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TBW 10 Part-11

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Identify Issues affecting query performance Query Design CPU selection Aggregation Memory Utilization.
BI Statistic provides Information related to Query and Time Data record Access.
Change and attribute run repair Aggregate by changing Master Data True False.
The disadvantage of aggregate Aggregate takes extra disk space Don’t allow to see most recent records.
The Primary Job of BI Administrator cockpit is to display BI Statistic data True False.
Which of the following are true regarding Info Objects Info Objects are not part of the Metadata Repository Info Objects are classified into 2 groups: characteristics and data elements. Info Objects contain technical definitions as well as business logic Info Objects are business evaluations objects, such as customer, product, and revenue.
Which of the statements are true regarding attributes of a characteristic All Navigational Attributes are Time Dependent Navigational Attributes are included into the Dimension Table of the characteristic Display attributes can be independently displayed in the query result To improve the query performance, we should use as few Navigational attributes as possible.
The activation of the DataSource after replication in the BI system, creates the underlying DB objects like the _____________________________ in the SAP Source System EXTRACT STRUCTURE TRANSFER STRUCTURE.
With S-API Interface data from following source system can be extracated File SAP source system Multidimensional Source system Relational source.
Data from Multidimensional source system can be extracted using a) UD Connect b) DB Connect c) Web services d) S-API.
While Loading data to BI system a) It is not possible to bypass PSA b) It is possible to by pass PSA c) It is possible but not recommended to by pass PSA d) All the above.
PSA is of type a) Transparent table b) Pooled table c) Cluster table d) None of the above.
Selection Condition, start condition for requesting data from a source system are defined in a) Source system b) DTP ( data transfer process ) c) Infopackage d) InfoObject.
Which of the following are virtual provider a. Info cube b. DSO c. Info Set d. Multicube e. Multi provider.
Virtual provider can get data through a. Web services/ XMLA b. Direct Access DTP c. BAPI d. Function module.
BAPI based option may be used for SAP system to get data True False.
DTP for direct access can be created with option of infosource with 3.x. True False.
In case source structure is dynamic and determined by selections. For Non SAP systems BAPI can be used True False.
With Virtual provider you can connect non sap system for structure that are not relational (hierarchical structures) True False.
When direct access via virtual provider is slow, the RDA is better option True False.
Daemon can be created for RDA for cases where update has to be made later than one minute. True False.
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