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SAP FI (TFIN50 & TFIN52) Set I

SAP FI Certification Questions

Venkat Pathuri
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Creation Date: 22/06/2013

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rosen ( uploaded 9 years )
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Hide, Optional = Hide , right?
kapilacy ( uploaded 10 years )
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Mr Pathuri, Thankyou so much, your tests were truly helpful to pass the certification exam in just four months of training. Appreciate all your help and guidance, it gave the right strategy and insight as to what to expect in exam and how the structure will be. It really boosted my confidence.
prakz ( uploaded 11 years )
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Prerequisites for document filed changes, posting as debit/ posting as credit? Be clear whatever you write. It should be ( The line item is either a debit in a customer account or a credit in a vendor account)
What are the call up points for Validation/Substitution Document line Document header Complete document.
Validation proceedure Prerequsite Message check replacement.
Substitution rule Replacement check prerequsite message.
Closing Cockpit Advantages Recurring Periodic tasks various persons responsible process flow defined chronological periodic activity documentation status.
The acct dept uses some data and that remains unchanged for long period of time transaction data master data.
vendor/customer general data is which level? Co.code level client level Account group level.
Vendor account group controls the? Number rage of accounts account is one time or not master data filed status field status of vendor postings.
Control the field status of master data Account Group specific control Transaction specific control Co.code dependent specific chart of accounts specific.
Clering customer/vendor The vendor account number must be enter in customer master or vice-versa Clering with vendor should select in custoemr master and vice versa Recon account should be same for customer/vendor.
Customer place order locally, but invoce pays centrally? By using Head office and Branch accounts Head office Branch office None of the Above.
What are the ways to create Bank Master Data When entering the bank details in customer/vendor master data Using create Bank transaction in AR/AP The bank directory can be imported from disk or tape Through Lockbox update None of the above.
Each Bank account represents in SAP with combination of ? House Bank ID and account ID House Bank Account ID None of the Above.
Each document is uniquly identified by which fileds is in sequence below Document number, Company Code, Fisal Year Company code, document number, Fiscal year, document type Client, company code, document number.
A document consists of ? Document Header Between 2 to 999 line items document number.
What are the control keys in document Document type Posting Key GL account Field status.
Payment Med workbench advantages Formats can be easly changed without making modifications You can create formats easly All the advice notes can be output in one print file The note to payee can be freely modified performance for mass payments improved.
In EDIT Dunning proposal, which are the list can be printed Dunning statistics Dunning list, blocked accounts Blocked line items, dunning history Dunning customer None of the above.
How many Financial statement version can prepare at one company 1 3 Many.
Drilldown reporting process list Conditions Sorting Ranking list Summarize Detailed.
Advantages of Accrual Engine Automatic calculation of Accruals Automatic Periodc Posting Simulations Supports parallel reporting Extensive Information system All above.
Closing Cockpit advantes? When activities reoccour periodically When morethan one person responsible may be involved When the activityes performed in fixed chronological sequence The status of all periodc activites need to be documented.
Copy co.code function copied the following? Definition Global parameters customizing tables GL Accounts (optional) Account determination Tax codes customers/vendors.
Assign morethan one co.code to controlling area possible in below cases Same Operating COA & Same Fiscal year variant Same Operating COA & different Fiscal year variant Individual Operating COA & same fiscal year variant.
What are the Exchange rate type tools Inversion Base Currency Exchange Rate Spreads Internet.
Correct the following Carryforwad balances to next year ? Balancesheet PnL.
Sequence of Field status below Hide, Display, Required, Optional Display, Hide, Required, Optional Hide, Display, Optional, Required.
The Segment derived from the? Cost Center Profit Center Segment.
A complete customer account consists of below segments General Data Sales area Co.code segment Purchase org segmnet.
A complete vendor account consists of below segments Co.code Segment Sales area segment general data purchase orgn segment.
Vendor/Customer number which level? Co.code Client Account Group.
Prevention of duplicate vendor/customer creation? Mathc code, duplication check Match code, check double invoice Duplication check, accoutn group.
External number can be ----------.
Posting Key Control? To Which type of account the line item can be posted to Is the line item posted to debit or credit The field status of additonal details The tolerance limit.
Match the correct Field status combination below Hide ,Optional Hide, Required Optional, Hide Optional, Optional Hide,Hide Optional, Required.
Posting period variance must at least one account type Valid for all accounts A d k m s.
changes to document, the following information logged The filed that was changed The New and Old values The user who made changes The time & date of change.
Prerequisites for document filed changes Posting period open Line items not cleared posting as debit/ posting as credit no invoice related credit memo No credit memo from Downpayment.
A document can be reversed by? Norma reversal posting Delete document from data base Negative posting.
Prerequisites to enable negative postings Co.code should permits negative postings The reversal reason must be defined for negative reversal Document must be cleared.
Non Invoivce credit memos enter a ----- in the invoice reference filed while entering the document C V I.
BaseLine date default Values No Default Document date Posting date Entry date.
The day limits are used to store several version of terms of payment under the same Terms of payment Day limits Company Code Chart of Accounts.
Cash discount net proceedure? Cash discount clearing account Cash discount loss account Cash discount expenditure account.
Cash discount Gross proceedure? Cash discount clearing account Cash discount expense account Cash discount loss account Cash discuount revenue account.
Central procurement? (1 correct) One company code makes purchases for other company code One co.code purchases for their internal purpose One co.code sells on behalf of other company code.
System fills the assignment filed automatically based on? Field status Group Sort Key GL Account.
If Payment difference too high, it must be processed manually by? Full Partial Residual Payment on account New posting line item by manual enter.
Cash journal can be ? Create separate cash journal for each currency Post to customer, vendor and GL Multiple cash journals in same company code Only one Cash journal possible in one co,code.
Cash journal can also post to? Customer One time customer One time vendor.
The following basic cost acct objects can assign to asset Cost Center Internal order Activity type Cost Element.
Can we assign one asset to multiple cost centers Yes No.
Asset Classes are Co.code level Client level Chart of depreciation level.
Depreciaton individual calc methods are Base Method Decline Balance method Multilevel method Maximum amount method Period control method Straight line method.
What are the parameters can be changed on timedependent terms Depreciation key Useful life Variable depr. amount Absolute scrap value Percentage scrap value.
The Asset Year end program check? Depreciation and asset balances are postecd in full or not Asset contains error or incomplete Depreciation posted or not.
A report can contain Charecteristics Keyfigures Forms.
Special GL types Automatic offsettng entries (Statistical) Noted Items Free offsetting entries Down payment.
Park document facilities Transaction figures are not updated Document number is assigned Some documents can be included in evaluations/reports Assign temporary document number.
Park document features Displaying authorizations, Approvals Principal of dual control Responsibilities Acceleration of work proceedure.
Where are fields status groups defined Field Status variant Company Code Client Controlling Area.
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