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Revit Electrical Fundamental

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In Revit, electrical distribution systems can be created without creating voltage definitions. True Flase.
Information from electrical connecter can be accessed by associating with revit shared parameters only. True Flase.
Plan region is used to create independent view range which may differ from the view range of the main plan view. True False.
Which of the following statements about sheets is (are) "False"? A view can be dragged and dropped into a sheet A sheet can contain both project and sheet information The same view can be placed into multiple sheets View cannot be activated and modified in a sheet A sheet can contain both project parameters and shared parameters.
When linking an architecture Revit model to a MEP Revit projet, the following positioning method is desirable to use. Auto - Origin to Origin Manual - Origin Manual - Base Point Auto - By Shared Coordinates Auto - Center to Center.
Which is not used to create a customer title block in Revit? Text Label Viewport Line.
In order to create a tag family, the label is used to display the information. The label is created by using _______________. Project parameter Family parameter Shared parameter.
Which of the following statements about Visibility/Graphic (VG,VV) is (are) "True"? Changes made in VG will effect on the all views in project browser VG is the view specific function Color filter can be accessed from VG window Categories on/off can be done in VG window CAD layers on/off can be done in VG window Project parameters can be selected from VG window.
Which type of parameter is stored in a stand alone notepad. Project Parameter Family Parameter System Parameter Shared Parameter.
In Revit electrical modeling, the cable trays and cable ladders are the loadable family. True Flase.
Revit system families can be edited by edit family command. True Flase.
Please select Revit system family. Lighting Fixture Electrical Equipment Cable Ladder Pipe Wall Duct Fitting.
When starting a Revit project, a template is a must to chose and the extension of the template file is ______. .rvt .rfa .rte .rft.
A Revit parameter which can be accessed from the properties window is ______________. A type parameter An instance parameter.
A check box in the properties window can be created by using ____________ instance parameter. Length Check Box Yes/No Text Tick.
In a Revit power circuit system, only________ load of the breaker rating can be connected. 100% 90% 80% 120%.
Electrical connecter has a rectangular shape. True Flase.
Metric Generic Model template is used to create a hosted family. True Flase.
Families are considered _____________ if they can be changed without having to recreate the elements. Normal Smart Generic Parametric.
Please select the following item(s) which can be added to a Revit schedule. Project Parameter Shared Parameter Family Parameter Calculated Value.
Sectional 3D views are very useful for visualization in Revit projects and they can be created by using crated section views in a project. Ture False.
Please select the "incorrect" statements from the following. in Revit MEP modeling, user can created new discipline from properties window View range and plan region settings of a plan view must be the same setting VG is a view specific function A dependent view crop region must be the same as parent view.
In Revit MEP modeling, Copy/Monitor tool is used to copy the follwing item(s) from a linked Revit architecture model. Floor plan views Elevations Levels Grids Drafting Views.
The scale of a call out view is always the same as a plan view. True False.
When starting a new Revit project by a Revit template, which two items is inherited from the template file. Architectural Revit link Worksets Families Work flow Project browser.
When creating a Revit family by using Metric Generic Model template, the two elements (shown in the figure) will appear in the Ref. level floor plan by default. That tow elements are __________. Center lines Hidden lines Reference lines Reference planes Dash lines.
In order to connect a power circuit to a DB, the DB must have ________ system which can be select from the option bar. Power Voltage Current Distribution Demand load.
In Revit, a new line styel can be define from Additional Settings under Manage tab and it consists of the following three. Text Space Color Line pattern Dot Line Projection.
Which of the following is "not" a method to create a solid form for the Revit family Extruction Revolve Solid Sweep Blend.
View range settings are available in elevation views. True False.
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