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Which of the following SAP CRM objects links to SAP ERP customizing for the determination of the settlement rules for partners? Business partner Product model Master Agreement Business Agreement.
Which factors influence the payment media format? Payment Method Bank account House Bank determination Proposal parameters.
Which type of account uses thresholds, alerts and refills? External Account Prepaid Account Subscriber Account Postpaid Account.
For which of the following systems can you use SAP CRM Order Distribution Infrastructure to distribute data? SAP Convergent Charging SAP CRM SAP Convergent Invoicing SAP Convergent Mediation.
Which object is chosen during the invoicing process based on the configuration selection variant? Billing unit Invoice order Billing document Invoice unit.
Which of the following objects is the only difference between the partner agreement order and the provider order? Master agreement Technical resource Business agreement Product.
In which SAP CRM objects can you redefine the range and mapping tables from SAP Convergent Charging? Master agreement Subscription order Subscription product Business agreement Sales order.
Which server instance uses the technical data to determine the correct subscription and partition ID during rating? Rater Guider Dispatcher Updater.
Your customer has one general ledger account that must NOT be summarized. What must you set in the FI-CA document? Single document Exclude from summarization Simple transfer Document transfer.
Which technical data properties must you define when rating the usage for a provider contract line item in SAP Convergent Charging? Note: Note: There are 2 correct answers to this questions. Account assignment Service identifier Description field User technical identifier.
Which activity do you perform during the order capturing process in SAP CRM? Monitor order status Update order and contract status Advise customer on services being offered Configure rate plan and its services.
Which of the following SAP Convergent Charging objects are only replicated to SAP CRM? Product Mapping table Technical ID Charge plan.
Which SAP Convergent Charging tasks are assigned to the process manager role? Provider contract activation Audit management Recharging management Charged item bulk loading.
Which of the following activities checks the work structure for completeness? Generation of maintenance structures Generation of billable item class Activation of includes Activation of billable item class.
After you submit a provider order, when is the final provider contract status set? After the order distribution is complete At the start of the order distribution At the time the provider order is submitted After the provider order is rejected.
Which data is stored on the business agreement in SAP CRM and replicated to SAP ERP? Payment method Payment condition Customer classification Central data.
Which characteristics can you use to create a new charge plan assignment in SAP CRM? Technical data Price keys One-off charge Counter sharing Price type.
Where do you define the discount agreements within a master agreement? SAP S/4HANA Service: SOM and SAP S/4HANA Convergent Invoicing SAP S/4HANA Service: SOM, SAP S/4HANA Convergent Invoicing, and SAP Convergent Charging Only SAP S/4HANA Convergent Invoicing Only SAP S/4HANA Service: SOM.
Which structure contains the characteristics that allow your customer to select a group of open items based on similar attributes for clearing analysis? FKKKP DFKKOP FKKOP DFKKOPK.
Which ID is created during the rating process that links the consumption items with the corresponding billable items? Source transaction ID Consumption item ID Rating ID Billable item ID.
You submitted a provider order in SAP CRM. Which of the following objects is replicated to SAP ERP and SAP Convergent Charging? Partner agreement Master agreement Provider Contract Provider order.
Which actions can you NOT perform for a master agreement main item in Released status? Edit the parties involved Assign the authorized partners Edit the billing cycle Assign the cross-catalog mapping version.
What does a chargeable item class define? The link to an assigned service provider The chargeable item sequence The chargeable item dependency The default and user properties of a service.
In which sequence can you influence the billing activities in expert mode? 1. Aggregate billable items into billing units 2. Select billing units 3. Group billable items into billing documents 1. Define billable items 2. Aggregate billable items 3. Select billable items 1. Define billable items 2. Select billable items 3. Aggregate billable items 1. Select billable items 2. Group billable items into billing units 3. Aggregate billable items.
Which of the following SAP CRM objects are replicated only to SAP ERP after the order capturing process? Business agreement Provider contract Product Business partner.
Which includes must you maintain if you add customer-specific fields to a billable item class? CI_FKKBIXBIT_IT CI_RFKKBIX_PY CI_RFKKBIX_IT CI_FKKBIXBIT_PY.
Which rating mode utilizes a rational database to store and transfer consumption detail records to the SAP Convergent Charging core application? Session-based rating Batch rating Online rating Real-time rating.
When you create a product in SAP CRM, which option do you define first? Relationship type Data field Category Set type.
Which master data is replicated between SAP CRM, SAP ERP and SAP Convergent Charging? Product Contact person Business partner Contract account.
Which objects are copied to the details assignment block of the provider contract header in SAP CRM? Product Activated charge plans Bill-to-party Sold-to-party.
To which object can you assign parameters and counters? Charge plan Rate Charging plan Charge.
Which object must you add to build charge plans? Macro Charge Offer Technical ID.
You trigger a product change process within the provider contract. Which document is generated? Change business agreement Change sales order Change provider contract Change provider order.
What does a charged item class define? The scope of a charge The validity period of a charge The output format for the downstream system The frequency in which items are transferred downstream.
Which configuration steps must you perform to create a billable item class? Select interface components Create test billable items Execute interface components Activate configuration Generate interfaces for billable item class.
Which distribution flows can you validate using the order monitor? Distribution of sales order to SAP Convergent Charging Distribution of one-off charges to SAP ERP Distribution of provider orders to SAP ERP Distribution of provider contract data to SAP ERP and SAP Convergent Charging.
Which technologies are used for the replication path of provider contracts between SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP Convergent Charging? Order Distribution Infrastructure Remote Function Call Common Object Layer Framework Middleware Web Services.
Which plan type do you use to model a rating logic for a service credit that is based on a quantity and a validity period? Allowance plan Price plan Charging plan Refill plan.
Which assignment block do you use to visualize the distribution steps assigned to a contract? Provider-specific data Transaction history Provider contract details Fulfillment status.
Which configuration objects determine the data entry fields that are available on a business partner? Business partner type Business partner role Business partner category Business partner group.
Which object must you enable for the recharging process in SAP Convergent Invoicing? Consumption item storage Raw item storage Rated item storage Billable item storage.
Which results do you expect if you include open items on an invoice? Open items clearing restriction is removed Open items are included in the invoice document total Open items are NOT included in the invoice document total Open items are cleared Open items are included as line items.
Your customer discovers that the Collection Call List dunning activity created with the dunning run is NOT correct. Which of the following activities do you perform first? Transfer call list items to inactive status Reprocess the business rules framework Cancel the dunning run Delete the dunning run.
Which object in the partner agreement manages the royalties for the partner in SAP CRM? Partner settlement rules Business rules framework Partner business agreement Invoice agreement.
Which data elements are stored on the subscriber account in SAP Convergent Charging? Price group Prepaid account balance External account Payment terms.
Which of the following processes triggers one or more steps within the SAP CRM Order Distribution Infrastructure? Business partner change Master agreement cancellation Subscription contract change Subscription order cancellation.
Which line item is part of the provider contract during a process change in SAP CRM? Activation fee Product with recurring frequency Change fee.
For which activities do you use cross-catalog mapping (CCM)? Select the pricing condition IDs that are passed to SAP Convergent Charging Define the price keys that are passed to SAP Convergent Charging Pass the price key to SAP Convergent Charging Define the price type in SAP Convergent Charging.
Which objects does SAP recommend you download from ERP to SAP CRM to facilitate product customizing settings? DNL_CUST_PROD1 DNL_CUST_PRD1 DNL_CUST_PR01 DNL_PRO1_CUST.
Which object triggers the activation of the SAP CRM Order Distribution Infrastructure? Provider order creation Charge plan status Provider contract status Cross-catalog creation.
What are your options when you need to reverse a billing document that is already invoiced? Mark billable items as billable exception Mark billable items as billable Mark billable items as reserved exception Mark billable items as reserved.
Which of the following objects is a mandatory header entry for the provider order creation in SAP CRM? Business Partner Technical resource Product Data Business agreement.
Which plan type should you use to support prepaid cards used by prepaid customers? Refill plan Price plan Charging plan Allowance plan.
Which combination of technologies is used to replicate subscriber accounts from SAP CRM, through SAP ERP to SAP Convergent Charging? Remote Function Call and Web Services Order Distribution Infrastructure and Web Services Common Object Layer Framework and Web Services Middleware and Web Services.
Which partner roles can you change when you create a provider order from the master agreement? Service recipient Payer Ship-to-party Sold-to-party Contract partner Sold-to-party Contract partner Payer.
Which of the following actions can you perform in the distribution monitoring in SAP CRM? Cancel a provider contract line item Cancel a step Change a provider contract line item Change a step.
Which fields in the billable item are default grouping attributes? Billing subprocess Billable item type Business partner Billing process Contract account.
Which fields of the contract account influence activities of the open item lifecycle? Legal name Clearing category Payment method Bank account number Tolerance group.
Which of the following steps are performed automatically SAP CRM Order Distribution Infrastructure? Distribution of provider contract Activation of provider order Activation of services Distribution of charge plan.
What happens during the invoicing process in SAP ERP? Creation of Fl document Discount calculation Creation of CO-PA document Creation of FI-CA Document Preparation of invoice print.
Which indicator must you set to create a product model? Base category Configurable flag Item category group Service ID.
Which object is created after you perform billable item mapping in SAP Convergent Charging? Charged Item Billable Item Chargeable Item Class Charged Item Class.
Which object is only relevant in the SAP CRM master agreement? Business agreement Customer hierarchy Financial product Business partner.
Your project requires that some customers use different clearing rules. This rule prioritizes open receivables for certain products. Which SAP object do you use to define this payment clearing rule? Main/subtransaction General ledger account Cost center Product.
Where do you define the characteristics that trigger a specific charge plan activation in SAP CRM? Dependent components Product model Cross-catalog mapping Resource assignment.
You need to create rate tables that are accessible in SAP CRM via Web Services. Which Table types can you use? Translation table Mapping table Range table Tier table Subscriber table.
Which tasks must you perform to process a manual payment lot? Assign the items to open receivables Post the lot Enter the items Set the status to completed Close the lot.
Which customizing object must you activate to define individual discounts calculated during the invoicing process? Invoice function Invoice process Invoice type Invoice category.
Which objects are created during the generation of a billable item class? Billing process Billable item tables Function modules Billable item statuses.
Which configuration objects, in combination with the invoicing category, control the invoicing functions? Invoicing process Invoice type Invoicing selection variant Invoicing grouping variant.
Which process triggers the creation of discount base items? Creation of charged item Rating of a consumption item Creation of an invoicing document Billing of a billable item.
Which process can be used within a master agreement? Invoice creation Revenue recognition Settlement Discounting Ordering.
Which object is available in a discount base item? Master agreement Provider contract Account group Discount/Charge key.
Which of the following objects must be unique during the SAP CROM order capturing process? O Contract ID Contract ID Business partner Technical resource Business agreement.
Which of the following options can you maintain in the Distribution Chains assignment block? Process type Contract duration Resource assignment Simulation.
What type of component s a mapping table introducer? Function Comparator Operator Splitter.
Why would you use an access in SAP Convergent Charging? To determine which charge plan chronologies are allowed for a given provider contract To assign the usage to the proper charge within a provider contract To assign the usage to the correct subscriber account To control which objects a user can modify.
Which transaction type do you use to create new partner provider order? PRPA PRPO PRCO PRVO.
What do you need to set up to expose counters to an external system? Counter dictionary Counter glossary Counter catalog Counter repository.
Which line item is part of the subscription contract after a change process is done in SAP S4 HANA Service SOM? Product with change fee Product with sales component Product with a recurring fee Product with activation fee.
Which technical data properties must you define when rating the usage for a provider contract line item in SAP Convergent Charging? Note: Note: There are 2 correct answers to this questions. Service identifier Account Assignment User technical identifier Description field.
Which distribution flows can you validate using the order monitor? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this questions. Distribution of sales order to SAP Convergent Charging Distribution of subscription contract data to SAP SAP S/4HANA: FI-CA and SAP Convergent Charging Distribution of one-off charges to SAP SAP S/4HANA: Convergent Invoicing Distribution of subscription orders to SAP S/4HANA: FI-CA.
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