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Revit 2015

John Michaels
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Creation Date: 02/03/2016

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Which file is a Revit family? Double Hung.rvt Toilet-Domestic-2D.rfe Double Hung window family.rvt Door-Double-Flush.rfa.
Which statement about Drafting views is false? You can import CAD files into Drafting views You can adjust view scale and detail level on Drafting views Drafting views can be stored as separate files Drafting views are 2D only. Drafting views show the building model.
What do you type on your keyboard to open the Visibility/Graphics dialog?.
Which action is NOT possible with a section line? Split the section line Break the section line Display the section head or tail on either end of the section line Delete the section line and keep the related section view.
If you convert a basic wall to a curtain wall, what happens to any doors or windows that are placed in the selected wall? You cannot convert basic walls to curtain walls They are deleted They remain They are converted to curtain entities.
In which view type can you place a level? Construction Legend Elevation 3D Plan.
Which parameter of a plan view opens a dialog box to edit the depth of a view? View Range Color Scheme Graphic Display Option Visibility/Graphics overrides.
When editing a roof sketch, what does the small triangle next to a roof boundary line indicate about that line? defines gable defines overhang defines slope defines eave height defines orientation.
True or False: After you've modified a floor's boundary in sketch mode, you ALWAYS chose "Yes" to the following dialog box when closing sketch mode? True False.
Which statement about text is FALSE? You can paste text from Microsoft Word into a text object Text is view specific Text leaders must be placed separately Text scales with the view.
Which TWO are TYPE properties of a wall? Wrapping at Inserts/Ends Location Line Base Constraint Function (Interior, Exterior, etc.) Top Constraint.
Which is NOT an option for creating a floor sketch boundary line? Draw line Pick Lines Start End Radius Arc Pick Walls Reference Plane.
Which is NOT a type of constraint? Equality Padlock Temporary Pinning Alignment.
Which TWO are FALSE? You should NEVER double click on a Revit project file or family file to open it When working on a centralized model, you should create a new local file every day Save will relinquish any borrowed elements You should always Save before you Sync so if you crash during a Sync all of your changes will still be saved in the local file When a family has a type catalog .TXT file included with the family file, that family is NOT compatible with being dragged-and-dropped into a project from Windows Explorer, you must use the “Load Family” method Synchronize will relinquish any borrowed elements Revit project files and family files are backwards compatible with earlier releases.
Batman vs. Superman, who would win? Batman Superman.
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