can you maintain constraints limits for start dates? activity activity element network header milestones.
what scheduling type do you recommend' backwards current date forwards fixed dates.
you customer uses Proman ..what business transaction can be used with ProMan? 3 post goods issues cancel good issue generate delivery generate purchase requisition.
you want to enable user field for customer projects. what us the benefits to assigning a field key to the project profile? the field key is the default value for the WBS elements and the activities too the fiel key is the default value only for the WBS element the tab user fields is invisible.
your customer has created networks now they want to analyze the capacity requirements of their project, which report do you recommend? CN50N CN41 CM01 CM50.
you are using budgeting and activate availability control. how can be activated? 2 automatic activation CJBV-activate control automatic activation whiter assignment to an invest program automatic activation which budget assignment.
a customer need to analyze the capacity requirements of their network activities, which reports do you recommned=? 2 material reports cost elements reports resource reports sis reports hierarchical reports.
you have created an internally processed activity, assigned a network center, ant he work. after saving you discover that no planned costs are displayed in the cost element reports. what could be the reason? 3 integrated planning for the network duration is missing in the activity the formula for costing in the wc is incorrect the determine costs " indicator the activity output prices for the activity.
you use a wbs project structure with networks and maintenance orders. you want to schedule both the networks and the maintenance orders. what do you considerer' the maintenance order must be assigned to the same plant as the networks the maintenance order must be assigned to the same budget profile the maintenance order must be assigned must be assigned as subnetworks the maintenance order must be assigned to wbs elements.
where can you define that a network is a header-account assigned or " activity-account assigned" network type project profile network profile parameters for a network type.
a customer wants to allocate overhead rates to a wbs element , what must you assign to the wbs element? result analysis key costing sheet investment profiles settlement rule.
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