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Which of the following statements are correct? 2 answer Creation of a sales organization is possible only if the company code to which the sales org is assigned to has already been created You must always assign each sales org to exactly 1 company code Prior assignment of the division to the company code is necessary before a sales area is created A sales office is always assigned to only 1 sales area A sales group can be assigned to more than 1 sales office.
When the system tries to determine the route, it looks at the customer master data for information. Which of the following partner functions does it check in determining routes? 2 answer Sold-to Party Ship-to party Payer Bill-to party.
Which of the following statements about the material master are correct? 2 answer When creating a material master it is mandatory that you specify the industry sector like the material type Partner determination is assigned to material type You can set the selling price in the material master Material master records are maintained per sales area Sometimes it is necessary to maintain a sales view for materials you want to sell.
Which of the following statements are true about free goods … (3 answer) Free goods can take the form of extra goods that are free of charge. These are called inclusive bonus quantities In inclusive bonus quantities, the ordered goods and free goods always involve the same material The item category determines whether a material is given free or not If pricing is re-run in the sales order, it does not affect the free goods determination The system control how you deliver the free goods when entering free goods manually.
During order entry, which of the following about scheduling are true? 3 answer System does a forward scheduling if backward scheduling is not configured (mark “blank”on configuration) System does not do a forward scheduling if replenishment leadtime is set up System does a forward scheduling if material availability date is in the past Scheduling can be turned off by configuring it per sales item category System does a forward scheduling if backward scheduling is configured (mark “X”on configuration).
An agreement has been reached with a very important customer wherein all sales orders delivered for this customer must be billed once a month only. Which of the following settings are relevant? 2 answer Enter factory calendar in the material master Enter factory calendar in the customer-material info record Enter factory calendar in the customer master record Maintain individual billing dates in the factory calendar using special rules Enter factory calendar in the sales organization.
Under the standard system, which sales order contains a mandatory reference? 2 answer Free of charge delivery Consignment return Return order Invoice correction request Subsequent delivery free of charge.
Which of the following can be considered as effects of a post goods issue? 3 answer Generates delivery due list Generates additional documents for accounting Updates document flow Automatically transfers billing data to accounting Updates value changes in the balance sheet accounts for inventory accounting.
When you enter a sales order you don’t need to specify the sales area immediately. If you don’t, where does the system automatically derive the sales area? Material master Customer master Implementation guide (IMG) Customer-material info record Condition record.
When you are creating a sales order, the system tries to determine the plant from several sources. When checking the customer master data, which partner function does the system check for plant determination? Sold-to party Ship-to party Payer Bill-to party.
How is schedule line determined? 2 answer MRP type and item category group MRP Type and shipping point Item category and document type Item category and MRP type Item category and material master.
Item category in sales is determined through which of the following? 3 answer Shipping condition Sales area Sales document type High level item category Usage.
To determine how far the BOM structure should be exploded in the sales document, where do you need to define the extent of the structure? Sales document type Item category Schedule line Copying control Delivery document type.
Plant determination covers which of the following? 3 answer Material master Customer-material condition record Customer-material info record Sales document type Customer master record.
SAP determines the date at which you should be creating your delivery document. Which of the following does it consider? 2 answer Post goods issue date Delivery date Transportation planning date Loading date Material availability date.
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