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SAP FI Model Test 9

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SAP FI Model Test 9

TFIN50 & 52

Asit Haldar
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A chart of accounts ( Multi ) a. can be allocated to multiple company code b. can be defined as the group chart of accounts c. only contains definitions for G/L accounts d. can only allocated to one company code.
2. Which of the following statements is true when configuring a group chart of accounts? a. In the company code segment of every operational account, the group account number will be a required entry. b. The group chart of accounts is assigned to the company code in the company code global parameters screen. c. When the assignment is made between the group and operational chart of accounts, the field group account number becomes an optional entry. d. A one to one relationship exists between the group account number and the operational account number in the G.L. master.
3. Which are true regarding operational chart of account. (Single). a. To perform allocations between companies codes in the controlling each company code must be assigned to its own operational COA. b. A company code can choose to work with multiple operational COA. c. If cross company code controlling is required the same operational COA must be used. d. Company code with different base currency must work with there own operational COA. e. The operational COA is optional by co. code.
4. A client. ( Single ) a. only contain a single chart of accounts b. may contain multiple charts of accounts c. only use one exchange rate type d. only have one controlling area.
5. Identify the correct statement(s) regarding organizational elements within the R/3 System. a. The Business area is defined at client level and changed in transactions defaulted by b. A plant is a location in which inventory quantities and values are stored or manufactured. c. A Controlling area can comprise several company codes using different chart of accounts but must operate in the same currency.
6. Which of the following statements is true ? ( Single Choice) a. A Company code can belong to more than one controlling area. b. A plant must be allocated to a company code c. A controlling area and a company code must have the same local currency. d. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the corporate structure IMG.
7. The productive indicator in the Company Code controls the following. a. Blocks Implementation Guide menu path b. De-activates the delete documents and delete master data programs c. De-activates the Transport and Correction Request System d. Prevents the fiscal year variant from being changed in the Company Code e. Prevents the Chart OF accounts from being changed in the Company Code.
8. Identify the correct statement a. Business area is defaulted to a Co code in FI. b. Business area is mapped to a co. code in controlling area. c. Business area is used for internal P&L a/c and Balance sheet. d. Business area if activated in FI will necessitate an assignment in controlling area master record. e. Business area can be mapped to profit center in company in order to produce more accurate P&L account.
9. Identify the correct statement(s) relating to how the main business processes are integrated in the SAP R/3 System. ( Multi Choice) a. A goods receipt is the recording of the movement of materials into the warehouse. In SAP, a financial document which updates the inventory account and an accrued liability account is created b. The Invoice receipt and verification process compares the vendor invoice with the purchase order and goods receipt. However, the corresponding financial transaction must be entered through the financial module of R/3. c. In SAP, payment processing reduces the liability to a vendor and a company codes cash balance, records discounts taken and disburses payment. d. A customer delivery is the transfer of the ownership of goods. A customer delivery includes, creation of a delivery document, picking the goods for shipment; physically transferring the goods to the customer and financially recording the goods issue.
10. Please click on the button next to the correct answer. a. The business area can run across many company codes, i.e. all company codes can post in all business areas. b. A company code may belong to more than One Controlling Area. c. Each company codes uses exactly one operating chart of accounts and one controlling area for assignments d. Business areas are used to create internal balance sheets and income statements.
11. Which correspondence extracts all items in the chosen period from a customers account displays the balance carried forward balance and a closing balance of the account ? a. Payment advice b. Payment notice c. Account statement d. Dunning notice.
12. Which of the following statements about creating customer master records are correct? a. An account group always gets assigned to a customer. b. The company code is always a required entry. c. The account number may be assigned by the user externally. d. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory, suppressed or optional, depending upon the account group. e. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory, suppressed or optional, depending upon the company code.
13. Which of the following statements are correct? a. A FI customer master is divided by client level and company code level. b. In case of one-time customer you have to enter the customers address in the document itself. c. Address, control data, and reconciliation account are included in the client level of the customer. d. The most efficient way to create master records is to work with the external number range not internal number range.
14. Which of the following statements are correct? a. If a customer is also a vendor, the system can include outstanding Accounts Receivable invoice items in payment program. b. If a customer is also a vendor, the system can include outstanding Accounts Payable invoice items when you clear incoming payment receipts for the customer. c. The reconciliation account defined on the customer master record is an account used to reconcile CO transactions back to FI. d. All customer belonging to the same account group must be assigned to the same reconciliation account. e. The alternative payer is used to transfer outstanding receivable item to the alternative payers account.
15. Which of following statements are correct? [mul] a. The customer master data comparison the customers in the legacy system with the customers in the R/3 System. b. The customer master data comparison compares which master records are already created in financial accounting but not yet created in sales and distribution. c. The customer master data comparison compares which master records are already created in purchasing but not yet in sales and distribution. d. The customer mater data comparison checks whether the customer master record contains a telephone number.
16. Which statement is true? (Multi) a. In Vendor master record it is possible to activate a check for duplicate invoice at doc entry b. If you delete a vendor master record, data is automatically deleted on both chart of account level and co. code level. c. Changes to vendor master records can only be displayed using central function. d. You can block a vendor to prevent financial transaction postings for one co. code or for all co. codes. e. Bank master data for vendor can only be created with in customizing.
17. Which of the following statement about one time account are correct. a. Must use account group defined for one time vendor. b. One time account group must use defined number range.
18. Which of the following about vendor transaction is correct. (Multi) a. Vendor down payment is shown on balance sheet under normal reconciliation account for payables. c. A vendor down payment request cannot be included in payment program to produce down payment d. A vendor down payment request is a noted item. e. A vendor down payment is cleared after final invoice is received from vendor.
19. Which is correct. a. If a customer is also a vendor system includes outstanding account receivables invoice items in the payment program. b. If a customer is also a vendor system includes outstanding account receivables invoice items in the clearing.
21. Which of the following statement affect creating customer master records are correct. a. An account group gets assigned to customer b. Co. code is always a reqd entry. c. Account number may be assigned externally.
22. Which of the Following statements about automatic payment are correct ? a. In automatic payment procedures, all incoming invoices as of the second dunning level are paid automatically b. Direct debiting or bank collection can be used in automatic payment procedures to clear customer invoices c. Open items posted to G/L accounts can be cleared using the payment program d. Special G/L transactions(down payment)can be posted using the payment program e. The payment program can pay vendor invoices using wire transfers and checks.
23.According th which criteria does the payment program determine and select open items: a. posting date and baseline date b. document date and posting date c. baseline date and payment terms e. posting date and payment terms.
25. Which of the following statements are true with regard to the customizing setting for banks in the automatic payment run ? a. The sequence of the banks for processing outgoing payments is selected randomly b. You can only determine one payment method per house bank c. You can select several payment methods per country d. You can specify by bank and method the anticipated number of days before the bank account is debited e. You can determine the banks to be used for payments according to postal code.
MySAP business suite contains the following: (Choose the right answers) a. cross industry solutions b. industry solutions c. technology d. services.
SAP business object consists of a. attributes b. methods c. attributes and methods.
BAPI is assigned to one and only one business object. a. true b. false.
You can only work in one window (session) at a time in an SAP system a. true b. false.
which of the following statements accurately describe a client in an SAP system a. a client represents a completely independent business entity b. a client has its own database c. a client corresponds to a customer d. a client may represent an entire company.
the following strings are valid entries in the command field: Choose the correct answers. a. /nend b. /nex c. ?SM04 d. /nsm04 e. from SAP easy access: SM04 f. from SAP easy access: search_sap_menu.
you can use the F4 key to a. start another session b. display detailed technical information on a program c. call the SAP library d. display possible entries for an input field e. create a print request of the screen currently displayed.
the following personalization options are available in the SAP-GUI a. you can change the font size (within limits) b. you can have system messages displayed in a dialog box c. you can change the size of input fields d. you can suppress the display of pictures e. every user can display a picture of their choice on the SAP easy access screen f. you can use a personal input history on your front end.
R/3 system contains a. database server only b. application server only c. presentation server only d. all of the above.
all data and programs are contained in a. application server b. database server c. none of the above.
maximum no. of sessions a user can open when he logs on to SAP b. three c. five d. six.
fiscal year which is a calendar year can have 12 normal periods less than 12 normal periods more than 12 normal periods.
company code can have a. one local currency only b. two local currencies c. any no. of local currencies d. none of the above.
37.more than one cash journal can have the same cash account a. true b. false.
38.if an account is managed with open items, then line item display must be activated yes No.
39.which statements regarding the bank master records are correct a. the G/L account name of the house banks has to concur to the name in the bank key directory b. the name for the G/L account at the house bank is freely definable c. the G/L account name of the house bank can contain the name of the bank and the account no. d. the G/L account name of the house bank is defined in chart of accounts e. the G/L account names of the house bank can be defined to company code that differ from the chart of account.
40.Depreciation posting can be executed a. through batch input session b. direct FI postings c. any one of the above.
41. allocating costs to FI through external settlement – the G/L is updated on line / real time a) true b) false.
42.Foreign currency valuation is possible a. only on vendor/customer open items b. only on balance sheet items (G/L accounts) c. both of the above.
43.In which of the following processes do the original invoices remain as open items a. residual payment b. partial payment.
44.Accounting for down payment request involves a. statistical items b. parked items c. noted items d. regular items.
46.Posting through a special ledger indicator affects. a. the main reconciliation account of vendor/customer b. alternative reconciliation account mapped to the main reconciliation of vendor/customer c. alternative reconciliation account and main reconciliation account of vendor/customer d. offsetting entry to main reconciliation account of vendor/customer.
46. Group key assigned to vendor master records control the following a. it is a combination of up to three fields based on which open invoices are selected for automatic payment b. basis for grouping several vendors for balance display c. basis for classifying vendors for standard reporting d. it is a combination of up to three fields on which open invoices are selected for manual payment.
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