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Why is the Kronos batch number stored in the Interface table for EE remuneration info (PTEX2010) and in the employee remuneration info (PA2010)? 2correct To allow specific batches to be imported into CATS To allow for easy reversal/deletion of transactions To facilitate import into Employee Central time sheets To identify transactions from a specific period.
What does the Initial Load of Payroll Results declustering tool allow you to verify? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Selected rows Selected processes Selected employees Selected client Selected tables.
You are setting up thesymboic accounts for payroll postings. When you use the Configure Your Solution application, which example is available in a subarea? HR Posting Integration GL Accounting Financial Accounting Cost Accounting.
Where is the absence replication status reported in Employee Central? Replication target system Data replication status Data replication proxy Data replication monitor.
NO.5 Which tablesare used to identify retros in declustered payroll results? There are 2 correct answers to this question. P2RX_RT HRPY_RGDIR HRDCT_TPY_RGDIR PCL2.
NO.6 Which business functions do you need to activate payroll Ul mashups? 2correct HCM Time Data Repication Employee Central to HR (Reversible) (HCM_SFEC_T DEC2HR) HCM Personnels Organization Countries 01 (HCM_LOC_CI_59) HCM SAP Best Practices Payroll (HCM_SBP_PYC_ 1) HCM Personnels Organization (Reversible) (HCM_ PAO_CI_ 1).
NO.7 A cost center was changed, and you must manually trigger the initial replication from SAP S/4HANA Finance to Employee Central Payroll. Which application do you use? Maintain Communication User Replicate by Replication Model Communication System Communication Arrangements.
NO.8 Which Payroll Control Center function do you use to locate errors in the payroll process? One-Click Monitoring Payroll Alert Assignment Automated Root Cause Analysis Payroll Process Manager.
NO.10 Which values are used for the retroactive accountinglimit? There are 3 correct answers to thisquestion Payroll alert detailed information Payroll control record Payroll status data Employee hiring date Employee transfer date.
NO.11 Which time interval does SAP recommend for running a daemon background job for the Payroll Control Center? 1 minute 1 hour 5 minutes 10 minutes.
NO.12 Which user interfaces are used by the Payroll Manager? 3correct My Processes Manage Policies Unassigned Alerts My Alerts Manage Processes.
NO.13 Which section in permissions would you navigate to provideaccess to the "My Processes" user interface? Payroll Control Center Configuration General User Permission Payroll System Assignment SAP System Configuration.
NO.14 You scheduled absence replication to run every five minutes. Due to many errors, the replication automatically rescheduled itself to run every hour. After you resolve the configuration errors, how can you reset the initial replication frequency to five minutes? 2correct Delete the scheduled replication job and reschedule. Delete and recreate the absence data in Employee Central. Resend the employee data in the data replication monitor. Trigger a proxy creation job in the data replication configuration.
NO.15 Which of the following fields must you configure for the country-specific succession data model when you implement Employee Central Payroll? Personnel Area Personnel Subarea Payscale Type Payscale Area Work Schedule Time Management Status Employee Group Employee Subgroup.
NO.16 What happens to the data replication proxy object after successful replication? The object status is updated to Successful. The object status is updated to In Sync. The object is locked. The object is deleted.
NO.17 What configuration must you performing Employee Central Payroll for the type replication? 2correct Allow overlapping time constraints. Permit attendances/absences to be recorded with clock times. Enable quota deductions. Disable input checks.
NO.18 When you configure the Work Schedules for the Employee Central custom field, which HRISelement must you use? joblnfo paymentlnfo imlnfo emaillnfo.
NO.19 What configuration needs to be performed to avoid the creation of new employees after data migration? Update the feature for defaulting employee numbers (NUMKR) for internal number assignment when hiring new employees. Populate the key mapping table with the mapping of PERNRIDs in Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. Maintain personnel number ranges with the external number range switch. Enable the Employee Subgroup (ES) switch in the Personnel Act on Types in the Set Up Personnel Actions configuration step.
NO.20 What configuration option must you performing Employee Central Payroll to allow multipleoccasions of time wage types from Employee Central? Check entry permissibility per infotype. Check wage type characteristics. Define overtime compensation type for EE remuneration info. Define wage type permissibility for each PS and ESG.
NO.21 What are the two types of ways to access the add new employee page? 2correct Using the public profile Using the upgrade center Using the admin center Using the org chart.
NO.22 Where doyou configure parameter types and variants for functions (for example, SimulatePosting) in the Payroll Control Center? Define Process Step Template Define Process Types Define Policy Types Define Process Template.
NO.23 During the payroll run, which validation rule identifies employees with missing electronic funds transfer (EFT) information? Employees with total deductions are positive Overview of cash payments Employees missing main bank details CATS transferred NOT complete.
NO.24 InProvisioning, where do you configure the mapping key for single sign-on to Workforce software? Authorized SP Assertion Consumer Service Settings Application Security Secure Token Service Single Sign-On.
NO.26 Which Employee Central Admin Center tool do you use to make a field that is required for employee master data replication mandatory? Datareplication configuration Manage business configuration Import foundation data Manage data.
NO.27 What is tool used to assign specific permissions in Employee Central Payroll? Manage Permission Roles Manage Role-Based Permission Access View User Permission Manage Permission Groups.
NO.28 What does the RPDELPTINT utility report perform when you run it for a specified batch? There are 3 correct answers to this question. It deletes employee time data. It reprocesses the batch. It deletes employee payroll results. It deletes data from the staging area of PTEX2000, PTEX2010 and PTEXDIR. It restores deleted employee time data.
NO.29 The cancellation/deletion of retrospective absence data from Kronos is NOT a supported integration scenario. How does this impactyour Employee Central Payroll implementation? Custom integration is required to handle automatic processing. Absence recording is performed directly in Employee Central Payroll instead of Kronos Employee Central Time Off must be implemented Manual processes are required to correct retrospective absence records in Kronos.
NO.30 Which of the following determine howfar back an employee can retro in payroll? There are 3correct answers to this question Employee Hiring Date Run Payroll up to date in Infotype 3 Earliest Retroactive Account period in the control record Earliest personal retroactive accounting date in Infotype 3 Accounted to date in Infotype 3.
NO.31 You are integrating Employee Central (EC) to Employee Central Payroll (ECP). What activities must you perform as prerequisites? 2correct Set key mapping of location codes Assign wage types to infotypes. Match pay components in EC to wage types in ECP. Align personnel areas and personnel subareas with EC.
NO.32 Which transaction do you use for Time Off replication? HRSFEC_PTP_ABSE_ REPL ODTF_REPL_TM HRSFEC_PTP_EE_REPL HRSFEC_PTP_ATTE_REPL.
NO.33 Which SAP Cloud Platform value mapping translation tables between Employee Central picklist entries and Kronos values are delivered in the standard integration package? There are 3 correct answers to this question Time profile Address mapping by country Employment status Pay rule Termination event reason.
NO.34 What can be displayed in the new version of the Process History Action Log Viewer? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Steps that were automatically started Steps that were manually confirmed Process time Alerts KPI results.
NO.35 The payroll manager initiated a payroll process in the Payroll Control Center, but the process never started. What do you check to troubleshoot this issue? Verify Declustered Results Daemon Background Jobs Production Payroll Configuration Run Payroll Validation.
NO.36 Which tool would you use to create a group that can be used to identify all payroll managers in the system for the purposes of authorization 2 correct Manage Permission Groups View User Permission Manage Permission Roles Manage Role-Based Permission Access.
NO.37 What are some required configurations before you can implement Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll (ECP) integration? There are 3 correct answers for this Question Define Payroll policies in the Payroll Control Center Ensure that access to update provisioning settings for the time off is available Ensure that administration access to Employee Central tenent is available Ensure that ECP is at least on support package 26 Ensure that access to update provisioning settings for ECP is available.
NO.38 A payroll manager role in role-basedpermissions (RBP) is available. As you can see in the screenshot, the payroll manager can navigate to Payroll but is unable to view any data. Manage Policies Payroll System Assignment Manage Processes Access My Alerts Access.
NO.39 What must you set up before you apply the settings for Payroll Posting? Distribution of general ledger Distribution of controlling Distribution of project Distribution of cost centers.
NO.40 You integrate SAP S/4Hana finance with Employee Central Payroll, which tables you mustreplicate. Note: 2 Answers Table of House Banks (T012) Table of line item text (T053) Table of Document types (T003) Table of Company Codes (T001).
NO.41 Which processes does the payroll process manager perform using the process configuration wizard? 2 correct answers to this question. Create processes Read processes Edit process Reassign processes.
NO.42 You are setting up the SAP S/4HANA Cloud business integration. How do customer roles support you? 2correct The cost accountant creates cost centers. The accounting expert applies configuration settings in the Configuration Your Solution app. The financial accountant determines the logic app. The key users create custom fields.
NO.43 Where do you provide access to the Payroll Control Center for payroll manager? Role-based permissions Payroll Unified Configuration Payroll Control Center authorization Payroll System Assignment.
NO.44 What information does Time Off replicate to Employee Central Payroll? Remunerationinformation Absences Working time Cost centers.
NO.45 What is the maximum value that you can configure the max Rows parameter in the query method? 400 200 800 600.
NO.46 Which action do you performing the Payroll System Assignment configuration task in Employee Central? Assign a system name to a selected user. Configure the Employee Central Payroll parameter for Payroll Control Center user interfaces. Configure the payroll tasks parameter. Assign Payroll Control Center user interfaces.
NO.47 Which pay scaleobjects are included in Employee Central during configuration? 2correct Area Sub Area Sub Group Group.
NO.48 Which item do you use to define declustered payroll results? Personnel number Payroll areas and periods Last In period payroll results Sequence number.
NO.49 Why do you manually populate the key mapping table (HRSFEC_D_EEKEYMP) in EmployeeCentral Payroll? To avoid the creation of new employees in Employee Central Payroll, which contains employee data already To populate PERNRIDs from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll To populate all employee's new Employee Central PERNRID to Employee Central Payroll on employee rehire To create the mapping between employee and manager to support workflows.
NO.50 What is the absolute retroactive accounting limit for an employee? Transfer Date OfferDate Hiring Date Termination Date.
NO.51 Which of the following is an SAP best Practice when you configure the data models? Maintain a unique corporate picklist and succession picklist independent of the code lists in Employee Central Payroll Maintain unique succession picklist independent of the code lists in Employee Central Payroll Maintain Corporate picklist that match the code list in Employee Central Payroll Maintain the Corporate picklist and the succession picklists that both match the code lists in Employee Central Payroll.
NO.52 To which status does the Reset Process Instance program move processes? Upcoming processes Start processes Open processes Confirm processes.
NO.53 Which message type in the ALE distribution model do you configure to integrate WorkForce software and Employee Central Payroll? HRINW HRMD_A HRSM_C HRSM_D.
NO.54 Which settings can you apply for the P_PYD_IAUT authorization field in the P_PYO_INST payroll source instance? 2 correct answers to this question. R: Read individual results objects D: Display worklist I: Recheck individual results objects W: Access worklist.
NO.55 Which authorization object do you assign to payroll administrators to use the Payroll Control Center? Payroll Data Source Instance (P_PYD_AUTH) PCTR Authorization Concept (P_P_CTR_AUT) Source Instance (P_PYD_INST) Payroll Data Source Class (P_PYD_CLS).
NO.56 Which pre-delivered content is available with the SAP Payroll Control Center (PCC) rapid-deployment solution? 7 key performance indicators Partial configuration of the SAP PCC 8 different policy groups 35 payroll validation rules.
NO.57 When you configure country-specific de-clustering, which activities do you perform? 3 correct answers to this question. Switch synchronous de-clustering off. Select the database connect on. Define de-clustering for each country. Select the payroll tables. Select cluster table PCL4.
NO.59 What must you select in Provisioningwhen you implement Employee Central Payroll? Enable Employee Central Payroll Enable Payroll Integration Enable Cost Distribution Enable Payroll Control Center.
NO.60 What tool is used to see the status of an employee being replicated to Employee Central Payroll Data API Audit Log sfAPI audit Data Replication Monitor API Center.
NO.61 You need to assign the API permission tothe SFAPI user using Permission Assignment API. Which API permission do you assign? Employee Central HRIS SOAP API Employee Central HRIS ODATA API Employee Central Foundation ODATA API Employee Central Foundation SOAP API.
NO.62 Which info types are included when you replicate employee master data fromEmployee Central to Employee Central Payroll? 3correct Employee remuneration (IT2010) Recurring deductions (IT0014) Payroll status (IT0003) Date specification (IT0041) Actions (ITOOOO).
NO.63 Which Provisioning settings are optional for Employee Central Payroll? 2 correct Enable Payroll Integration Enable Payroll Control Center Enable Cost Distribution Enable Employee Central Payroll.
NO.64 Why is it important to select Yes for the Executive Proxy Creation job when you set up the data replication configuration in Employee Central? To ensure the employee data replication status is updated To ensure the data replication proxy is created To ensure absences that were created prior to the configuration are replicated To ensure all future absences have created a replication proxy.
NO.65 Which business function do you need to enable point-to-point replication for employee time data? HCM_SBP_PYC_ 1 HCM_LOC_CI_50 HCM_SFEC_TDEC2HR HCM_PAO_CI_ 1.
NO.66 Which item is included in the ALE integration from Employee Central Payroll to SAP S/4HANA Finance? Cost center Posting Master data Tax data.
NO.67 Where do you maintain the earliest selection date of Absence? Accrual Rule variables Absence Counting Method Data replication Configuration Data replication proxy.
NO.68 What do you configureto receive Payroll Control Center alerts? Payroll Processes Validations Process Templates Key Performance Indicators.
NO.69 What value can you select when you execute the Reset Process Instance program? Date and time user Id Copy Mode Process Instance ID.
NO.70 In which section do you activate Employee Central Payroll? Upgrade Center Manage Employee Central Settings Admin Center Company Settings.
NO.71 Which of the following prerequisites must you confirm before you replicate time types? 2correct Absences can be recorded without clock times. The work schedule default feature(SCHKZ) must be set for every replicated employee. Employees are set up without the need for a work schedule. Time data configuration is set up the same way in Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll.
NO.72 An employee requires back pay due to a recent promotion. Which Payroll Control Center function does the payroll manager use to make this correction? My Off Cycles Manage Processes My Processes My Alerts.
NO.73 Which of the following technologies must you use when you integrate Employee Central Payroll with Kronos Workforce software? 3correct HTTP TCP/IP IDOC DSFTP SCPI.
NO.74 A manager needs to update their directreport's pay rate. Assume Employee Central Payroll is fully configured and integrated. Where can the manager apply this update? Basic Pay infotype Job and Compensation information Recurring Allowances/Deductions infotype Payment information.
NO.75 Which objects are available in the Front-End Action Log viewer History? Note: There are 2correct answers for this Question. Manually Assigned Alerts KPIs causing alerts Applied Validation Rules Automatically Resolved Alerts.
NO.76 Which action would be chosen from the 'Take Action" button to transfer an employee to another place in theorganization Terminate/Retire Employment Details Spot Bonus Change Job and Compensation Information.
NO.77 What can happen to replicate time off data when you set up work schedule and public holiday calendars differently in Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll? You can have difference in attendance hours, holiday payments and factoring You can have difference absence hours holiday payments and factoring You can have difference in time wage types and factoring You can have difference in absence quota deduction and holiday payments.
NO.78 Which authorizations can you assign for the Payroll Control Center? There are 3 correct answers to thisquestion. Payroll Administrator Payroll Team Manager HR Manager System Administrator Simplified Configuration for Policies.
NO.79 Where do you remove unwanted alerts for a live payroll process in the Payroll Control Center? My Alerts Manage Processes Manage Policies My Processes.
NO.80 Which portlet contains the annual salary of an employee? Employment Details Job Information Spot Bonus Compensation Information.
NO.81 You set up the permission for the payroll Ul mashup to appear on the payroll page in Employee Central Payroll. Which permission do your assign to the user role? Payroll self-service Payroll administration Payroll information Personal information.
NO.82 Which of the following are benefits of using the Payroll Control Center compared to traditional payroll systems? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Strategic Insight into payroll prior to production payroll Transactional payroll processing Automated processing Intuitive user interface.
NO.83 What is the maximum number of line items in a payroll posting document transferred from Employee CentralPayroll to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? 8,000 4,000 6,000 2,000.
NO.84 Which standard fields can you configure in the Payroll Data Source Instance (P_PYD_INST) authorizations object? There are 2 correct answers tothis question. Payroll Data Source Result Details Type (P_PYD_RDT) Payroll Data Source Instance ID (P_PYD_INST) Payroll Data Process Source Administrator (P_PYD_ADM) Payroll Data Process Source Manager (P_PYD_MAN).
NO.85 Time data approvals in Workforce software use the supervisor assigned to the employee in the job information. Your project requires that approvals be performed by someone else. How do you enable this requirement? Configure a custom field for an alternative approver in the job information. Configure a different approver from the job relationship information. Maintain alternate approvers directly in Workforce software. Configure a custom field for an alternative approver in the employment information.
NO.86 Which of the following list of events can trigger retroactive accounting? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Update to employee contact information Time sheet data entered in the system Past Salary Increase Hiring.
NO.87 An employee receives a pay statement with an additional amount. This amount is classified as a retro calculationdifference. How can you explain this additional amount? There are 2 correct answers to this question. The employee was hired, but the hiring date was effective in the previous payroll period. The employee entered time on the timesheet and changed one of the future dates. The employee received a promotion to another department, which was effective two weeks earlier. The employee left the company a few years ago and returned to the company as a rehire.
NO.88 What are Kronos labour levels? Workflow structures Organizational and accounting structures Costing structures Employee structures.
NO.89 Which activities must you perform to integrate Employee Central with Employee Central Payroll? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Check the earliest retro payroll date. Set up the payroll area. Set up standard work schedules. Set up payroll events. Set up the API and an API user.
NO.90 Which activities can you perform with the P_ PYO_ INST authorization object? 2correct Control access to different data source instances Provide access to decluster tables. Provide macro-level control of data source instances Configure fine-granular authorizations based on the exact user role.
NO.91 Which tool would you use to set the payroll system for a user? General User Permission Payroll Control Center Configuration SAP System Configuration Payroll System Assignment.
NO.92 You need to verify the country-specific tables for international payroll declustered results. Which tables must exist to receive thecorrect result? There are 3 correct answers to this question. EVAL_PERIOD RT WPBPJNDEX HRPY_WPBP WPBP.
NO.93 When you enable country specific fields in the succession data model, which HRIS element (portlet) is updated? Personlnfo Complnfo Biographiclnfo Joblnfo.
NO.94 The absence status for an employee is changed from Pending to Approved in Employee Central.What is created automatically? An employee data replication notification An employee data replication confirmation A change log for data replication A data replication proxy object.
NO.95 Which gross pay validation rules are delivered with the SAP Payroll Control Center rapid-deployment solution? Overtime payment over a certain amount Employees with total deductions that are positive Blocked vendor list Overview payment over a certain amount.
NO.96 What does the RPDELPTINT utility report perform when you run it for a specified batch? 3 correct It restores deleted employee time data. It deletes employeetime data. It deletes data from the staging area of PTEX2000, PTEX2010 and PTEXDIR. It reprocesses the batch. It deletes employee payroll results.
NO.97 Where can you view the earliest personalretroactive accounting date? Payroll Area Payroll Basic Pay Payroll Control Record Payroll Status.
NO.98 To which accounting components can the payroll documents to be posted? There are 3correct answers to this question. Bank Accounting (FI-BL) General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) Controlling (CO) Travel Management (FI-TV) Accounts Payable (FI-AP).
NO.99 Which of the following permissions are used in Employee Central Payroll? 3correct Employee Data Payroll System Assignment Payroll Control Center Configuration General User Permission SAP System Configuration.
NO.100 When you use a custom field for work schedule, in which configuration node do you configure the field mapping? Maintain code value mapping Business add-ins for point-to-point replication Maintain properties for code value mapping Define extensibility of field assignment.
NO.101 You need to check if declustering of payroll results is enabled. Which tool must you use? HRDCT_DELL_DATA HRDCT_TPY_ RGDIR HRDCT_LOAD_PY_RX HRPY_RGDIR.
NO.103 Which of the following sections of data are entered during the hiring of a new employee? 3correct Job Information Compensation Information Personal Information Person Info Payment Information.
NO.104 What is the maximum field length of the cost center foundation object? 8 4 10 2.
NO.105 Which PayrollControl Center process must you assign to a new payroll team member to receive alerts? Four-click monitoring Three-click monitoring Two-click monitoring One-click monitoring.
NO.106 How many characters can the external code for a cost center have when you replicate employee data from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll? 10 20 80 40.
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