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How many radio buttons are associated when there are 4 radio buttons as a single radio button group? 0 1 2 4.
What is the Tcode used for calling transport organizer ? SE09 SM12 SE10 SM36.
What is the Tcode for Lock entries? SM36 SM04 SM12 SM35.
What is the Tcode to view the list of users associated with the same client ? SE16 SE04 SM12 SM04.
What is the Internal Table which has a same response time irrespective with the size o f the table? Sorted Table Standard Table Hashed Table Table with Header line.
In a search help, by using which parameter the specialization of a field is found.. Lpos Spos Import Export.
What happens when a get_instance factory method is called? Reference variable is instantiated Error exception is raised because static variables cannot be called using get_instance Object reference method can now be called Interface is instantiated.
What is the Tcode for SAP Online Support System? OSS OSS1 OSS2 SNOTE.
What is the Tcode where we can develop the USER-EXITS? CMOD SMOD SALE NACE.
Customization is done in? Sandbox Devolopment Quality Production.
Syntax for Static Method Specification? Call class-method Call method classname->method Call method classname=>method Call method -> Class Name.
Dynamically generated function code is stored in? SY-UCOMM SY-PFKEY SY-SUBRC PICK.
Which component of class, preserves its own consistency Public Static Methods Private Attributes Function Modules.
What happens when a Function Module has been called ? All the function Modules related to that Function Group will be called into the Buffer Only that specific function module will be executed The memory of all Module Function storage in transparent table.
Shipping comes under which module of SAP ? Production Planning Material Management Supply Relation Management Sales & Distribution.
What are the output formats of ALV ? List and Forms List and Grid Forms and Scripts Grid and Layout.
Which view uses only one table? Projection View Maintanance View Database View Help View.
What is the activity done in the Production server of SAP? User Training User Acceptance Testing Creating Master Data Configurations.
What is the responsibility of a DBA ? Backup Configurations Retrieval DB Management.
Placing value of screen fields to ABAP fields which one is used Assign ON_INPUT Move.
What is the Tcode for IDoc Testing Tool ? WE19 WE20 WE30 SM35.
What is the Tcode for RFC Programming ? SM35 SM59 SM36 SM12.
What happens when two “ top-of-page “ statements were given in the Program ? Syntax Error Overwrites one on the Other Prints both of them No Change.
What are the servers involved during QRA ? DEV PRD QRA All of the above.
What are the default menu’s seen in the SAP Screen ? System Help Navigate None.
What are not the attributes with respect to Tabstrip ? Tab Title Scroll Bar I/O Element Sub Screen.
How can we start a ABAP new Debugger ? Give /h in the command field Give /hn in the command field Give /hend in the command field Debugger will not start until and unless a breakpoint is set.
What are the components of Logical Database ? Structures Selections Database Program Views.
What does Business Add-in does not consists of ? BADI Definition BADI Customer Program BADI Implementation BADI source code.
In regard to the field selection, which option of the SELECT statement is required? FOR ALL ENTRIES IN WHERE INTO MOVE-CORRESPONDING.
Identify the Keyword that determines if a CMOD function exit has been provided? CALL PROGRAM-EXIT CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION CALL USER-EXIT CALL CUSTOMER-SUBSCREEN.
What is the attribute which defines the size of a Standard Table or a Custom Table? Size Category Package Data Class Delivery Class.
What is the Tcode for SQL Trace ? ST01 SQL Trace ST05 All of the Above.
What is the Structure of LSMW ? BDCDATA BDCBG00 BDCMSGCOLL All of the Above.
Which of the following below are true about IDOC ? IDoc’s are sent from SAP to SAP Systems IDoc’s cannot be sent to Non-SAP Systems IDoc’s cannot be sent to Non-SAP Systems IDoc’s can be sent from SAP to Legacy Systems.
In Debugging, How can the user set a breakpoint ? Giving /h in the command field Giving /hn in the command field Setting a breakpoint from the Program Editor All of the Above.
Which statements from below are false about Logical Database ? More than 1 LDB is used in a report LDB has structures and Database Programs associated with it Tcode for LDB is SE36 None of the Above.
Where does the BADI Definition reside at ? Adaptor Class Both A & B BADI Implementation.
What is the attribute which defines the storage type of a Standard Table or a Custom Table? Data Class Delivery Class Size Category Package.
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