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SAP FI Model Test 4

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SAP FI Model Test 4

Reporting/Balance confirmation/FSV

Asit Haldar
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Program RFBILA00 enables you to print the financial statements on aSAPSCRIPT form. You generate the form True False.
A financial statement version consists of a maximum of 24 hierarchy levels. False True.
You define a financial statement version in two steps: Enter it in the directory of financial statement versions Define hierarchy levels and assign accounts Assign items to each level.
Each financial statement version must have the following ?special items? Assets Liabilities Profit Loss ? Profit and loss results Accounts not assigned Notes to Financial Statement.
The financial statement version enables you to configure the report format. You determine the following: Which items are to be included and the sequence and hierarchy of these items The text describing the items The charts of accounts and the individual accounts relevant to the report The totals to be displayed.
You maintain the profit and loss statement hierarchy in the same way as you maintain assets and liabilities in the balance sheet. True False.
Characteristics and variant form the basis of the drilldown report presentation. True False.
Match Characteristics Key figures.
Key figures can include company, company code, business area, chart of accounts, financial statement item, currency, fiscal year, period True False.
Key figures can include total credit balance, total debit balance, balance sheet value, accumulated balance, balance carryforward, and so on. True False.
At the end of the fiscal year, the balance carryforward program is run, carrying forward the balances of the customer accounts to the next fiscal year. True False.
The balances are then confirmed, the foreign currency documents valuated, the values adjusted, and the receivables regrouped. Yes NO.
The balances are confirmed,Once complete, the special periods can be closed. True False.
Reports SAPF130D and SAPF130K create correspondence to and from your customers and vendors to enable you to check the balance of receivables and payables. Yes No.
Balance Confirmations,You can choose from the following procedures: Balance Confirmation Balance notification Balance request Reports SAPF130D and SAPF130K.
If you want balance confirmations to be sent to the auditor, the ID field is required field. blank False True.
Foreign Currency Valuation Foreign Currency Valuation. (SAPF100) (SAPF200).
You carry out the foreign currency valuation before you create the financial statements. The valuation includes the following accounts and items: Foreign currency balance sheet accounts, that is, G/L accounts that you manage in a foreign currency (the balances of the G/L accounts in foreign currency are valuated) Open items (customers, vendors, G/L accounts) posted in foreign currency (the line items are valuated).
In order to carry out a foreign currency valuation, you have to make certain settings in Customizing: Check your currency Customizing (for example, you must have defined the exchange rates) Define your valuation methods (for example, for the lowest value principle) Define expense and revenue accounts for exchange rate differences from the valuation. You must also specify balance sheet adjustment accounts for receivables and payables accounts.
A valuation cannot be made by a posting to the payables account, reconciliation accounts cannot be directly posted to. Right Wrong.
For each Foreign currency valuation method, you have to define the following: Parameters for the valuation procedur ? Parameters for exchange rate determination Both are true.
To carry out foreign currency valuations in accounts managed on an open item basis, you define account entries for: Valuated exchange rate gains and losses for each reconciliation account in subledger accounts. True False.
The system posts the account entries for realized exchange rate differences in foreign currency during the open item clearing. True Fasle.
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