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Core ABAP Programing

Siva Kumar P
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Creation Date: 24/12/2012

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how to know the answers?
neha23 ( uploaded 11 years )
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rest the test is very good.
In the application layer processing requests are saved in _________ and processed according to _________ principle. Application server, FIFO Dispatcher, FIFO Database server, FILO Presentation server, FIFO.
SAP application server, translates open SQL statements from ABAP into the corresponding SQL statements using buffer True False.
To see the work process overview on the SAP web application which transaction code is used? SM05 SM50 SM23 SE36.
Work process has ________ to coordinate the actions with in the work process. Internal Memory Task Handler Screen Processor ABAP Processor.
SAP transactions are not necessarily executed with in one dialog work process. True Flase.
What are the advantages of R/3 configuration as compared to R/2 or R/1 Simpler scalability Simpler administration Load balancing Data Security.
Whar types of SAP GUI are there Windows Java Linux HTML.
Which work process types can you find on the SAP web application server? Dialog W/P Message W/P Update W/P ICM W/P Enque W/P.
What is the background W/P used for Periodic tasks Tasks requires user interaction Long-running tasks Printing lists.
_________ is the central store for all ABAP work bench development objects, which is also cross-client Database Repository Work Processor Update Processor.
Changes/extensions to the repository are possible in __________ ways Through in-house development Through customer enhancements Through modifications to SAP standard code All of the above.
In SAP one can create maximum number of _____ sessions. Each session is ___________ of the other. 4, Independent 6, Independent 9, dependent 9, Independent.
ABAP programs are processed in application layer False True.
Which of the following statements are TRUE Type M programs can be executed using F8. Type I,K,S programs are called container programs First line of Type I/E programs is PROGRAME <programe name> All of the above.
Which of the following statements are TRUE ABAP programs are made up of individual statements Each statement need not end with period. Words need to be separated by at least one space. All of the above.
Which of the following statements are FALSE. TYPE is the key word is used to pass technical properties for the variables. In MOVE-CORRESPONDING both source & target strucutre field names need not be same. To pass the values for the parameter variables one can use VALUE addition Using domains one can define user defined variables.
We need to define for which ABAP predefined data types lengh explicitly C, N D,T X,P I, F, String.
Different message types are W,E C,M P,O A, X I,S.
Which of the following statements are TRUE for internal tables Temporarily storing data from the database and retaining them during program execution Access types can be done with key or Index access Types of internal tables are Standard, Trasnparent and Hashed For sorted table APPEND statement can be used.
Which of the following statements are TRUE for subroutines Are declared by FORM....ENDFORM statements Can be combinations are perform statements Are called using call by value and call by functions Are declared by PERFORM...ENDPERFORM.
Using which of the following statements list buffer is created Parameters/Data/Type Write/Skip/Uline.
Which of the following open SQL statements used in ABAP Insert Append Select Update.
For validating fields in selection screen which event is used. Load-of-Program At user-command At line-selection At selection-screen.
Advantage of using function module over subroutines are Can raise exceptions that fill return code filed using sy-subrc Can be executed asynchronously, allowing you to run parallel process Can use pass by value & result Function modules once defined can be globally accessible.
In the case of hased internal table, index access is possible False True.
An event block in introduced with an event keyword. It ends implicitly when the next processing event starts. Flase True.
Which of the following are correct Event blocks are called by ABAP runtime systems. Subroutines are called by screen statements Modules are called by ABAP statements All of the above.
PBO and PAI events are used in what type of screens?? Selection-screen List Screen Normal Screen All of the above.
Call-by-reference for subroutines will has no effect of formal parameters on to the actual parameters. True False.
To generate the secondary reports from primary reports which EVENT block is used? AT USER-COMMAND START-OF-SELECTION AT LINE-SELECTION.
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