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SAP Deposits Management Test-1

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SAP Deposits Management Test-1

Test contains questions related to SAP Deposits Management(FS260)

Siva Kumar P
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Which of the following are characteristics of an organizational unit in deposits management Business area Bank posting area Internal account.
Which type of account do you use to manage open items in the open item management system Clearing account Loan account Contract account Current account.
Which of the following are elements of SAP NetWeaver technology infrastructure for enterprise SOA Business process platform Composition platform Enterprise Services Repository.
What is the minimum information that you need to create an account? Account validity Account product Business partner relationship 3.
What types of limit are available for a current account product? Revolving limit Daily overdraft limit Access limit.
Which of the following are common features of orders provided within the order management framework? Change documents Uniform follow-up activities Determination of the charge amount in the order interface Release procedure.
Which individual objects can be locked with Posting Lock Management? Payment order Account features Card Card pool.
In Customizing, which combination of traffic light and padlock do you have to specify to make product attributes mandatory at contract level. Red traffic light and closed padlock Green traffic light and closed padlock Red traffic light and open padlock Green traffic light and open padlock.
Which are all CORRECT w.r.t provisioning platform for enterprise SOA Decoupled, configurable functionality Reusable business transactions Flexible Deployment Modeling environment.
Which management supports assets & agreements between contract partners SAP Loans Management SAP Leasing SAP Master Contract Management SAP Collateral Management.
SAP Payment engine product support single & bulk transfers in-direct debits in the domestic inter bank payments return & request for cancellations.
Characteristics of SAP Deposits Management are Notice Accounts Intraday interest calculations Products defined with no customer-level adjustments Complex condition handling Multiple approval levels on changes.
While creating the bank code in SAP DM which are all optional. Bank Key Check Digit Method Address Data Bank Country.
Which of the following statements are TRUE Newly created Bank can be linked to more than one number range interval Possible to use identical number range interval for different banks Possible to assign different country-specific methods for check digit calculations to bank key If the check digit method is deactivated account number has to be defiend manually at the time of account creation.
Which are all TURE for payment transaction are in SAP DM Is not a mandatory technical key in SAP DM system ONLY one payment transaction can be created in the system It is assigned to every bank internal key Possible to assign several bank keys to same payment transaction area It contains number range interval.
Which statement(s) are not TRUE w.r.t bank posting area This is the operational unit of account management Technical assignments are defined for end-of-day processing It can be assigned to each account contract when it is created contains positng calendar Units are not processed in mass processing.
Following characteristics are to be defiend for each organizational unit Internal Accounts Bank Posting area Payment Transaction area Address Contract Management Bank Standard Bank Data.
Which statements are true in SAP FS BP Relationship categories can not be defiend Can not maintain time-dependent address usage data Can maintain more than one role & roles are time dependent Legal Person comes under "Natural Person" category Not possible to change & add categories.
In SAP FS BP a relationship is Link between more than two business partners using relationship category Link between business partners using thier number Link between two business partners using relationship category Valid for certain time by providing start & end date.
Relationship categories supplied by BP are not split into relationship types False True.
Features of Product Configurator are Product attributes can also be defiend as changeable at contract level Graphical tool to create any product Can not manage different versions with different validity dates Speficy permitted features, default values, value ranges Existing products can be used as templates.
If changes are done for non-active product version, these changes can be stroed with the same version or with a new version True False.
In SAP DM Order Management is used for Account Closure Deleting holder from an account Notice on amount Correspondnece changes on account Product Version Change.
Using Order Management it is possible to change between product categories False True.
Which statements are valid for "Condition Categories" Can not have more than one amount category, date category Are the central elements of financial conditions Assigned to a specific condition group category These define how system clacuates a condition for interest & charges.
While defining the condition type condition group category is assigned to the condition type True False.
One can not create as many condition group types of the same condition group category as you wish. True False.
Which statements are TRUE for conditions. Are grouped in condition groups Individual condition is valid for only one specific contract Standard condition are valid for more than one contract It won't define time period & amount of a condition type.
Reference interest rates are not directly adopted as contract interst rate in the context of variable interest calculations. True False.
Reference interest rates can also be bank internal basis interest rates to which financial transactions can be linked. True False.
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