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Random madting V1 pr

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A business user entered the wrong password too many times and is locked out of the SAP Fiori launchpad. Where must the administrator unlock this user? Sap Fiori launchpad designer Front – end SAP gateway sever SAP Smart Business SAP S/4Hana Back end.
A customer is currently running SAP ERP and wants to transition to a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA 1909. You are required to provide them with a solution that enable them transition to SAP S/4HANA Customer specific enhancements. Which of the following tools will help leverage the transition process? Software update manager SAP transformation navigator SAP S/4Hana migration cockpit SAP Readiness check for SAP S/4Hana.
A customer wants to analyze a G/L account, which is presenting asset acquisition value, on an investment order. What do you maintain in the G/L account master record to achieve this? (2 Correct) Set the G/L Account type to non-operating expenses or income Define the G/L Account as an asset reconciliation account Enter value 90 In the cost element category field Select the record account assignment indicator.
A customer wants to store alternative values of a foreign currency valuation in an extension ledger. What extension ledger type is needed for this purpose? Simulation Valuation Prediction and commitments Extension .
A document can have up to 999999 line items in the universal journal (reporting or G/L view). How does this affect the entry view (table BSEG)? The entry view is also based on the universal journal The system splits the single entry into multiple documents as required It is extended to 999999 line items It is limited to 999 line items .
After the migration to SAP S/4HANA 1909, you notice in the currency configuration of the company code that the global currency has the "Currency Is Only Available In Controlling" indicator. What might be the cause of this? (2 Correct) Before the migration, the company code was NOT linked to a controlling area The controlling area linked to the company code was defined with currency type 20 Before the migration, the company code did Not have any parallel currencies defined Before the migration, the group currency of the controlling area was defined as a parallel currency in the company code.
An asset is being acquired through integration with procurement. How is the asset acquisition value posted? Non-valuated acquisition is posted at invoice receipt Non- valuated acquisition is posted at goods receipt Valuated acquisition is posted at settlement Valuated acquisition is posted at invoice receipt .
At which level do you define that a G/L account is a secondary cost account? Chart of accounts Operating concern Company code Controlling area.
At which level does the functional migration for finance data have to be performed? System Company code Controlling area Client .
Cost of goods sold (COGS) split functionality is available in account-based CO-PA. Which settings are necessary? ( 2 Correct ) Operating concern currency must be determined Characteristic values and characteristic groups must be maintained Cost elements must be mapped to cost components The corresponding cost elements must exist in the chart of accounts .
During SAP S/4HANA conversion, why is it necessary to migrate balances for FI and CO? Because the system posts FI/CO documents for all missing line items by comparing them to balance of accounts Because the system displays an error if the sum of aggregated line items differ from the balance Because all balances from the past years are stored in the universal journal Because a delta between all line items and the balance of every account will be updated in the universal journal .
For which account assignments can you perform realignment in the universal journal? (2 Correct) Profit center Functional area Sales region Customer group .
For which functionality is a productive material ledger a prerequisite? (2 Correct) Parallel currencies in the universals journal Parallel valuation for transfer pricing Actual activity price determination Actual costing .
For which parameters can you define the minimum life to maintain documents in financial accounting for data aging? (2 Correct) Document type Document number Ledger group Account type .
How can financial data be stored in the SAP S/4HANA system tables? (2 Correct) There can be a line item in BSEG without a corresponding document in BKPF There can be a line item in ACDOCA without a corresponding line item in BSEG There can be a line item in ACDOCA without a corresponding line item in BKPF There can be a line item added in BSEG without a corresponding line item in ACDOCA.
How can you retract planned data from SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for SAP S/4HANA to SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) Store your planned data in the ACDOCP table Use a BW planning cube and a preconfigured content workbook Use the in-built BPC data extractor and upload template There can be a line item in BSEG without a corresponding document in BKPF.
How can you set up multiple valuations for transfer pricing in your SAP S/4HANA system? (2 Correct) You can assign profit center, group, and legal valuations to the same ledger You can assign more than 3 valuations to different ledgers, if you have enough ledgers defined You can assign more than 3 valuations to the same ledger You can assign each valuation to a separate ledger.
How do you compensate for the technical clearing account NOT balancing in all accounting principles with the accounts approach for parallel valuation? By running the monthly depreciation posting By running the periodic acquisition and production cost posting By entering manual corrective clearing transfer postings By maintaining the offset account in the asset account determination.
How does the Near-Zero Downtime method minimize the downtime of the productive SAP system during migration? The data from previous years is archived SQL database commands are used to accelerate the migration A clone of the productive system is used Optimized data compression is used to minimize the data volume.
If a customer decides to deploy SAP S/4HANA Cloud instead of SAP S/4HANA on premise, what distinct benefits will the customer gain? (3 Correct) Personalization through self-service configuration Automatic updates every 3 months Faster initial implementation Seamless adoption of the existing processes Higher degree of customization.
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