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SAP ABAP Core Programing Test

Siva Kumar P
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Creation Date: 24/12/2012

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From a screen, one can call the list processor and display up to 20 lists in a list system using Leave to processing Leave to list-processing leave to ABAP-processing Leave to screen-processing.
To change the out put format on a list screen _______ key word is used with the WRITE statement. USING MASK USING EDIT-MASK USING CHANGE-MASK USING MODIFY-MASK.
If you want to suppress the standard page header use _______________ option of the REPORT statement NO-STANDARD PAGE HEADING NO PAGE HEADING NO-STANDARD HEADING NO-HEADING.
Which of the following statements are TRUE To determine the wideth of the out put list line-size is used SY-LINSZ contains the curent line width A line can be up to 295 characters long If width is et to 0, the system uses width of the standard list.
_________ system field contains number of lines per page. SY-LILLI SY-LINCT SY-UZEIT SY-LINENO.
Which of the following statements are TRUE for reserving lines for end-of-page event line-size (40) line-count(40) line-count 40(3) line-size 40(3).
Which event is not triggered for new-page END-OF-PAGE TOP-OF-PAGE.
_______ options for FORMAT statements influence the colors of the putput list. Color Inverse Bold Intensifed.
_____ system field contains the index of the list currently being created. SY-LSIND SY-LILLI SY-LINENO Nonf of the above.
_______ system field contains the information of selected row in the interactive reports SY-SELLI SY-LISEL SY-LSING.
One can not use the top-of-page to influence the list structure of secondary list True False.
Using the data elements, structures and table types one can create complex user defined type. False True.
_______ are defined in the data base tables to speed up data access in tables. Index Sort List Buffering.
Function modules for setting and releasing locks are automatically generated from the lock objects. False True.
ABAP programs can acess trasnparent tables in using Native SQL Open SQL.
Technical settings can not define whehter the table should be buffered and whether changes to the entires should be logged False True.
Important data classes available for database tables are Master data Organizational data Application data System data All of the above.
What kind of data is generally buffered in the application server Master data Application data Transactinal data.
Performance enhancements can be achieved by index sorting False True.
The records of a buffered tables are read directly from the local buffer of the application table Flase True.
_______ fully buffered are automatically buffered generically by the client number Client-specific Cross-client.
A value table only becomes a check table when _____ is defined Primary Key Foreign Key Index Key.
Fixed value cannot be provided for domain to get F4 help. False True.
The inactive version of an ABAP dictionary object is the version that the components of the runtime access True Flase.
The information about the strucutre is distributed in the ABAP dictionary in Domains Data elements Fields All of the above.
Select the statement that is NOT correct The object lists created by the repository information system are entirely integrated in ABAP workbench The where used list for repository objects can not be called from the information system The information system enables you to search objects by their attributes.
Data base tables can be adjusted to the changed definitions in the ABAP dictionary in _____ ways By deleting the database table and creating it again. By altering the table By converting the table All of the above.
During the conversion the tables are locked to prevent further structural changes from being made before the conversion is completed correctly. True False.
If an append structure is created or changed the table to which is assigned is not activated and the changes do not take effect when it is activated. True False.
The data read with a database view cannot be buffered False True.
Select the statement that is NOT correct Maintenance views implement an outer join Database views implements an outer join If a database view is defined with more than one table, this view can both read & change access Data from several tables can be combined using a join statement.
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