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SAP TM 9.5 T04

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SAP TM 9.5 T04

Transportation Management TM 9.5


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You are assigning organization A to a freight order. Which of the following organizational unit functions can you assign to organization A to accomplish this? Company Forwarding House Purchasing Organization Sales Organization.
By transferring customer master data from SAP ERP, both a location and a business partner can be created in SAP TM. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
What is the key to this process? Freight orders. TM business documents in a connected. Services (GTS) system. Sales order integration and delivery integration.
For which object can you define scheduling constraints? Vehicle Resource Driver Means-of-Transport Transportation Lane.
What is normally scheduled for batch transfer once a day? Forwarding quotation. Master data. Data entered Manually or automatically.
Which of the following can you use to create freight bookings? The forwarding order user interface A report based on a default route The freight order user interface A report based on a schedule.
What is case-sensitive? Password Recovery OTP Implement.
You have created a forwarding settlement document. What do you need to map to send this document from SAP TM to SAP ERP? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts SAP TM charge types to SAP ERP condition type SAP TM purchasing organization to SAP ERP purchasing organization SAP TM sales organization to SAP ERP sales organization SAP TM charge types to SAP ERP service master.
What is accomplished with either SAP PI or Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM)? Maximizes visibility and control Optimizes warehouse resource and asset utilization SAP ERP logistics integration Supports a full range of warehouse processes.
How does the continuous move function influence the carrier selection process? It moves the dates of the freight orders to avoid idle time It combines two freight orders with the same carrier in one freight order It deducts a discount from the carrier selection planning costs for neighboring freight orders It narrows down the available carriers to only carriers that allow continuous moves.
Based on which attributes can the integration of sales orders be maintained? Division Sales Organization Ship-to Party Shipping Condition.
You have defined several means of transport (MT) combinations. If food is loaded on the truck, you cannot transport hazardous goods in a coupled trailer. Furthem1ore, these hazardous goods cannot be transported on certain means of transport. Which of the following incompatibility types do you use to model this scenario? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts FU - Vehicle resource FU - FU (vehicle level) FU - FU (compartment level) FU - FU (MT combination level).
Assuming an agreement determination condition is NOT used, which of the following involved parties determine the correct freight agreement for charge calculation in a freight order? Forwarding house Carrier Purchasing organization Ordering party.
What can initiate the creation of a forwarding agreement quotation? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Freight Agreement Freight Agreement RFQ CRM Opportunity Forwarding Agreement Quotation Assignment.
You want to configure a scenario in which one trailer is coupled subsequently to different tricks. Which of the following must you customize? Transportation unit type Freight order type Freight booking type Forwarding order type.
What is automatically determined based on the object being transferred from ERP when location data is created via the CIF. Intuitive mobile The location type MES Access Give operators.
You have created an air forwarding order using shipping type 'ULD'. What is the correct item hierarchy for this forwarding order? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Container -> Service -> Package Container -> Package --> Package Package --> Product -> Service Container -> Product -> Package.
What is the unique source location on the root level of the OTR? Reach new levels of maintenance and service excellence Optimize resource utilization and manage service needs Gain real-time insight into resources at any location and time The delivering plant.
Which settings can be maintained in the transportation requirement type Customizing? Planning based on requested or confirmed quantities Freight Unit Building Rules Charge Calculation Profile.
Which of the following are standard integration scenarios between SAP ERP and SAP TM? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts SAP TM freight order with SAP ERP purchase order SAP ERP shipment with SAP TM freight order SAP TM forwarding settlement document with SAP ERP billing document SAP TM forwarding settlement document with SAP ERP purchase order SAP ERP stock transport order with SAP TM order-based transportation requirement.
What is filled on the item level of the OTR? Prerequisites The source location Customizing Assigned freight.
Based on the delivery schedule previously maintained in SAP SD, an Orderbased Transportation Requirement (OTR) is created on TM side. In the OTR, the scheduling agreement and the delivery schedules with schedule items are stored as follows: The Delivery Schedules are referenced with their original ERP IDs on OTR item level. The relevant release type (Forecast delivery schedule or Just-in-time delivery schedule) is also referenced on OTR item level. The Sales Scheduling Agreement is referenced as original order type and with its original ERP ID. For sales orders, destination locations are stored on root level.
Transportation requirement types can be determined in SAP TM based on conditions. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
What is created by the system when the XML message from ERP arrives? SAP Paybacks The OTR SAP Incentive Administration.
Which communication methods can you use in SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management to interact with a carrier when tendering freight orders? E-mail IDoc Web service SMS Collaboration Portal.
If a plant, customer, or vendor is transferred from SAP ERP to SAP TM, and a transportation zone is maintained for this object, then during the transfer of master data, the following occurs: Provide role-specific, context-driven access for internal and external users to relevant information, tools, and services The plant, customer, or supplier location is assigned to the transportation zone in the SAP TM- relevant hierarchy. The plant, customer, or supplier location is created. Support strategic sourcing by interfacing with supplier relationship management software.
You create a freight settlement document after you plan an inbound delivery with the following items: The total freight costs are USD 3000. Which posting can be automatically performed for Product 2 if you transfer the freight settlement document with the distributed costs to SAP ERP? USD 1500 on CO-PA USD 1800 on Material Account USD 3000 on Material Account USD 1200 on CO-PA.
What is a logical or physical place in which resources are managed on a quantity basis? Ultimate goal Leverage seamless SAP ERP integration A location.
Which object do you have to create in SAP ERP if you want to use handover locations? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Vendor Route Customer Warehouse.
Which of the following elements are part of the transportation network? Transportation Zone Transportation Lane Location Business Partner.
What is used to support only the transportation aspect of logistics; not all items in the integration model will integrate? TM PM EC MD.
When using dispute management, which activities can a carrier perform in the carrier collaboration portal? Add a detention charge Upload files Change the document currency Change the quantity of a charge line's calculation base.
Let's say that you want to define the freight unit building rules that the system uses when dealing with dangerous goods and with goods that are not dangerous. Basically, there are three things to consider, as follows: A decision (based on the input and a condition that you have specified) An output source locations An input.
You add an assessorial charge to a freight order after the freight settlement document (FSD) has been transferred and accruals have been posted in SAP ERP. The background report to create FSDs determines the change strategy 'Reverse and Repost with new FSD' for this freight order. What will you see in SAP TM and SAP ERP? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts 2 FSDs and a Credit memo in SAP TM 2 FSDs in SAP TM 3 Service entry sheets in SAP ERP 2 Service entry sheets in SAP ERP.
Which of the following profiles is directly assigned to an organizational unit? Settlement profile Calculation profile Charges profile Distribution profile.
Which of the following actions can be triggered from the transportation cockpit? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Remove a resource from a freight order Create routings for a freight unit Merge stages of a freight order Send a freight order to SAP EWM.
You perform sales order scheduling for a material with enough stock on hand. Which dates on the sales order are updated by SAP TM? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Material availability date Transportation planning date Loading date Delivery date.
What is implemented and integrated with an SAP ERP system, ERP master data needs to be synchronized and used in the SAP TM system? ERP orders In SAP TM Transportation planning Whenever an SAP TM system.
Which of the following can you determine using conditions in charge management? Rate table Freight agreement Carrier in the freight agreement Validity date of the rate table.
Which of the following can you send from SAP TM to SAP Extended Warehouse Management for warehouse execution? Forwarding order Freight unit Freight order Vehicle resource.
What is the technology that is used to transfer the master data from ERP to TM? Ordering parties. External systems. The Core Interface or CIF. Create and confirm.
Freight units can be based on delivery-based transportation requirements. Determine whether this statement is true or false True False.
You have created two freight units for customer A and two freight units for customer B. You have defined the transportation network (see attached diagram) and no incompatibilities exist. How many freight orders does the optimizer create using only route-based distance costs? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts, 2 3 1.
Which of the following can you define for a means of transport? GIS quality Transportation mode Capacity Low speed Factory calendar.
What evolving accordingly and now includes several mobile-friendly elements? SAP EC SAP MD SAP PM SAP TM.
What is the NetWeaver Business Client? The necessary master data. Forwarding orders form the basis for planning and executing the transportation. SAP’s response to this. Based on the forwarding order.
Which of the following functions can a carrier perform in the Collaboration Portal? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Report events for ocean shipments Enter vehicle registration number for a freight order Respond to new freight agreement RFOs Create an invoice for air shipments.
In which of the following areas can you use incompatibilities? Charge calculation Freight unit building Carrier selection Delivery proposal Tendering.
What is relevant to planning during transportation planning in TM? Process industry Optimized Developed Customer.
Your company uses several different document types to manage various processes. Create a new query by restricting the OTRs to type TR##. Call it OTR Type TR##? Activities. Choose Next. In the Select Object Type field, select Order-Based Transportation Requirement. In the Select Existing Query as Template field, choose Order-Based Transportation Requirements - All. Choose Define New Query (on the upper right of the results table).
What is a framework that allows you to create and configure Web Dynpro applications in Web Dynpro ABAP? Dispatch and monitor the transportation Transfer orders and deliveries from an ERP system Floorplan Manager (FPM) Plan the transportation and select carriers.
In addition to advanced planning capabilities in SAP TM, your organization can also gain the added benefit of integration execution activities in SAP TM. These integration tasks include the following: For sales orders, source locations are stored on root level. Generation of shipping documents in SAP ERP or (via interfaces) other systems Generation of delivery documents in SAP ERP Integration with SAP Event Management (EM) for alerts and transportation tracking.
A carrier has responded to your request for quotation but was NOT automatically assigned to the freight order. What could be the reason for this? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts The tendering process was set to 'Direct Tendering - Send Freight Order Directly' The tendering profile contains a subsequent step The carrier responded after the response time had expired The program to evaluate freight quotations was NOT executed.
What settings are controlled by the freight unit type? Direct shipment options Freight unit building rule Change controller settings Tendering settings Organizational unit determination.
You have completed the configuration tasks for cost distribution and freight settlement in SAP TM and SAP ERP. The settlement documents were successfully transferred to SAP ERP. Which of the following business documents in SAP ERP would you check to verify that the amounts and postings are correct? Freight invoice Agency billing document Shipment cost document Service entry sheet.
To which of the following can you assign a dimensional weight profile? Charge type Calculation base Charges profile Calculation profile.
Which of the following options are main functional areas of SAP TM? Charges and settlement Transportation planning Order management Transportation execution Generation of settlement documents.
In SAP TM, tracking functionality is provided via integration with SAP Event Management. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
In which transaction can you define transportation durations? Note: Answers to this question are not verified by our experts Define location Create condition Assign transshipment location Create planning profile.
In the integration model, select the dataset (master or transaction data) you want to transfer. Specify the following in the integration model: Consolidate per item The SAP TM target system for the data transfer Consolidate as much as possible The data objects you want to transfer.
A separate license for SAP EHS is required before it can be integrated with your installation of SAPTM. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
What is used to determine texts automatically when you create a text object? Text control M-commerce Commerce Social commerce.
What is delivered with out-of-the-box integration, with order-to-cash and procure to-pay scenarios to support timely execution updates? SAP PERFORMANE SAP EWM SAP TM SAP HANA.
What is a logical (TM) system that must have an RFC connection? Newly created and not yet sent. The target system Locking the Forwarding Quotation Quotation was sent to the ordering party.
The master data in SAP TM can be described as a transportation network. To support proper transportation planning and execution, several master data elements are needed. When combined, these elements outline a transportation network comprised of the following elements: Transportation lanes Locations (customers, vendors, plants, shipping points, ports, airports, hubs,...) Shipping Condition Schedules Transportation zones and zone hierarchies.
Which of the following are master data elements in SAP TM? Means of transport Carrier profile Calculation sheet Calculation profile.
What is used to transfer stock transport orders from SAP ERP to SAP TM? Core Interface Output Determination Workflow Post Processing Framework.
Your customer wants to use the cost distribution function to include transportation costs in the material valuation. Which of the following SAP ERP documents can support this requirement? Outbound delivery Sales order Inbound delivery Purchase order Stock transport order.
The following settings are defined for a freight order from location A to location B with two freight units: • The distance between locations A and B in the transportation lane is 1500 km, the duration is 19 hours and the Fix Transportation Duration flag is set. The average speed for the means of transport is defined as 100 km/h and the GIS quality flag is NOT set. Loading and unloading of each freight unit at locations A and B is defined as 1 hour. The vehicle resource is available weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. • Loading starts on Monday at 8:30 am. When is unloading finished? Tuesday 7:30 pm Tuesday 5:30 pm Tuesday 7:30 am Tuesday 3:30 pm.
Which of the following SAP TM and SAP ERP objects can you map? SAP TM charge category to SAP ERP G/L account SAP TM charge type to SAP ERP service material group SAP TM charge type to SAP ERP service master SAP TM purchasing organization to SAP ERP plant.
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