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Time Data can be captured via : Infotype maintenance Time Manage's Workplace ESS CATS Time Recording Terminals.
The central element in time management is ___________ Work Schedule Holiday Calendar ESG and PSA Grouping.
Time management information used within logistics to determine employee availability for capacity planning purposes. False True.
Time evaluation is carried out by a time evaluation driver called ______ RPTQTA00 RPTIME00.
In time management certain master data infotypes record must be available. They are 0001 Org Assignment 0002 Personal Data 0007 Planned Working Time 0050 Time Recording Info 2006 Absence Quotas.
Give examples of composite role HR Controller Time Management Specialist HR Analyst HR System Specialist.
The offline version of CATS is called CATS Notebook True False.
Match Infotypes with its corresponding text. 2001 2002 2011 2006 2007 2003 2004 2013.
Time Manager can select between diffrent views to maintain time data. Multi-Day View Multi-Person View One Day View Team View Group View.
Time Manager's Workplace screen is primarily divided into 6 areas Calendar Employee List Info Area Time Data Details Online Messages Selection Area.
The enterprise structure for personnel administration is determined by the following elements : Client Company Code Personnel Area Personnel Sub Area Employee Group Employee Sub Group.
The control indicators determined by the personnel subarea for TIME management. Assignment of a public holiday calendar to a PSA PSA grouping for work schedule PSA grouping for absence and attendance type PSA grouping for substitution and availability types PSA grouping for attendance and absence counting PSA grouping for time quotas PSA grouping for time recording.
The control indicators determined by employee subgroup for time management ESG grouping for work schedule ESG grouping for time quotas.
Public holiday can be of fallowing categories With a fixed date With a fixed day from date Distance to Easter Easter Sunday Floating Holidays.
Match the fallowing Holiday class "blank" Holiday Class 1 Holiday Class 2.
A valid public holiday calendar is a prerequisite for every work schedule. True False.
The specifications for work schedules are stored at three level Daily Work Schedule Weekly Work Schedule Period Work Schedule Monthly Work Schedule.
Diffrent types of break are defined in Time Management Fixed Break Variable Break Dynamic Break Overtime Break.
Transaction Code with Text PA61 PA51.
Match Day Type with Meaning "BLANK" 1 2 3 4 to 9.
The Time Management Status specifies whether the employee's time are processed using Time Evaluation or Payroll 0 1 9 2 7 8.
Feature and its function SCHKZ TMSTA VTART.
When the employment percentage is less than 100% the part time employee field becomes activated in IT0007. True False.
With Dynamic work schedule you can overwrite specific fields of the daily work schedule for part-time employees according to the specification in the Planned Working Time IT0007 True False.
The Overtime infotype is not available in the Time Manager's Workplace True False.
Manually calculated wage amounts,hazardous duty payments,and other wage types that cannot be planned are captured in : IT 2010 IT 0008 IT2005.
Possible time constraint reactions to collision when recording an infotype are : A E W N.
When collisions occur, the system reacts by issuing : an error message a warning message delimits the old record restricts data access.
Shift change compensation can be set up to be paid only for business reasons (substitution type 02) True False.
Before setting up availabilities ,you must first set up assignment of groupings for availability types (and substitution types) for personnel areas/sub areas. True False.
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