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Which is NOT a benefit associated with Oracle Autonomous Database? Self-repairing Self-loading Self-securing Self-driving.
Which is NOT a supported workload type for Oracle Autonomous Database? Transaction Processing APEX Data Warehouse JSON MySQL.
What is NOT a primary use case for the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution? Cloud Migration Hyper-v workloads Disaster Recovery Data Center Extension.
Which THREE are benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution? Runs the certified VMware product stack in the cloud. Customers can choose their own data center hardware. Customers can leverage the same set of tools and processes used on-premises. VMware workloads are refactored for migration. Provides full administrative control to customers.
Which Oracle offering allows a customer to provision Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services into their own data centers in a self-contained model, achieving the same architecture, billing, and operational processes as that of the OCI public cloud? Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @Customer Oracle Customer Region Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Oracle Private Region.
Which feature allows you to group and logically isolate your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources? Tenancy Identity and Access Management Groups Availability Domains Compartments.
What is Oracle's responsibility according to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) shared-security model? Configuring OCI services securely Data classification and compliance Securing application workloads Security of data center facilities.
Which two situations incur costs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Data ingress from the internet Transferring data across regions Transferring data from one instance to another in the same Availibility Domain Data egress to the internet Transferring data from one instance to another across different Availibility Domains in a Region.
You have an application that requires a shared file system. Which of the following services would you use? File Storage Archive Storage Object Storage Block Volume.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute shapes does not incur instance billing in a STOPPED state? Dense I/O Standard GPU HPC.
Which of the following services can you control access to via IAM? Networking components Compute Instances All services including IAM DB systems.
Which option provides the best performance for running OLTP workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? OCI Exadata DB Systems OCI Autonomous Data Warehouse OCI Virtual Machine Instance OCI Dedicated Virtual Host.
Which OCI storage service does not provide encryption for data at rest? File Storage Block Volume Local NVMe Object Storage.
Which statement about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) shared-security model is true? You are responsible for securing all data that you place in OCI You are not responsible for any aspect of security in OCI You are responsible for securing the hypervisor within OCI compute service You are responsible for managing security controls within the physical OCI network.
You run 5 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Virtual Machine instances on an OCI dedicated virtual host. How will this deployment be billed? Only the dedicated virtual machine host will be billed The dedicated virtual machine host and the boot volumes of each instance will be billed The dedicated virtual machine host all 5 instances, and the boot volume of each instance will be billed All 5 instances will be billed on the basis of the number of OCPUs.
Which SLA type is not offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute service? Data Plane Performance Plane Service Plane Control Plane.
Which of the following is an example of an edge service in OCI? DNS Zone Management Virtual Machines OCI compute instances Oracle Data Guard.
You are analyzing your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) usage with Cost Analysis tool in the OCI console. Which of the following is NOT a default feature of the tool? Filter costs by applications Filter costs by tags Filter costs by compartments Filter costs by date.
Which security service is offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Certificate Management System Key Management Managed Active Directory Managed Intrusion Detection.
___________________ is a fully-managed, scalable, and highly available service that you can use to deploy your containerized applications to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Containerization Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Deployment Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Docker.
Your company has deployed a business critical application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. What should you do to ensure that your application has the highest level of resilience and availability? Deploy the application across multiple Availability Domains and Subnets Deploy the application across multiple Virtual Cloud Networks Deploy the application across multiple Regions and Availability Domains Deploy the application across multiple Availability Domains and Fault Domains.
Which statement below is not true for Oracle Cloud infrastructure Compartments? Resources can be moved from one compartment to another Compartments cannot be nested Each OCI resource belongs to a single compartment Resources and compartments can be added and deleted anytime.
What does compute instance vertical scaling mean? Providing Fault tolerance Adding additional compute instances Enabling Disaster recovery Changing to a large or smaller shape.
How is total network throughput allocated to a Virtual Machine (VM) Instance? Network bandwidth is variable Network bandwidth is proportional to the number of OCPUs in the Instance shape When launching a compute instance, customers may select the desired maximum network bandwidth Each VM is allocated 10 Gbps of network bandwidth regardless of the selected shape.
Which option provides the best performance for running OTLP workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? OCI Autonomous Data Warehouse OCI Virtual Machine Instance OCI Dedicated Virtual Host OCI Autonomous Transaction Processing.
Which resource do you manage in an Infrastructure-as-a-services (IAAS) offering? Operating system Network Storage Servers.
Which statement is correct regarding the oracle cloud infrastructure Compute services? When you stop a compute instance, all data on the boot volume is lost You can attach a maximum of one public to each compute instance You can launch either virtual machines or bare metal instances You cannot attach a block volume to a compute instance.
You want to leverage a managed Real Application Cluster (RAC) offering in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. which OCI Managed database service would you choose? Autonomous Transaction Processing (shared) VM DB System Autonomous Data Warehousing (shared) Bare Metal DB Systems.
Which Oracle cloud infrastructure capability can be used to protect against power failures within an availability Domain? Data Plane Fault Domains Services Cells Top of Rack Switch.
Which statement is true for an oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute instance? Compute instance always get a public IP address Compute instance does not use a boot volume Compute instance cannot leverage auto scaling feature Compute instance always get a private IP address.
What purpose does an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dynamic Routing Gateway Serve? Enables OCI Compute Instance to privately connect to OCI Object Storage Enables OCI Compute instance to connect to on-promises environments Enable OCI Compute instances to connect to the internal Enables OCI Compute instances to be reached from internet.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is complement with which three industry standard? USA E-WALLED PRACE UK HIPPA PCI-DSS IG Toolkit-UK.
Which feature is not component of Oracle cloud Infrastructure identity and Access management service? federation User Credential Network Security Group Policies.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Budgets can be set on which two options? Free-form tags Compartments Tenancy Virtual Cloud Network Cost-tracking tags.
Which service is the most effective for moving large amounts of data from your on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Data Safe Dynamic Routing Gateway Data Transfer appliance Internet Gateway.
Which three components are part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management service? Virtual Cloud Networks Policies Regional Subnets Dynamic Groups Roles Compute Instances Users.
You were recently assigned to manage a project to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The application will require a database, several servers, and a shared file system. Which three OCI services are best suited for this project? OCI virtual or Bare Metal DB Systems OCI Streaming Service Object Storage Service Virtual Machine (VM) or Bare Metal (BM) compute Instances File Storage Service Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.
A customer wants to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) storing application backups which can be stored for months, but retrieved immediately based on business needs. Which OCI storage service can be used to meet this requirement? Archive Storage Block Volume Object Storage (standard) File Storage.
A new customer has logged into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as an administrator for the first time. The admin would like to deploy infrastructure. What is the first step they must take in order to accomplish this task? File a service request for access to each additional region. Use API endpoints to create resources in the desired region. Subscribe to the desired region. Navigate to the desired region and begin creating resources.
A customer is looking to migrate their old database backups from their on-premises data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Which OCI service is the most cost-effective? Block Volume Archive Storage File Storage Object Storage (standard).
Which two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources can be used to group/categorize expenses? Policies Tags Users Compartments Groups.
Which is an example of Edge Services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Object Storage Web Application Firewall Virtual Firewall.
You are required to host several files in a location that can be publicly accessible from anywhere in the world. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service should you use? OCI Object Storage Oracle Functions OCI Block Volume OCI File Storage OCI Storage Gateway.
Which capability enables you to search, purchase, and start using software in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy? OCI Marketplace OCI OS Management OCI Resource Manager OCI Registry.
In what two ways does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offer industry leading price-performance? OCI leverages advanced encryption that results In fast performance With OCI, pricing Is low and predictable across all regions and services. OCI hypervisor provides Industry loading performance. OCI backs performance claims with Service Level Agreements. OCI does not over subscribe CPU, but only memory.
A customer wants to deploy a customized e commerce Web application using multiple virtual machines, block storage, databases, load balancer and web application firewall. What cloud model can be used to host this application? Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Anything as a Service (XaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
After Signing up for a new Oracle cloud Infrastructure tenancy, what would you subscribe to in order to deploy infrastructure and services in different parts of the world? Availability Domain Fault Domains Pay as you go pricing Region.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service can you use to assess user security of your Oracle databases? Oracle Data Safe Oracle Data Guard Audit Vault and Database Firewall option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Audit Service.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure storage service can provide a shared file system across multiple compute instances? file Storage Local NVMe Object Storage Archive storage.
Which two security capabilities are offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Always on data encryption for data-at-rest. Certificate Management service Captcha Key Management service Managed Active Directory service.
Which offers the lowest pricing for storage (per GB)? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage (standard tier) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage.
What two statements regarding the Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) are true? A single VCN can contain both private and public Subnets. VCN is a regional resource that span across all the Availability Domains in a Region. You can only create one VCN per region. The VCN is the IPSec-based connection with a remote on premises location. VCN is a global resource that span across all the Regions.
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