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SAP Business One

SAp Business One

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Target Documents for the Goods Receipt PO are : Goods Return AP Invoice AP Reserve Invoice Landed Cost.
If your customer ask you about the seasonal pricing to accomodate in system, what will be your first solution being a consultant ? Yes, it is possible by creating a new seasonal price list. Yes, it is possible by creation of user defined table for pricing. It is not possible to do seasonal pricing. You may upload season pricelist to the current price list.
Which price will take priority on other price sources in SAP Business one ? Price from Special prices with respect to items and business partners. Price list from the price list assigned in Item Master Data Price list from Customer Master Data Price from period and volum discounts.
In sales process the Delivery Challan post the following entry: COGS debit and Inventory credit Sales Revenue Credit and COGS debit COGS credit and Inventory debit No entry posting at Delivery Challan stage.
In marketing documents how manay types of lines can be available? Two types of lines as item and service type Three types of lines as item/service and freight type.
How to activate the freight in the marketing documents ? Check the option of freight in System Initialization --> Comapany Details screen. Freight can activate from document settings windows.
Your client is asking your for the bifircation of P&L statements location wise. What will be your answer ? Yes, it is possible by using the segmental chart of accounts. No it is not possible. Yes it is possible by using location wise numbering series.
Withholding tax can only be setup on payments. True False.
Data ownership autorizations can be configure with following master data. User Master BP Master Employee Master Not in the list.
The GL Determination can be setup on the following levels company wise: Items level Warehouse Level Item Group Level Manufacturer Level.
Your client is doing multi currency transactions with a single Business Partner. How will you configure it in the system ? Set the chart of accounts to All Currencies. Set the business partner with All currencies in master data Setup exchange rate difference accounts in GL Determination.
How many types of Bill of Material can be setup? 3 types as Assembly, Standard and Sales 4 types as Standard, Assembly, Sales and template 2 types as standard and sales 4 types as standar, assembly, multibom and sales.
Landed cost can be allocated by the following means. Cash value before customs Cash value after customs Quantity Weight Volume Equal Tax value Custom value.
Base document of AR Reserve invoice are: Sales Quotation Sales Order Delivery Sales Opportunity.
Production orders can be of the following types: Standard Special Disassembly Sales Planned.
Your client is required to have the multipe level approvals? How will you fulfill its requirment ? By creating multiple stages and assigned them to the approval template. By creating one stage with multiple authorizers and assigned it to approval template Using technical expertise to fulfill this requirement. This will be done by query wizard.
The following are the correct costing methods used in SAP Business One. Standard Moving average FIFO LIFO EEFO.
Standard costing method is only used for: Labour type items Travel type Items Inventory type Items.
You have a client as brokerage house and they are not maintaining the stock of items. Their suppliers directly send goods to the customer. How the client will release order of customer to the supplier ? This will be done by using Dropship warehouse to cater this scenario. It can be done by the consignment warehouse. it will be donw by using non - inventory items.
How many levels can be used in Chart of accounts ? 2 3 4 5.
Service Contracts is created for a single serial number item. True False.
Your client have some expenses which are on monthly basis and has same transactional amount to be paid monthly, How will you cater this need ? By setup recurring posting template An account base outgoing payment will be made on monthly basis. This can be done by runing of payment wizard at end of month.
MRP Order recommendation can generate the following: Purchase quotation Purchase Order Production Order Inventory transfer Request Inventory Transfer Sales Order.
In forecast you can plan in the following horizon: Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly 5 Years.
In Inventory matrix, how the stock availability is calculated? InStock + Commited - Order = Available InStock - Commited - Order = Available InStock - Commited + Order = Available.
As a production order is planned, what will be the effect of it in inventory matrix of the finished product ? Ordered Commited No effect.
Your client is required to have receiving payments from customer in installments. How it be configured in system ? You can setup it in payment terms setup with No. of Installments. You can setup it on outgoing payments with partial receiving.
How to activate budget in Business one ? From general settings in system initialization, ther check the budget initialization check in budget tab Budget is activated by default, no need to go for its settings Budget is activated by creating budget scenario.
Output tax will be use in the following documents: Sales Order AR Invoice AP Invoice AP Reserve invoice.
Base documents for the AR Downpayment Invoice are : Sales quotation Sales Order Delivery AR Reserve Invoice AR Downpayment Request.
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