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Software Development Methodologies

BCS 603/0543/5

Tom Woj
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Creation Date: 16/04/2018

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What is the terminology for assessing costs and risks incurred when implementing (deploying) a new system? Cost and risk analysis Affect analysis Payback analysis Impact analysis.
Which of the following is part of the software development lifecycle? Quality control and quality assurance. Feasibility study. Service management. Project management. .
Which is NOT an iterative methodology? Waterfall. UP/RUP. Scrum. Spiral.
Which software development lifecycle allows software to be released for client use after each iteration? Agile. Unified Process (UP). V-Model. Waterfall.
Which of the following is the role of a domain expert? To provide a broader, often more objective view perspective. To specify functional requirements. To specify non-functional requirements. To specify project constraints. .
A technical architect is a role in which category? Project management Software development. Business support. Technical support. .
The design stage includes? Evaluating and developing different solutions. Evaluating and developing code. Evaluating and developing use cases. Evaluating and developing test plans.
Traceability and cross referencing between software development deliverables can be used to identify? Requirements not met. Which deliverables are affected by a change request. Project management issues. How to plan delivery based on priorities. .
Interaction diagrams are a deliverable of which phase? Design. Analysis. Development. Implementation (Deployment). .
Which of the following is a positive factor when deciding whether to use an Agile method? A large distributed team. Minimal formal requirements’ documentation. Regulatory or safety critical requirements. Strict contractual commitments. .
Which of the following are responsibilities of the product owner commonly used in Agile methodologies (for example but not limited to Scrum)? a. The priority of the items on the product backlog. b. Being the voice of the client/customer. c. Managing the project. d. Representing the business. b, c and d only. a, b and d only. a, b and c only. All of them. .
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the Scrum Master in the Scrum methodology? Help the development team to achieve their goals. Remove impediments from the team. Shield the team from interruptions during the sprint. Be the Lead Developer.
What is the PRIMARY purpose of the maintenance phase? Identify and fix bugs before software is implemented (deployed). Identify requirements errors after implementation (deployment). Complete the testing that could not be finished before implementation (deployment). Fix bugs identified after implementation (deployment). .
Updating the glossary of terms (data dictionary) is performed in which phase(s)? a. Analysis. b. Design. c. Development. a and b. a only. b and c. a, b and c. .
Which of the following is a TRUE statement about the purpose of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)? The SDLC specifies a development process that must be used in a linear development methodology. The SDLC specifies the precise process that should be followed to develop an IT system. The SDLC specifies a precise process that should be used to solve any business problem. The SDLC specifies a framework of steps independent of the actual software development methodology used. .
Which statement describes the use of the V-Model software development method in the software development lifecycle? All of the seven stages of SDLC are performed for each iteration with verification and validation performed in the final stage. Each of the seven stages are performed iteratively before moving onto the next stage with verification and validation performed in the testing stage. The first three stages are performed once then verified and validated. The following four stages are iterative. Each stage has a corresponding verification and validation stage. .
Given the project development criteria of: focus on the customers; energise workers; eliminate waste; learn fast, keep getting better. Which of the following development methodologies would be preferred? Unified Process (UP). Lean. Scrum. XP. .
Which of the following are facets needed by ALL Software Development team members? a. Communication skills. b. Leadership skills. c. Coding skills. d. Practice a shared responsibility ethos. a and b only. a and c only. a and d only. b and c only. .
Which of the following is a question that team members SHOULD NOT be asked as part of a daily/weekly progress meeting used in MOST Agile methodologies? Do they see any impediment that prevents the team from meeting the goals of the iteration? What will they do next to help the team achieve the goals of the iteration? What they did previously to help the team achieve its goals of the iteration? Which team member is stopping the team from achieving the goals of the iteration? .
What is the CORRECT time ordered sequence of these four stages of software development (ignoring the three missing stages)? a. Testing. b. Requirements Analysis. c. Maintenance. d. Design b, d, a and c. b, d, c and a. d, b, a and c. d, b, c and a.
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