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You want to provide a real-time report on personnel data. Which reporting tools would you use to create this report? (Select two.) A. Report Writer B. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse C. Ad Hoc Query D. SAP Query.
Where do you find all the fields that can be used for decisions in a feature such as Pinch or Abkrs? A. In the Documentation B. In the Country Assignment C. In the Administrative Data D. In the Structure.
What is the purpose of the organizational key on infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment)? (Select two.) A. It can be a key field for a Customizing table B. It displays the dotted-line reporting relationship C. It can function as additional selection criteria on standard reports D. It stores values for additional authorization checks.
Standard SAP ERP Organizational Management integrates with which of the following areas? (Select two.) A. Workflow B. Plant Maintenance C. Project Systems D. Sales and Distribution E. Controlling.
You are running a hiring action. Integration is active between Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM). As a result of this integration, which fields on IT0001 Organizational Assignment cannot be maintained directly? (Select three.) A. Position B. Personnel Area C. Cost Center D. Job Key E. Organizational Unit.
You want a report that shows the relationship between a legal entity and a person and includes their organizational unit and position. Which evaluation path would return the appropriate data using standard relationships? A. S -> P P -> OR O -> S O -> O OR -> OR B. P -> OR O -> S OR -> OR O -> P O -> O C. OR -> O O -> S S -> P O -> O OR -> OR D. OR -> P P -> O O -> S O -> O OR -> OR.
Which of the following functions of the Employee Subgroup Grouping for Personnel Calculation Rules? A. Determines permissible time quota types B. Determines permissible wage types C. Determines the valid pay scale group and level D. Determines the correct processing steps in payroll.
How do you link an employee's external time management system ID to a SAP personnel number? A. Assign identical numbers in the external time management system and in IT0031 (Reference Personnel Numbers). B. Create IT0050 (Time Recording) with the external time management system ID. C. Store the external time management system ID in the field SACHZ on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment). D. Create IT0105 (Communication) with the external time management system ID.
What is the purpose of IT0302 (Additional Actions)? A. Ensures only one personnel action can be saved per day per employee B. Ensures only one status-changing personnel action can be saved per day per employee C. Ensures multiple status-changing personnel actions can be saved per day per employee D. Ensures multiple non-status changing personnel actions can be saved per day per employee.
You want to execute a termination action for an employee. Which of the following infotypes should not be delimited as a standard practice? A. IT0040 (Objects on Loan) B. IT2006 (Absence Quotas) C. IT0008 (Basic Pay) D. IT0014 (Recurring Payments and Deductions).
You need to create a basic organizational structure for testing purposes. Which interfaces would allow you to create one quickly while displaying it graphically? (Select two.) A. PO10 (Maintain Organizational Unit) B. PPOM_OLD (Simple Maintenance) D. PPME (Change Matrix Organization) E. PPSC (Create General Structure).
When processing payroll, the Payroll Administrator receives the error message "Division by 0 is not possible" for one employee. What could have caused this error? A. The employee does not have an IT0008 (Basic Pay) with work hours per period. B. The employee does not have a valid time management status assigned on IT0007 (Planned Working Time). C. Feature SCHKZ defaults the wrong work schedule rule on IT0007 (Planned Working Time). D. Feature LGMST defaults the wrong indirect amount on IT0008 (Basic Pay).
You transferred objects created in Organizational Management into Personnel Administration tables using report RHINTE10. Which of the following object tables are relevant for integration? (Choose three) A. T527X(Organizational Units) B. T513 (Jobs) C. CSKS (Cost Centers D. T528B(Positions) E. T777I (Infotypes Per Object Types).
Which characteristics can be assigned to a wage type in table V_T511 (Wage Type Characteristics)? (Choose three) A. Indirect valuation module B. Operation indicator (deduction wage type) C. Rewritable D. Processing class E. Employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rule.
You want to include an employee to a company code in the Enterprise Structure. To which of the following elements would you assign this employee? A. Personnel Area B. Employee Subgroup grouping C. Employee Group D. Personnel Subarea grouping.
You have defined one infogroup for a new hire action. You want to distinguish between the infotypes presented for employees in different personnel areas. Which feature would you configure to accomplish this? A. ABKRS B. IGMOD C. PINCH D. TARIF.
Which of the following are standard prerequisites for an employee to use the Manager's Self Service? (Choose three) A. The organizational structure has been developed for the company B. The employee is designated as a manager using the organizational key on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment). C. The employee holds the chief position of an organizational unit D. The employee has an active user ID assigned on IT0105 (Communication). E. The employee has authorization to use PA20 (Display Master Data) to display their employees' data.
Which options can you use to determine default values for the pay scale type and area on IT0008 (Basic Pay)? (Choose three) A A. The feature LGMST B. The table V_001P_C (IMG: Check Assignment of Pay Scale Structure to Enterprise Structure C. The module TARIF D. The feature TARIF E. The infotype 1005 (Planned Compensation).
During the payroll run, you discover that some employees are missing from the run but no warning or error messages are displayed. Which items would you check to find out why? (Choose two) A. Payroll control record for incorrect personnel numbers B. IT0008 (Basic Pay) for incorrect pay scale type/area assignment C. IT0001 (Organizational Assignment) for incorrect payroll area assignment D. IT0000 (Personnel Actions) for incorrect employment status.
A customer requires a report that lists all employees in the Sales organizational unit and includes all subordinate organizational units. What would you recommend? A. Use a structural report, select employees by organizational unit, and use an evaluation path containing organizational units and persons. B B. Use a sequential report, select employees by organizational unit, and use an evaluation path containing positions and persons. C. Use a structural report, select employees by organizational unit, and use an evaluation path containing only persons. D. Use a sequential report, select employees by personnel numbers, and use an evaluation path containing organizational units and persons.
What information can you maintain in IT0007 (Planned working time)? (Choose two) A. Assignment of public holiday calendar B. Dynamic assignment based on clock-in entries C. Status of employee participation in time evaluation D. Work schedule rule.
A customer complains about errors resulting from the manual entry of wage type values. You recommend using indirect valuation as a solution. Which of the following infotypes can use indirect valuation of wage types? A. IT0014 Recurring Payments/Deductions IT0015 Additional Payments IT0027 Cost Distribution B. IT0008 Basic Pay IT0014 Recurring Payments/Deductions IT0015 Additional Payments C. IT2002 Attendances IT0416 Quota Compensation IT2010 Employee Remuneration Info D. IT0008 Basic Pay IT0027 Cost Distribution IT2006 Leave Quota.
Which report identifies and creates missing objects relevant for consistent integration between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management? A. RHINTECHECK B. RPUDEL20 C. RHINTE20 D. RPUDELPN.
A customer needs to assign different public holiday calendars in their work schedule configuration. Where is the public holiday calendar assigned? A. Employee subgroup B. Public holiday class C. Organizational uni D. Personnel subarea.
You want to assign leave entitlement for union groups according to their contracts. How can you configure this? A. By creating different absence types and assigning them to the employee subgroups B. By creating a dynamic action on IT2001 (Absences) to input the default values for the quota C. By assigning a base entitlement rule to the Work Contract field on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment) D. By assigning quota type selection rule groups and generating absence quotas.
You want to structurally display organizational units and persons along the organizational structure. Which evaluation path will allow you to do this? A. O A003 S O B002 P B. O B003 S S A008 P O B002 O C. O A008 P D. O A003 C C A008 P O B002 O.
After installing the latest support packages to a test system you are facing a runtime error when running report RPPSTM00 (HR Master Data Sheet). You know that this report has not been modified. What should you do first? A. Ask an ABAP developer to correct the error B. Ask SAP Basis team to re-install the support packages. C. Check in the SAP support portal for relevant SAP notes. D. Report the problem to SAP.
You must generate payroll periods for weekly, biweekly and monthly paid employees. Which entries do you include on the generation screen? (Choose two) Employee subgroup B. Payday rule C. Payroll area D. Period parameters.
When an employee enters absence hours in Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS), you need to generate an error message in case of insufficient quota balance. Which of the following steps must be included in the configuration to accomplish this? (Choose two) A. CATS data entry profile B. CATS field validation C. Absence counting rule D. Absence Infotype E. Absence valuation rule.
Substitution types for IT2003 (Substitution) can be configured to accomplish which of the following results? (Choose two) A. To suggest a default alternate period work schedule (PWS) based on new clock times B. To suggest an alternate holiday calendar based on the substitute work schedule. C. To ensure a regular night shift premium is paid to an employee if they are asked to work the day shift. D. To ensure a regular night shift premium is not paid to an employee when they request the day shift.
You need to set up a reminder to notify the customer about the expiry of probation periods of employees one month in advance. The probation period is 3 months. What do you need to do? (Choose two) A. Define default values with DATAR feature B. Select Lead/Follow-Up Time and Operator Values on IT0041 (Date Specifications). C. Set up a background job of the Date Monitoring report. D. Set up a dynamic action that creates an IT0019 (Monitoring of Tasks) record during a hiring or rehiring action.
Which of the following will ensure that a position can have only one Vacancy infotype record valid for any given period? A. Infotype Maintenance B. Time Constraint C. Validity Period D. Object Characteristics.
Which processing option results in a historical infotype record being maintained in Personnel Administration? (Choose two) A. Delete an existing record B. Change an existing record C. Delimit with a new end date D. Copy with date change.
A customer wants to generate different absence quotas for union employees in different personnel areas using report RPTQTA00 (Generate Absence Quotas). Which steps must be completed to meet this requirement? A. Configure Quota Overview (PT50) and configure table T559L (Quota Configuration – Selection Rules). B. Configure schema TQTA (Generate Absence Quotas) and run program RPTIME00 (Time Evaluation). C. Configure table T559L (Quota Configuration – Selection Rules) and configure feature QUOMO (Determination of Quota Type Selection Rule Group). D. Configure feature QUOMO (Determination of Quota Type Selection Rule Group) and run program RPTBPC10 (Leave Accrual and Quota Deduction).
Which of the following elements do you need to configure to create a new Absence counting rule? (Choose two) A. A personnel subarea grouping for time quota types B. An employee subgroup grouping for time quota types C. An employee subgroup grouping for work schedules D. A personnel subarea grouping for leave types.
What infotypes hold the main characteristics of object type Job (C)? (Choose two) A. IT1005 Planned Compensation B. IT1000 Object C. IT1007 Vacancy D. IT0003 Description E. IT1001 Relationship.
A customer needs to ensure the correct pay scale type and area is entered on IT0008 (Basic Pay). What could you configure to achieve this ? There are 2 correct answers to this question. A. Configure feature TARIF B. Configure module TARIF C. Define default values on IT2010 (Employee Remuneration) D. Assign pay scale type and area to personnel area/subarea e. Define default values on IT1008 (Account Assignment Features).
When terminating an employee, customers need to record and evaluate the various causes of termination. What do you need to do to enable this ? Please choose the correct answer. Configure a termination action and assign a subtype to it. Configure a termination infoset and define reasons for the infoset. Configure a termination infoset and assign a subtype to it. Configure a termination action and define reasons for the action type.
What groupings are set using the Personnel Subarea ? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Groupings for absence and attendance types Groupings for collective agreement provisions Groupings for pay scale type Groupings for personnel calculation rule Groupings for wage type maintenance.
Your customer wants to automate off­cycle payroll tasks such as printing forms, execution of posting run, and printing checks. Which tool is best suited for this ? Please choose the correct answer. HR Process Workbench Interface Toolbox Off­Cycle Workbench Payroll control record.
A customer wants to use the same wage type for a special payment such as hazardous pay and have the rate vary by personnel area. What do you have to configure ? Please choose the correct answer. Modif 4 and the table V_T510S (Time wage type selection) Modif W and the table V_T539J (Base wage type valuation) Modif A and the table V_T554C (Absence valuation) Modif 2 and the table V_T510J (Constant valuations).
Which is the first task you need to perform to include an Ad Hoc Query report in the SAP Easy Access menu ? Please choose the correct answer. Assign the Ad Hoc Query to an area menu. Find the technical name of the query. Assign the Ad Hoc Query to a Payroll infotype. Find the transaction code of the query.
What does the SAP Web AS provide ? Please choose the correct answer. Real­time data exchange with all SAP systems J2EE and ABAP in a single environment Storage of all transactional documents in one single database Master data harmonization across SAP NetWeaver.
You want to activate activity allocations for time­related data, while disabling cost assignment. Which of the following infotypes should you configure ? Please choose the correct answer IT2011 (Time Events) IT2004 (Availability) IT2005 (Overtime) IT2001 (Absences).
In the overview quadrant for transaction PPOME, how can you choose different views of the objects in the organizational structure (such as reporting, task assignment, or organizational structure) ? Please choose the correct answer. By choosing a different evaluation path from the Goto button By using the Column configuration button By adding different profiles to your user parameters in SU3 By choosing the Search Term function.
In order to load a custom report to the SAP Easy Access Menu you must determine the technical name of the query. How do you find the technical name of an Ad Hoc Query ? Please choose the correct answer In Ad Hoc Query select query and choose Query > More Functions > Show report name. In the SAP Query select query and choose Query > More Functions > Show report name. In Ad Hoc Query choose Query > Save as and enter a report name in the allowed name space. After saving the Ad Hoc Query, choose Settings > Show technical name.
A customer asks you to configure an average calculation rule for hourly workers. The rule should determine an average daily overtime rate derived from all overtime earned during the previous three months. Any retroactive changes in pay should be included. What do you have to include in the configuration of the rule ? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Adjustment rule Time wage type selection rule Final processing rule Cumulation rule Processing class 01 rule.
During a payroll run, organizational data and planned working time are not being imported. Which payroll function should be enabled in the schema to fix this issue ? Please choose the correct answer. P0001 WPBP P0007 PLRT.
Which of the following modules integrates with SAP Learning Solution ? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Business Warehouse Sales and Distribution Compensation Financial Accounting Travel Management.
You need to understand the concepts of Organizational Management. What are the functions of Organizational Management ? There are 3 correct answers to this question. To build the basis for the business workflow To depict structures such as organizational and reporting To allow for planning organizational changes To transfer controlling information on cost to FI To create hierarchical links to the HCM Enterprise structure.
Which component of SAP NetWeaver realizes cross­system application processes ? Please choose the correct answer SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW).
A customer pays a vacation bonus for each day of leave, depending on the employee's organizational assignment. What are relevant configuration steps to accomplish this ? Please choose the correct answer. Maintain counting class information for the absence and assign relevant wage types in IT0014 (Recurring Payments/Deductions) Maintain counting class information for the absence and adjust a copy of personnel calculation rule X017 (relevancy test for valuation of averages) Include a constant, daily vacation bonus in the payroll run and assign relevant wage types in IT0416 (Quota Compensation) Copy and adjust personnel calculation rule XMOD (employee grouping for payroll accounting) and include a constant, daily vacation bonus in the payroll run.
A customer needs a report which combines time wage types generated from time evaluation with employees' pay data from IT0008 (Basic Pay). What do you propose ? Please choose the correct answer. Create an individual report based on the logical database PNPCE Create an individual cluster report Use standard report RPTBAL00 (Cumulated Time Evaluation Results) Use standard report RPTABS20 (Absence and Attendance Data Overview).
A customer has created a customer­specific internal object in Organizational Management. How can you customize the relationships between this new object and objects delivered by SAP ? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Create an allowed relationship between objects Add your new object type to the customer specific table Configure both the A and B relationships. Configure either the A or B relationship.
A customer continues to pay some employees for a period of time after they are terminated. These employees should also be processed in retro calculation runs. What do you recommend ? Please choose the correct answer. Terminate the employee and enter the date up to which you want to continue processing payroll in the Accounted to field on IT0003. Terminate the employee with the future date up to which you want to continue regular processing and use the payroll driver to force any retro runs. Terminate the employee and enter the date up to which you want to continue processing payroll in the Run Payroll up to field on IT0003. Terminate the employee with the future date up to which you want to continue payroll processing so they are included in regular and retro runs.
Which of the following components are included in SAP ERP Talent Management ? There are 3 correct answers to this question Performance Management Pension Management SAP E­Recruiting Time Management Learning Solution.
Which is the first task you need to perform to include an Ad Hoc Query report in the SAP Easy Access menu ? Please choose the correct answer Find the transaction code of the query. Assign the Ad Hoc Query to a Payroll infotype. Assign the Ad Hoc Query to an area menu Find the technical name of the query.
A customer is concerned that WPBP splits on the IT input table may lead to overpayments. What explanations do you provide to address their concerns ? There are 2 correct answers to this question. WPBP splits occur when an employee enters or leaves the company during a pay period. They are used to prorate their pay accordingly. WPBP splits occur when an employee's address changes during a pay period. They are used to allocate benefit deductions to the correct provider WPBP splits occur when an employee's organizational assignment changes. They are used to allocate personnel costs to the correct cost center. WPBP splits occur when an employee's bank information changes during a pay period. They are used to allocate payments to the correct account.
How does the system respond when an infotype record exists with time constraint 1 and a new record is added ? Please choose the correct answer. The system creates an additional overlapping record. The system delimits the overlapping record on the key date and creates an additional record. The system deletes the current record and adds the new one. The system automatically extends the previous record and creates an additional record.
You need to understand the concepts of Organizational Management. What are the functions of Organizational Management ? There are 3 correct answers to this question. To depict structures such as organizational and reporting To transfer controlling information on cost to FI To create hierarchical links to the HCM Enterprise structure To allow for planning organizational changes To build the basis for the business workflow.
07. How can you distinguish a BW report from an SAP ERP HCM report? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question a) BW reporting data could come from multiple systems b) The BW reports include sets of characteristics and key figures c) The BW reports are based on the logical databases PNPCE and PCH d) The BW reports allow for time series comparisons e) The foundation for the BW data has to be InfoSet Query.
. What does the assigned payroll area on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment) determine for an employee? Note: Please choose the correct answer. a) Pay date and pay frequency b) Paid holidays and pay date c) Payroll schema and period parameter d) Pay frequency and payroll schema.
 Within a client, what is the correct sequence of steps for configuring the Enterprise Structure? Note: Please choose the correct answer. a) Create Company Code → Create Personnel Area → Create Personnel Subarea b) Create Country Groupings → Create Employee Group → Create Employee Subgroup c) Create Country Groupings → Create Personnel Area → Create Personnel Subarea d) Create Company Code → Create Employee Group → Create Employee Subgroup.
 During a payroll run, organizational data and planned working time are not being imported. Which payroll function should be enabled in the schema to fix this issue? Note: Please choose the correct answer. PLRT P0001 P0007 WPBP.
 Which of the following are functions of the logical database in Reporting? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question a) Authorization checks b) Data retrieval c) Transaction processing d) Selection screen definitio e) Database storage.
What groupings are set using the Personnel Subarea? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question a) Groupings for collective agreement provisions b) Groupings for wage type maintenance c) Groupings for personnel calculation rule d) Groupings for pay scale type e) Groupings for absence and attendance types.
Which planning statuses are available when creating new organizational objects ? Please choose the correct answer  Planned -> Submitted ->­ Rejected -> Active -> ­ Approved  Submitted ->­ Active-> ­ Vacant ->­ Rejected ->­ Obsolete  Vacant ­-> Approved ->­ Obsolete ->­ Active ->­ Rejected  Submitted ­->Approved ->­ Obsolete ->­ Active ->­ Rejected.
A customer wants to implement the infotypes for minimal time management. In addition to IT0000 (Actions) and IT0001 (Organization Assignment), which infotypes are required ? There are 2 correct answers to this question. IT0050 (Time Recording Information) IT0008 (Basic Pay) IT0002 (Personal Data) IT0007 (Planned Working Time) IT2006 (Absence Quotas).
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