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Which 2 roles are mandatory to allow a business partner to hold an account? 2 answers are correct Card holder Account holder Correspondence recipient Account processor Counterparty.
What object is total commitment applied to? Select one answer business partner account product cash flow.
A customer who receives a statement monthly requests that their tax advisor receive one quarterly. How would you set this in the account? Select one answer One binding recipient in the account and 1 additional Two binding recipients Two additional recipients Two binding recipient with different period settings.
Which of these can be configured as an external account ID? 2 answers are correct (country + account no.) OR IBAN Country + account number (Country + bank key + account no) + currency Account GUID country + bank key + account no) OR IBAN.
What does setting up a payment transaction area allow you to do? Select one answer Process transactions through a limited set of transaction types Collect and post transactions Define internal payment transaction structure Define a geographical area.
Interest earned on a savings account is to be paid to another account. How can this be done? 2 answers are correct Create a payment advice Create a direct debit order Create a posting advice Create a transfer advice Create a settlement payment advice.
How are bank keys assigned to payment transactions areas? Select one answer each bank key must be assigned to a different posting transaction area multiple bank keys are assigned to one posting transaction area each posting transaction area must be assigned to a bank key multiple posting transaction area can be assigned to one bank key.
What functions would require creation of an internal account? 3 answers are correct Translation of a payment item in a currency different to the account currency Profit & Loss postings Payment items sent into Postprocessing status Suspense account posting (CpD Cheque payments made from an account.
Which of these elements of an account can be changed while it has a status ‘Active, not used’? 2 answers are correct Contract start date Account holder Product Currency Bank Key.
When is currency Exchange needed? 3 answers are correct In postings where the currency of the account is different to the currency of the bank In postings where currency of the transaction is different to the account currency In prenotes posted where currency of the transaction is different to the account currency In posting lock management documents posted where currency of the lock threshold is different to the account currency Where the currency of a facility is different to the currency of an account.
In a payment advice, what categories are available? 3 answers are correct Domestic Payment Forward Order International Payment Cheque payment Standing Order.
What types of orders can use a payment advice? 3 answers are correct Account Closure Rescission of a loan Product Change Early pay off of a loan Notice on account.
What functions are available in SAP for cards (2 answers are correct) Initialisation of chips Embossing of cards Create a temporary number for new cards Add a reference account for a card.
What card operations can be performed using orders (Select one answer) Cancel a card Create a card Issue a card Lock a card.
Which statement is true about penalty interest Calculated at the time of a withdrawal and posted as an information item It cannot exceed the credit interest in the current period It is limited to 90 days in the calculation Is always applied on closure of an account.
Which of the following are features of savings plan products (3 answers are correct) Inactive phase at the end of the term Availability of funds limited by notice Bonus interest Multiple initial payments allowed Multiple payment plan payments allowed.
What is allowed to happen at the end of a savings plan agreement? (2 answers are correct Repayment, but not close the scheme Repayment and close the scheme Renewal of the scheme Lock the scheme.
Which of these are methods of applying interest on a time deposit (3 answers are correct) capitalise during the term disburse at the end of the term capitalise at the end of the term reserve during the term reserve for grace period at the end.
Your bank want to implement a time deposit with a special interest rate applied if the deposit is received within 3 days of opening the account. How would this be achieved (2 answers are correct) apply the rate before the latest start of the term apply the rate within the rate lock period apply the rate within the grace period apply the rate before the start of the term.
How can the credit interest rate determined for a time deposit (3 answers are correct) the rate is fixed at the start of the term depending on the duration of the rate lock period rate depends on the capital amount and the duration of the term the rate is fixed when an account is opened using a reference interest rate.
In a time deposit, when does the grace period take effect (Select one answer) At renewal date Between rate lock period and fixing date At the start of the maturity phase At the start of fixing.
Which component allows setting conditions for product or product group (Select one answer) product price list pricing agreement business partner default price business partner standard price.
Your bank charges your customers a monthly charge. You want to remove this charge for this particular customer for 3 months. How would you do this (2 answers are correct) create a manual waiver deactivate settlement for 3 months create an individual condition with ‘zero conditions’ automatic waiver.
What can be changed in Financial condition set up (3 answers are correct) Condition group categories Condition group types Condition categories Condition types Condition.
What options are possible in financial conditions for controlling interest rates (3 answers are correct) Average mark up / mark down Absolute mark up / mark down Minimum / maximum Relative mark up / mark down Maximum mark up / mark down.
What would be used to enable calculation of account charges on a quarterly basis and account interest on a monthly basis (Select one answer) Extended Settlement Combines Settlement 2 settlement period attributes in an account Individual conditions.
What activity is allowed in an account (Select one answer) Assign a new condition group Create a standard condition Copy a standard condition to an individual condition create a new condition group.
Which end of day function should be executed FIRST in the EOD job schedule (Select one answer) Set transaction posting date Post all transactions received after end of day with the old date Post settlement to general ledger Set end of day transaction date.
What can you assign a standard financial condition to (3 answers are correct) product account business partner billing settlement.
Which statements are true with regards to loan processing (3 answers are correct) Payments received for instalments are cleared in the contract account in FI-CA A clearing account must have a contract account in FI-CA One loan account must be assigned to a clearing account A clearing account can have more than one Contract account in FI-CA.
Which of these are features of a condition fixing agreement (2 answers are correct) conditions about the term of the loan to set a time when no condition changes can be made conditions to determine the due date of instalments conditions to determine behaviour of payments received.
What features are available to loans but not deposits management (3 answers are correct) open items managed in FI-CA payment plan principle and incoming payment principle early repayment compensation assignment to a facility business partner cleanse.
Which of these can be capitalised in a loan contract? (2 answers are correct) Future instalments Instalments requested and billed but not yet paid Paid instalments Incoming payments interest.
What can be changed using a payment plan change (3 answers are correct) Change payment advice details Change instalment amount Change interest rate Change end of the term of the loan Change instalment due date.
Which of these are loan specific features of an account holder change (3 answers are correct) transfer open items from the old to new contract account in FI-CA change the payment advice of the loan instalment deactivate a payoff quote for the old account holder change in assignment of collateral correction of the address of the current account holder.
What features of a loan can be changed when executing ‘manual renewal’ (2 answers are correct) extend the term of the loan change the interest rate disburse further funds create a new condition fixing agreement change the frequency of the inpayment agreement.
What functions are supported by the payment advice feature (2 answers are correct) Allows the bank to make payments, collections and transfers as advised by customer Updates the turnover class for payments received to shoe the split between interest and capital Updates cash flows with information about accounts to be used to collect instalments Clears individual payments received against the related instalments.
Which statuses can applied to cash flows (3 answers are correct) simulated requested posted cancelled reversed.
What would cause a cash flow item to have a status of ‘requested’ (Select one answer) Billing of an instalment Invoicing of an instalment in FI-CA Creation of a bill in FI-CA Invoicing of an instalment in Banking Services.
Which of these statements is true about a loan disbursement (3 answers are correct) It can be paid to multiple payees Multiple payment advices can be used Can be reversed before the instalment is received Must be for a single contract only.
What function does a payment directive perform? (Select one answer) Define a payment rule that automatically creates a payment distribution rule for a payment matching the selection criteria Define a threshold for overpayments on an account Define a specific use for a particular incoming payment Create a one sided turnover for an incoming payment.
Instalments are to be paid by direct debit. Which flow best describes the process to achieve this (steps within the payment system is not taken into account in this process) (Select one answer) Billing in Banking services, run invoicing in FI-CA, Create DD payment file in FI-CA Run Billing and invoicing in Banking Services, Create DD payment file in Banking Services, run payment distribution in payment services to clear FI-CA Create DD payment file in FI-CA, run billing in Banking Services, submit payment file in payment system 1. Billing in Banking services, run invoicing in FI-CA, Create DD payment file in FI-CA Another one.
Instalments are to be paid by direct debit 3 days before the due date. Which flow best describes the process to achieve this (steps within the payment system are not taken into account in this process) (Select one answer) Billing, Invoicing, Send File, FiCA Billing, Send file, Invoicing, FiCA FiCA, Send File, Invoicing, Billing,.
Which 2 answers are features of the loans payment plan principle (2 answers are correct) Where a payment is late, Interest on arrears is charged on the overdue amount A PPP loan behaves the same as an IPP loan if instalments are paid on time Where a payment is late, nominal Interest is charged on the overdue amount Late payment affects the interest element calculated as part of the payment.
Where overpayments are received for a loan, what is it possible to configure with payment distribution rules (2 answers are correct) Prepay against future instalments Curtail the loan Automatic write off Transfer to another account Reverse income.
What functions are applied using an order (3 answers are correct) Give notice of a withdrawal Change an account holder of an account Change the product of an account Order a replacement card Create an account.
The bank has implemented dual control for product X, and User A has created an account requiring user B to approve. Where would user B process the approval (Select one answer) Business workflow Business partner new object statement Business notification report Business Workplace.
What can be done using an account holder change (Select one answer) Replace the business partner in an account Add a business partner to an account Assign a missing role to a business partner Assign a new alias to a business partner.
Which of these is true about account product change (2 answers are correct) Source product populates a new version of product Attributes taken from current version of the product Source product populates account field Add account holder.
Which of these is ALWAYS carried over in an account product change (2 answers are correct) Account holder Account identification data Limits Settlement condition group Access limits.
What statement below is correct for a payment order (Select one answer) Can have one ordering party and many recipient parties Can have one ordering party and many information only parties Can have one ordering party and many turnover parties Can have one ordering party and many routing parties.
A customer wants to set up a regular transfer of EUR100 to a friend on 15th of each month. How can this be set up (Select one answer) Standing order Forward order Direct debit order Payment order.
When a payment item is sent to posting control office, what status will the transaction be in (Select one answer) in postprocessing reversed redirected returned.
What can you assign to a prenote type (Select one answer) Turnover Class Limit Order Account.
Your bank receives an incoming payment for an account that has been closed. What outcome can be set up in posting control rules (2 answers are correct) Reject Redirect Post Process Reverse.
When a payment item is sent to posting control office, how is the treatment determined (Select one answer) By looking for the first response entry in the posting control rules that can be used for postprocessing By looking for the final response entry in the posting control rules By looking for the first response entry in the posting control rules that can be used for reallocation By looking for more than one entry in the posting control rules that matches the criteria.
Your bank has a premium product where transaction errors are processed by a small set of users. How is this facilitated (Select one answer) Using a worklist in the Posting Control Office Account grouping Using product attributes in product configurator Using an setting in user authorisations.
When a customer phones to report they have lost their debit card, which areas would you block (Select one answer) Debit card only Debit card & account Debit card and all other cards for the customer Debit card and all debit postings on the account.
What configuration object is used to define a PLM document (Select one answer) event type master contract lock type event category.
What items would you lock on the death of a customer (3 answers are correct) lock all accounts for a business partner lock all cards for a business partner lock the business partner lock bank statements for the business partner lock all standing orders for the business partner.
What PLM actions can create a charge (Select one answer) Activate PLM document Lock PLM document Schedule PLM document Close PLM document.
A bank has a savings product that they want to allow telephone banking but only if the customer requests it. How would they set the transaction type/media settings (Select one answer) Traffic light is green, with padlock unlocked Traffic light is green, with padlock locked Traffic light is red, with padlock locked Traffic light is red, with padlock unlocked.
What status must a product version be in to be able to create an account (Select one answer) active and valid latest version flagged for activation parked/new.
In product configurator you are able to make changes in non active versions (Select one answer) Keep the same version or create new version New versions only Keep the same version only You can only change the latest version.
Which of these are attribute categories (3 answers are correct) Field Matrix Group Features Limits Process.
What is the role of PI in the SOA architecture (3 answers are correct) Enterprise Service Repository and service registry, Integration Directory Integration Server Netweaver plateform.
Which of the statements is true about SOA (3 answers are correct) Java based front end ABAP programming architecture SOA adapted by SAP Architecture model.
How are transactions transferred to General Ledger (Select one answer) Using bank analyser’s GL connector Using the GL interface in banking services Using string Using FI journal uploads.
In which system is a GL account derived for transactions (Select one answer) Bank Analyzer In GL in ECC P&L in GL in ECC Balance sheet in GL in ECC.
Where are individual transactions aggregated prior to posting in the general ledger (Select one answer) GL connector in bank analyzer Profitability analyzer Business Warehouse Banking services deposits and loans.
SAP ‘s SOA offering is built around 3 dimensions. What are these (Select one answer) Architecture model, Business model, Development model Implementation through blueprint, realisation and post go-live support SAP Solution manager, SAP PI and SAP Banking Services SAP Banking Services, SAP ECC and SAP Bank Analyzer.
Which of these restrictions is available for configuration in the product configurator? (3 answers are correct) Maximum number of participating master contracts allowed Minimum number of participating accounts allowed Allow multi-level hierarchies Enforce that BP of participating contracts must be the same as the master contract Average number of participating accounts allowed.
What key figures of master data attributes are available to determine bundle pricing (3 answers are correct)FS242 PAGE 380 Product value of transactions volume of transactions number of accounts interest rates.
Effective cash pooling can be described as? (Select one answer) multi level, multi time zone, multi currency, multi system multi time zone, multi user, multi currency, multi level multi entity, multi option, multi level, multi currency multi enterprise, multi user, multi currency, multi system.
If an Effective cash pooling is only required in USD, how would you achieve this using product settings (Select one answer) Activate check for same currency in Master Contract product Currency restriction in Master Contract product Define currency restrictions for master contracts Define currency restrictions for participating accounts.
A company wants to perform Effective Cash Pooling to ensure that all bank accounts in the subsidiary bank accounts are left with 1000 EUR at the end of each sweep. What function would be used to achieve this (Select one answer) Target balance function Trigger balance function Zero balance function Auto-balance function.
What options are available to set up a global facility (2 answers are correct) A limit is set on the highest node of the hierarchy and all accounts utilise this as a global limit Use the sum of the internal and external limit on the highest node of the hierarchy A limit must be defined at each node of the hierarchy, and this is added to make a global limit A limit is defined for each account used in the hierarchy, and the sum these limits is defined as the global limit.
How is charge & interest compensation executed (Select one answer) Virtual offset Transfer Calculated from actual transactions % of debit/credit balances.
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