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SAP GTS Part - 3

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SAP GTS Part - 3

Configuration & Theory

Manu Talwar
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Which of following control the field Attribute status of BP in GTS Account Group Grouping BP Category BP Role.
We need to define No Ranges for which of following (in GTS) BP Custom Products License Records for license detaermination Custom Documents Plant Compny Code Foreign Trade Organization Legal Unit.
The organization which we defining in the GTS must be mapped with ECC organizations True False.
which of following ECC Organization is equivalent to GTS organization Company Code in ECC Plant in ECC.
Match the steps to create a new BP Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4.
For best practice, if we are defining the FTO which we will mapped to company code 1000 in ECC system, then what will be the naming FTO_1000 CC_1000.
As per best practice, the no range to define the Organizational unit (as BP) , must be External Internal.
In GTS -ECC Integration which of following organizational unit we need to consider Plant Company code Sales Organization in case of export Purchase organization in case of import Contolling area.
Which of following is the highest organization unit in GTS FTO-Foreign Trade Organization Legal Unit Sales Organization Purchase organization Contolling area Plant Company code.
Organizational unit in GTS can not be transport to other system but can be tranport to downstream client of GTS True False.
When we assign Company code to FTO, the logical system will belong to Company code FTO.
We map Legal Unit to FTO Plant of ECC system Company code Controlling area.
We need to map ECC document types with GTS document types True False.
what are the options , we can configure while defining a documement type in GTS No range Export/Import Mail discpatch in case of Technical Incompleteness In completion Log Lead Time in Days Reference Mandatory.
Technical Incompletion in GTS is same as incompletion log in ECC True False.
A GTS document is said to be Technically incomplete, if system is not able to find i.e. associated FTO,BP mapping with ECC True False.
Technical Incompleteness In Custom Document can be happen due to non-mapping of following FTO BP Legal Unit Custom Product BP role Plant.
The GTS system can send the Auto mail to cencern person in which of following cases Technical incompleteness SPL Screening block Enbargo Block Billing Block.
Match the following SPL block Embargo block Technical incompleteness block BP block.
we assign Document type of GTS to ECC document types True False.
While assigning the ECC documtn type to GTS document type, the logical system name must be ECC Document logical system GTS Document logical system.
Item categories mapping is useful in license depreciation True False.
We map document types and item categories type on which level Client level Application level Logical Sytem level.
We assign Legal Unit to FTO Plant of ECC system Company code Controlling area.
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