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Route determination involves which of the following? More than one answer Shipping condition Shipping point Destination country/ zone Material master Transportation group.
Under the standard system, which sales order contains a mandatory reference? Answer 2 Free of charge delivery Consignment return Return order Invoice correction request Subsequent delivery free of charge.
Your client has a requirement where it is desired that plant set in the customer material info record should be disregarded when the system computes for plant determination. Which configuration setting should you look into? Answer 2 Sales document type Item category Schedule line category Info record field Check division setting.
Which of the following can be considered as effects of a post goods issue? Answer 3 Generates delivery due list Generates additional documents for accounting Updates document flow Automatically transfers billing data to accounting Updates value changes in the balance sheet accounts for inventory accounting.
An organizational unit facilitating differentiation between the various stocks of a material within a plant ? Only one answer is correct. Shipping point Storage location Transportation planning point Shipping condition Plant.
Which of the following statements about outline agreements are correct? Answer 2 Normally, both sold-to party and other business partners are authorized to release from a contract. To meet this requirement, maintain configuration in sales document type Contracts are outline agreements between you and a sold-to party that is valid for a period of time and contains fixed deliveries and quantities If the quantity in the scheduling lines exceeds the target quantity, the system issues a warning message Once a release order for a value contract is created, you cannot anymore change the value specified in the contract. Contracts always require a release order document.
When you enter a sales order you don’t need to specify the sales area immediately. If you don’t, where does the system automatically derive the sales area? Only one answer is correct. Material master Customer master Implementation guide (IMG) Customer-material info record Condition record.
When you are creating a sales order, the system tries to determine the plant from several sources. When checking the customer master data, which partner function does the system check for plant determination? Only one answer is correct. Sold-to party Ship-to party Payer Bill-to party.
In controlling which order types are permitted for a particular sales area, configuration is not required if all order types are permitted in all sales areas. True False.
Which of the following statements are correct? Answer 2 At least 1 sales organization must be assigned to a client Business areas are limited by company codes You can assign several sales offices to one or more sales organization A plant cannot be assigned to many company codes More than one transportation planning point can be assigned to a unique company code.
Which of the following statements are true about Sales Organization? Answer 3 Assigned to only one company code Assigned to one or more plants Provides a general structure for the distribution of goods Responsible for product liability and other customer rights of recourse In the SD module, the use of this organizational unit is optional.
Which organizational units make up a sales area? Answer 3 Company code Sales organization Sales office Distribution Channel Division.
Which of the following are true about a plant? Answer 4 Can be a production facility and location for storing stocks Can be assigned to several company codes Can be assigned to several sales organizations Can be entered in a customer material info record Can represent one or more material stock locations.
How is schedule line determined? Answer 2 MRP type and item category group MRP Type and shipping point Item category and document type Item category and MRP type Item category and material master.
During order entry, which of the following about scheduling are true? Answer 3 In scheduling, the system considers the transit time from the route earlier determined The system considers the replenishment leadtime from the shipping point Delivery scheduling can be turned off per sales document type Pick / pack time refers to the lead times taken from the shipping point Transportation planning lead time is taken from the route as well as the shipping point.
Which of the following statements is correct? Only one answer is correct. Partner types are assigned to partner procedures Partner functions is assigned to the account group Partner procedure details controls whether partner functions are mandatory Partner functions in the material master are controlled by procedures assigned to the master data.
Which of the following statements about partner determination are correct? Answer 3 In customer master, partner determination procedure is assigned to account groups In shipments, partner determination procedure is assigned to shipment type In billing header, partner determination proc is assigned to billing document type In billing item, partner determination proc is assigned to billing item category In delivery, partner determination procedure is assigned to delivery item category.
Which of the following statements about document flow are correct? Answer 2 Customer questions can be answered quickly and reliably Document flow is updated on item level only Only succeeding documents are displayed Preceding documents are sometimes displayed Credit information can be derived.
Item category in sales is determined through which of the following? Answer 3 Shipping condition Sales area Sales document type High level item category Usage.
To determine how far the BOM structure should be exploded in the sales document, where do you need to define the extent of the structure? Only one answer is correct. Sales document type Item category Schedule line Copying control Delivery document type.
Which of the following statements about material determination are true? Answer 4 A material master record is not required for the material number that is being replaced Material determination is a tool to automatically exchange materials in the sales document In material determination, the system automatically searches for valid master records previously created in material determination The sales document header overview contains information about the material that was originally entered as well as the reason for substitution During order entry, the material ordered by the customer is replaced by the substitute defined in the master record.
Which of the following statements are correct? Answer 3 In rush order processing, it is possible to print invoice document from the sales document In consignment processing, goods are delivered to the customer but remain the property of the seller until they are actually used For both rush and cash orders, the default configuration automatically creates a delivery document once the orders are saved Consignment issue is not relevant for picking Consignment fill up is not relevant for delivery.
Plant determination covers which of the following? Answer 3 Material master Customer-material condition record Customer-material info record Sales document type Customer master record.
SAP determines the date at which you should be creating your delivery document. Which of the following does it consider? Answer 2 Post goods issue date Delivery date Transportation planning date Loading date Material availability date.
Shipping point can be determined automatically using which of the following? Answer 3 Sales document type Storage condition Plant Transportation group Material master.
Billing supports which of the following activities? Answer 4 Creating credit memo requests Creating invoices for deliveries Cancellation of previously posted billing documents Automatic transfer of billing document data to accounting Creating invoices for orders.
Which of the following statements are true? Answer 3 Profitability analysis procedures can be costing based or account based In costing based profitability analysis, costing is transferred to CO-PA as soon as data is posted to FI from Sales CO-PA calculates the profit for a certain profitability segment by transferring data from SD In account based profitability analysis, data is transferred to CO-PA as soon as an order is created Profitability analysis allows you to implement different profitability analyses because it examines the profitability of individual partial markets or market segments.
Which of the following statements are true? Answer 2 Consignment processing must always have a delivery document created In cash processing, a billing document is automatically created after saving the sales order Several warehouses can be assigned to a combination of plant and shipping point Creating a rush order requires you to create a delivery document manually A subsequent delivery free of charge order requires you to input a reference order document always.
Which of the following statements are correct? Answer 2 In shipping, post goods issue is an optional activity A sales order is an electronic document that records your customer's request for goods and services A delivery document can be created with reference to a pre-sales document Credit memo request is a billing document In shipping, packing activity is optional.
Which of the following statements are correct? Answer 2 In a third party process, a production order is triggered after saving the sales document An alternate sold-to party can be indicated if there are no succeeding document referring to the sales order During sales order creation, the configuration of the sales document type decides whether you can enter the document number manually The item division field in the sales doc type allows us to vary division from header and item level of a sales document The default pricing date can be set in the configuration of the item category.
Which of the following statements are correct? Answer 3 In sales doc type configuration, it is possible to set mandatory reference to a delivery document You can still block use of a sales doc type once it is assigned to a specific sales area If both SP and PY has listing master data, the system follows only the listing based on the SP If both SP and PY has an exclusion master data, the system follows the materials listed on both customers. Partner determination procedure contains an access sequence.
Which of the following statements are correct about free goods? Answer 4 It is possible to automatically record inclusive bonus quantities of an item on one line in sales documents To activate one-line inclusive bonus quantities, you must set a flag on the free goods master record The condition technique is used in free goods When you enter an exclusive bonus quantity, an extra line appears where you can enter the same ordered material Once partial deliveries have been shipped, you cannot change any quantity or dates in the order. If data changes, the order item has to be rejected and re-entered.
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