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How many line items can an FI document contain 999 99 9 1099.
Which is the correct process of purchase to pay Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice Verification, Payment Goods Receipt, Invoice Verification, Payment, Purchase Oder, Purchase Requisition Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice Verification, Payment.
Which is the correct process of Order to Cash (Sales)? Transport, Delivery, Billing, Dunning, Payment, Incoming Order Incoming Order, Transport, Delivery, Billing, Dunning & Payment Incoming Order, Delivery, Transport, Billing, Dunning & Payment.
Which of following are the correct segments of G/L Master Data? General Data, Company Code Data, Chat of A/c Data Chart of a/c Segment, Company Code Segment Company Code Segment, Sales Area Segment, Purchasing Area Segment.
If your customer wants to post an invoice to a Vendor, which of following settings are compulsory? Chart of a/c’s Segment, General Data Segment, Sales Area Segment General Data Segment, Company Code Segment, Purchasing Area Segment Sales Area Segment, Company Code Segment, General Data Segment.
Choose the correct Implementation process? Final Preparation, Business Blueprint, Project Preparation, Realization, Go live/Support Project Preparation, Realization, Business Blue Print, Final Preparation, Go live/Support Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Go live/Support.
What does the Posting Key Control? Account type for posting the document Posting the document item as debit or credit Field status of the additional data.
When we maintain Variant which of following characteristic we choose Highlight Protect (Display) Required Hide.
Choose correct Field Status from Highest to Lowest Priority (1 Correct) HDRO RODH ORDH.
Your customer wants to activate parallel accounting in Asset Accounting. What is available for this Depreciation Area Chart of Depreciation Chart of Accounts.
Your customer wants to conduct year end closing in Asset Accounting. Which of following functions are related to the process of year-end closing? Balance Carry Forward Fiscal Year Change in Asset Accounting.
A Customer wants to work with Document Splitting. What should he do Activate New G/L, Business Transaction variant Activate New G/L, Business Transaction variant, Create FSV Activate New G/L, New Chart of accounts.
What does the Fiscal Year Variant contain 16 posting periods & 4 Special Periods Special periods & 4 Special periods Number of posting period and number of special periods.
At what level are Vendor A/c Number Ranges maintained Client level & Company Code Level Company Code Level Client level.
A Customer has an MNC which has a Unit in USA , All use Same Operational Chart of A/c’s but they also want local reporting for the USA unit .Which option should they use? Use Group chart of accounts & Group a/c no Use Group a/c no & Alternative a/c no.2 Use a Country Specific Chart of A/c’s.
Your customer has posted an invoice incorrectly. What he can do to correct it? Choose 2 correct Answers. Change posted document Normal Reversal of Document Parked document with parked options Negative Reversal of Document.
What does the Sort Key Control? Cost Center Functional Area Assignment Field Posting Date.
How is the Duplication of Vendor Master Data prevented Use the Match code to check whether the same data already exists Activate the automatic duplication check Activate Vendor Master data.
What account type can a user post to via Cash Journal? Asset Material One time Customer Customer.
If your customer wants that all invoices are posted automatically to Head office only, which option should he use? Alternative Payee Clearing with Vendor Set up Head office and Branch relationship.
If your customer wants to clear Customer and Vendor open items, where customer is vendor and vice versa, what steps are required to be undertaken? (Choose Correct 2 Answers) Assign vendor no. in customer master data Set clearing with vendor indicator Activate vendor master data.
Which Account Assignment Objects can be posted to an asset Cost center Internal order Functional Area.
If your Customer selected an external number range, what will be the effect? No range will be numerical No range will be sequential by system No range will be Alphanumerical.
At the time of posting acquisition entries in Asset Accounting, what are we required to enter? (Choose 2 Correct Answers) Document type No range Transaction Type B/s GL Account.
What is required to Reclassify/ Regroup Receivables and Payables Make Transfer postings after sorting receivables and payables according to their remaining life Make the required adjustment postings Use Report FAGL_CL_REGROUP.
Which of the following are interactive elements of the List Viewer Sorting Summation Filters.
Which of the following are types of Special GL transactions? (3 Correct) Noted items Guarantee Automatic Offsetting Entry Free Offsetting Entry.
What we do at the time of Setting up Depreciation Areas in Asset Accounting Specify how to post to the G/L Account Determination.
If your Customer has set the status as Required Entry for a field at account group level & Hide status for same field at transaction level, what will happen Error Message Hide Required.
If a Customer is posting a non-invoice related credit memo but does not enter “V “in the invoice reference field and only enters payment terms in the details tab page of the document entry screen; what will be the effect? Terms of payment are valid Terms of payment are invalid The system will issue an error message.
Which of the following are the correct Call up Points in Validations and Substitutions Document header Document line Complete document.
Which additional functions does document Parking offer over the Hold document function? Document number is assigned Some documents can be included in evaluation reports.
Which are the Important Functions of List Viewer? Select detail Select items Select columns Summation.
At which level do we maintain asset classes Company code level Client level Company code & Client level.
In which of following cases we can use the closing cockpit Periodic closing Year end closing.
What are the Benefits of PMW (Payment Medium Workbench) Formats can be easily changed without making modifications Create new formats easily without any programming All advice notes can be output in one print file Better sort options for advice notes The note to payee can be freely defined.
What are the major processing steps for converting a payment method to a PMW method? Changeover to PMW Define PMW format Fill note to payee according to origin Enter PMW form accompanying sheet Remove payment media form Create and assign selection variants.
What are the Benefits/advantages of the Accrual Engine? Automatic calculation of accruals Automatic periodic postings Simulations Supports parallel reporting Extensive information system Application components are delivered by SAP and do not have to be created by the customer.
Some of the important functions/advantages of the Closing Cockpit? When activities recur periodically When more than one person responsible may be involved When the activities are performed within a process that has fixed chronological sequence or is determined by dependencies The activities need to be supported by a shared, uniform interface for all involved The closing tasks are documented for later checks.
What is the closing cockpit procedure? Define Organization Hierarchy Create Template Create tasks Define dependencies Create task lists Release task lists.
For a Valuation Run to Run function you must enter (1 correct) Valuation Area Valuation Method Valuation Group.
Task types in Closing Cockpit Subfolders Online Transactions Programs Flow definitions Notes.
What are the details you need for a task in the closing cockpit? Name and description Report name and variant name Processor and person responsible Start time and End time.
How is tax distributed in a cross-company code transaction The tax is completely posted to the first company code The tax is completely posted to the Second company code The tax is posted to the both company code.
Clearing accounts in cross company code transaction can be GL Accounts Customer Vendor accounts Material.
A cross-company code transaction number is a combination of Document number of the first company code First company code number Fiscal year.
How do Validations & Substitutions work? Procedure for executing the validation and substitution Decide the area of application where the validation/substitution should apply Select the correct call up point for the validation/substitution Define the validation/substitution Assign the validation/substitution to an appropriate organizational unit Activate validation / substitution.
Validation consists of several steps Prerequisite Check Message Replacement.
Substitution consists of several steps Prerequisite Check Replacement.
Validation types are Non-Valid combinations Valid combinations.
Which are the elements of the Dunning Procedure Dunning interval in days Number of dunning levels Total due items from dunning levels Minimum days in arrears Line item grace periods.
Which payment method has high priority Master data Document Line item.
What are the criteria for using the same controlling area Same Operational COA's and Same Fiscal Year Variant Same Operational COA's Same Fiscal Year Variant.
The balances of which GL accounts will be transferred to the retained earnings a/c balance sheet a/c’s balance sheet a/c & profit a/c’s profit & loss a/c’s.
What are the segments of a complete customer? General data at client level Company code segment Sales area segment Purchase Orgn Segment.
Which of the following segments comprise the MM view of the vendor a/c General data at client level Company code segment Purchasing organization segment.
At what level is the account number assigned for customers Client Co.Code Both.
What does the account group controls in customer/vendor a/c’s? Number ranges of the accounts Status of the fields in the master record If the account is the one time customer or vendor.
The field status in customer/vendor a/c’s? Transaction field status, a/c group field status, Company code field status Transaction field status, chart of a/c’s, posting key specific Group field status, transaction field status.
Central Procurement One company code makes purchases for other company codes One company code sells goods to other company codes One company code pays invoices for other company codes.
Central payment One company code makes purchases for other company codes One company code pays invoices for other company codes One company code sells goods to other company codes.
How is the tax distributed between the company codes in cross-company code transactions Distributed as per the expenses Distributed to one company more and the other less Tax posting is not distributed.
How do you post the outside tolerance limit transactions Clear difference manually Payment on account Post the difference as a residual or partial payment.
What are the types of tasks in the schedule manager or closing cockpit notes transactions programs flow definitions.
Your customer wants to send the dunning notices separately to foreign and domestic vendors. What should he use for doing that? Dunning block reasons Dunning run Dunning areas Dunning keys.
How are financial statement versions (FSV’s) prepared for different criteria Use different FSV’s for different purposes Use same FSV’s for different purposes.
Which basic cost accounting objects are added to an asset? Cost Center Internal order, Real or Statistical Activity Type as purely statistical information Profit Center.
Asset under construction settlement on line item basis Define and assign settlement profile Select all line items that you want to settle in the same proportion to the same receiver Define distribution rules for these line items Post the settlement of line items to the specified receivers using distribution rules.
Depreciation posting program and program for posting APC values periodically Define document type Create number range interval Assign the new document type to the company code.
What are the elements of drilldown reporting Analyze G/L transactions Variance analysis like plan /actual comparisons, fiscal year comparisons.
A company sells products. At the time of complaints, they are to issue a credit memo. What will be the entries? Receivables & expenses Receivables & revenue Payables and expenses Payables & revenue.
What is the one special feature of external number range assignment? They cannot overlap The numbers are assigned by the system The numbers may be alphanumeric.
Financial statement versions are needed to prepare reports according to which of the following criteria? For Tax authorities For other external users For internal purpose.
Document types define which of the following? Number ranges for document numbers Account types permitted for postings.
Tools of exchange rate types Inversion Base currency Spread.
Two elements that influence the field status of document fields Field status group Posting key.
What are the Scenarios of New G/L accounting Cost center update Preparation for consolidation Business area Profit center update Segmentation Cost of sales accounting.
When and how is the debit balance check carried out? After payment proposal has been made It offsets all due debit items without an incoming payment.
Which are the maintenance levels available for the fields in the asset master data Asset class Main Asset Number Sub number.
Every run of the Automatic Payment Program is identified by which of the following fields Run date Identification Next Run date.
When entering a document in FI, if the system issues a message stating – Account type “S” is not allowed – which of the following would be the reason for the message? Posting key Field status group Document type.
Which characteristics of account determination can be used to assign revaluation adjustment accounts to different GL accounts? Valuation key Valuation method Valuation area Currency Type Currency COA Company Code.
What are the prerequisites for segment reporting Segment GL Account.
Ledger approach No specific account areas No change to chart of accounts Only one retained earnings account Standard financial statement definition Relevance of posting at document level Only leading valuation is posted to controlling.
Accounts approach Specific account areas Complex chart of accounts At least one retained earnings account Complex financial statement definition Relevance of posting at account level All valuation is posted to controlling.
What is assigned to each currency.
A translation between two currencies is calculated by.
Where do we define vendor number ranges.
The status of which field in the GL master can’t be changed /are always required entry fields Field Status Group Currency Short Test Line item mgt.
Collective processing of GL master data can be carried out for which of the following? Chart of accounts segment Company code segment Descriptions.
What are the functions of the Group Chart of Accounts? It contains all of the group accounts The group account number becomes a required entry You enter the group account number in Chart of Accounts segment of each account of the Operational Chart of Accounts.
Which of the following are the two phases of AUC The under construction phase The useful life phase The Settelment Phase.
Workflow variant and document release procedure Organization structure ( Who) Process structure (When? In what order? In what circumstances?) Function (What) Information (With which data).
While entering a document if you have posted it incorrectly, what can you do to correct it? Alter the document Reverse the document Change the document Use dual control.
How many posting periods you can create in SAP 16 99 999 12.
In customer /vendor master data creation for Alternative payer/payee, which of the following will have the highest priority? Company code segment Client segment Line item.
When an employee has changed the reconciliation account in vendor master data, which closing program do we need to run for showing the payables under the new reconciliation account? Regrouping Closing cockpit Foreign Exchange Valuation Program.
While doing an entry in SAP if an employee enters the wrong cost center and the system is required to replace the correct one automatically, what is the tool to be used for this? Validation Substitution Closing cockpit.
In case of a short payment from a customer beyond tolerance limits, what can the user do to post the payment? Residual Payment Partial Payment Park.
To which of the following does an asset class apply All Company code in an instance (Client Independent) All company code in a client All company code within a client that share the same chart of accounts All company code in a controlling area.
What are pre-requisites for posting a vendor invoice in FI (2 correct) Setup Purchase Orng in vendor master Set up a number range for vendor invoices. Activate and configure the document splitting function.
A customer wants to define chart of depreciation. How do you recommend setting up the depreciation area Based on the aims of internal and external reporting Based on relevant chart of accounts Based on company codes Based on relevant currencies.
Parameters need to be specified during payment run Bank Account Payment method Currency Company code.
Which Activity will have a impact on the net book value of the asset? Changing the account determination Changing the assigned cost center Changing the assigned WBS element Changing the useful life of the asset.
To which primary cost accounting object can a depreciation be posted Network Internal Order Cost Center.
Which of the following list can be printed to help you edit a dunning proposal? (2 correct) Condensed Master data Blocked Account Blocked Line Items Sales statistics.
Which SAP net weaver component ensures company wide unification of data and information in heterogeneous IT environment? Master Data management Business Warehouse Enterprise Portal Knowledge Management.
Where we find people, process, information integration? Master Data Netweaver XI.
Unification of data in heterogeneous landscape is? Master data Netweaver.
Where do we find cross system application SAP XI/PI Netweaver.
SOLUTION MANAGER is used for? implementation Operation optimisation.
Segment Derived from? Profit Center Cost Center Segment.
Asset Class defined at? Client level Company code Level Chart of Depreciation level.
In Validation procedure, if the prerequisite statement is True, the system posts a message (True/False).
Depreciation must be posted in all areas (True/False).
Groups of Assets is displayed in Asset Explorer (True / False).
Is Guarantee Received displayed in Notes to Account? (True / False).
Financial Supply Chain management includes Credit Mangement Electronic Invoicing & Payments Dispute Management Collections Management Treasury & Risk Management Cash & Liquidity Management.
Customers that use the lockbox function can create a batch input session that automatically updates customer banking information in the master record. (True / False.).
What fields of a FI Document Header section can be changed after a document has already been posted Fiscal Year Reference Number text fields Header text Posting date.
When the payment has been posted as a partial payment, all the documents remain in the account as open items.-True/false.
When the payment has been posted as a residual payment, only the residual value remains in the account and the original document and the payment are cleared. – True/False.
The parked document can be edited, deleted as often as necessary-True/False.
The payment terms of a credit memo usually do not apply, and the due date is either the due date of the associated invoice or the baseline date of the document.-True/False.
SAP Solution Manager is-Process oriented and customer platform - True/False.
How many sessions can be open at a time.
Dunning process must be manually processed – True / False.
For P&L account the balance is carried forward to retained earning account – True / False.
In validation SAP gives message when prerequisite is true – True/False.
In case of multiple company codes in a payment run, you can print different forms per payment method based on the country (True/False) True False.
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