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Revit MEP In-House Test

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Revit MEP In-House Test

Revit MEP In-House Test

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Revit project and family files share the same extension of .rvt. True False.
In order to create a new MEP hosted family, Metric Generic Model.rft should be used as a template file. True False.
To link an architectural Revit model, the following positioning method will be used. Auto – Center to Center Auto – Origin to Origin Auto – By Shared Coordinates Manual – Origin Manual – Base Point.
In work sharing method, MEP sub disciplines are live models and architectural and C&S models are inserted as Revit Links. True False.
For collaborating and co-ordinating among disciplines, work sharing method is preferred over link method because of its real time synchronization feature. True False.
When setting up a Revit MEP project, the following item or (items) are required to be copied from the architectural model by using Copy/Monitor method. Grids Plumbing Fixtures Columns Levels Floor Plans.
MEP Revit Template file will be used whenever a new MEP Revit Project is going to be set up and this template file has an extension of .rvt .rft .rte .rfa .rtf.
View Range settings are available in elevation views. True False.
In work sharing projects, reloading of new architectural Revit links to MEP models can only be done at the central file and not at the local file. True False.
To copy levels from the architectural model by using Copy/Monitor, floor plan views are used. True False.
When creating Plan Views by using copied levels from architectural linked model, all views will be created under ___________ sub-discipline first. Mech_Sanitary Mech_Plumbing Mech_Gas Elect HVAC.
Which of the following is not a method when creating a solid form for Revit families? Extrusion Blend Solid Sweep Revolve.
When creating sheets, we can use shared parameters. True False.
Which of the following parameter can’t be presented or shown in schedules? Family Parameter Shared Parameter Project Parameter Calculated Value.
Which of the following element cannot be used when creating line pattern? Dash Dot Word Space.
Ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits are system families and they can be created as different types. True False.
Sectional 3D views are very useful tools for visualization in Revit projects and they can be created by using section views. True False.
Visibility/Graphics (VG) Overrides Filter function is a view specific function. True False.
Filter settings from a view can be saved as a View Template and can be used in other views. True False.
Plan Region can be used to create independent view range settings which can be different from the view range settings of the main plan view. True False.
A Check Box in properties can be created by using _________ Type of Parameter. Check Box Length Yes/No Tick Text.
When creating geometry for a Revit family, dimensions can be converted into dimensional parameters for the family. True False.
When creating a family by using Metric Generic Model.rft, the two elements (shown in figure) will appear in the Ref. Level Floor Plan by default. They are Reference Lines Hidden Lines Center Lines Reference Planes Dash Lines.
Families are considered ___________ if they can be changed without having to recreate the elements. Intelligent Smart Parametric Normal Generic.
Annotation families can be inserted into element families to create nested families. True False.
Which is not used to create a custom title block in Revit? Family Editor Text Label Viewport Line.
Which of the following statements about sheets is (are) FALSE? You can place the same view into multiple sheets You can insert a view into a sheet by drag and drop method A sheet can contain both project and sheet information A sheet can contain both shared and project parameters Views cannot be activated and modified in sheets.
Which statement or statements about drafting views is (are) FALSE? You can insert CAD files into drafting views You can adjust view scale and detail level for a drafting view Drafting views can show 3D building models Drafting views can be saved in a separate file and can be inserted into another file We can create section and elevation views from drafting views.
New projects inherit which two conditions from the project template? Project Browser Work Flow Families Work Sets Architectural Revit Link.
Text leaders must be placed separately. True False.
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