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You want to get insights about the structure and content of your source data. Which approach you shoud consider for prototyping? (1) Flat file generation Field-based modeling InfoObject based modeling Business content attivation.
What is the purpose of an initial architetture overview model? (1) To identify the required data sources To present the technical overview of the SAP landscape To prepare the required key figure matrix To identify the user groups and required autorizations.
To achieve an urgent business requirement, you choose the field-based approach because no complex harmonization is needed. Assuming the LSA++ architecture is considered, and you want to leverage a characteristic hierarchy, on which level do you have to assign an InfoObject last? (1) In the SAP BW Datastore Object (advanced) In the SAP BW CompositeProvider In the SAP HANA calculation view In the SAP BW Open ODS view .
Your company is using SAP S/4HANA as a business operational system and you have to provide operational anatytical reports. Why might you consider SAP SAHANA embedded analytcs? (1) Make use of the SAP HANA Deployment Infrastrutture Make use of the SAP HANA Live content Make use of the SAP HANA optimized business content Make use of the virtual data model.
What are benefits of separating master data from transactional data in SAP BW/4HANA? (2) Avoid generation of SID values Improve runtime of staging processes Ensure high cardinality on your data Ensure referential integrity on your data.
Which SAP BVW4HANA Objects are possible Sources for data load processes? (3) Datastore Objects (advanced) Open ODS Views Info Sources Characteristics Composit e providers .
You create a transformation from a DataSource to a DataStore Object (advanced). The DataSource provides an additive-image delta for data. Which key figure aggregation type do you select? (1) Overwrite Minimum Summation Maximum .
Which features prevent the SAP HANA-optimization of transformations in the SAP HANA database? (2) Lookup master data in the transformation Transfer routine on the characteristic level ABAP expert routine in the transformation ABAP end routine in the transformation .
Which Of the following are the possible delta-relevant field types for a delta process with a generic DataSource? (3) Numeric pointer Calendar day Quantity Amount Time stamp .
What is the benefit of using an InfoSource in a data flow? (1) Connect multiple sequential transformations Persist htermediate results Avoid using a DataSource Provide an interface for extracting data a query .
What are the reasons for implementing CompositeProviders? (2) To load data into the Composite provider for report To provide a virtual datamart layer To use the Rank functionality To provide an interface for the queries .
In a Datastore Object (advanced) of type Data Mart, which request can be deleted? (1) The latest request the inbound The latest request in the active data table Any Older request the active data table Any Older activated request in the inbound table .
Which file types are Supported for an upload into SAP BW/4HANA using source system FILE? (3) XML XLSX CSV ASCII HTML.
Which of the following are features of the Start process in a chain? (2) It Can be re-used in other process chains. It is the only process that can be scheduled without a predecessor It Can be a Successor of another process Only one start process is allowed for each process chain.
Which features Can be leveraged using a CompositeProvider in SAP BW/4HANA? (3) Define new calculated fields Integrate a BW query as an InfoProvider. Combine InfoProviders using Joins and Unions Define new restricted key figures Integrate SAP HANA calculation views .
What are some of the advantages of using SAP BW/'HANA business content? (2) Ability to modify activated business content objects Automatic activation during installation of SAP BW/4HANA Accelerated implementation using ready-made models Adjustments to attivated content objects will be delivered by SAP a new namespace .
You have created a Custom Characteristic with me technical name "COSTOBJ". Depending on the controlling area, you need to have different attribute values assigned. How do you design the model? (1) Compound characteristic "COSTOBJ" Rh the characteristic for Controlling Area. Compound the characteristic for Controling Area with the characteristic "COSTOBJ" Define Controlling Area as a navigation attrbute for the characteristic "COSTOBJ" Join the characteristic "COSTOBJ" and the Controlling Area in a BW query.
You expeCt to have more than 2 billion records as master data references for a characteristic your data model and want to use the high cardinality option. What do you need to Consider in reporting? (1) Using a hierarchy of this characteristic for navigation wa impact response tine. Local SID values are created automatically durng reporting, which Can impact the response time. The SID table reference is vald for navigational attributes The High Cardinality property needs to be defined the Composite Provider .
You create a Datastore Object (advanced) using the “data mart DataStore object” modeling property. Which behaviors are specific to this modeling property? (2) AII characteristics are automatically defined as key The change log table Will only by filled after activation Reporting is done based on a union of the inbound and active tables Query results are only shown when data has been activated.
Which Of the following are possible Source types for an Open ODS view? (3) Datastore Object (advanced) Composite Provider Database table Or view Open hub destination Transformations .
You created an Open ODS view based on a database table SAP RANA to virtuany &splay the data SAP BW/4HANA. Real-time reporting requirements have now changed and you are asked to persist the data SAP BW/4HANA Which objects will be created when using the Generate Dataflow function via Open ODS view? (3) Datastore Objects (advanced) CompositeProvider Transformation Data Source SAP HANA calculation View .
What are the prerequisites for deleting master data (for example. cost centerS) SAP BWZHANA? (2) There must be no BW analysis authorizations defined that use any of the cost centers. There must be no hierarchy for the cost centers There must be no BW query that uses cost Center as a free characteristic There must be no transaction data referring to cost centers.
Which Of the following are valid data deletion options for a standard DataStore Object (advanced)? (3) Selection deletion including subsequent targets Selective deletion of data Deletion of data from all tables Deletion of all data from active table only Request-based data deletion.
What are some of the reasons to choose the CUBE data category instead of DIMENSION data category for an SAP HANA calculation view? (3) Persist transactional data Combine master data and transactional data Create restricted columns Aggregate measures as a sum Provide default time characteristics.
You want to attivate an SAP HANA calculation view of data category CUBE. but you get the "no measure defined" error. For the business requirement a measure does not make sense. Besides changing the category to DIMENSION, what do vou have to do? (1) Switch from an aggregation node to a projection node Switch from an aggregation node to a rank node Switch from a projection node to an aggregation node Switch from an aggregation node to a star join node .
You have created an SAP HANA calculation view of the SAP HANA extended appication services, advanced model (XSA) and want to integrate into an SAP BW/4HANA model. Which "Settings for HANA Consumption" in transaction SPRO can you use? (2) HANA Deployment Infrastructure Hybrid Mode External SAP HANA View SAP HANA Repository .
You need to combine attributes data (Ieft table) and the datas language-dependent texts (right table) using a text join. You want to restrict the result set to the logon language. What do you need to select? (1) The join cardinality between both tables The language column in the Ieft table The logon language the Ieft table The language column in the right table .
You need to defne an SAP HANA calculation view watt numberS that represent codes instead Of aggregated values Which Settings should you choose? (1) Choose the DIMENSION data category and use the numbers as attributes Choose the CUBE data category and use the numbers as measures Choose the CUBE data category and use the number as attributes Choose the DIMENSION data category and use the numbers as measures .
You want to define a restricted column in an SAP HANA calculation view. What do you need to define?(2) A condition criteria A referente to an existing measure An SAP HANA data type An aggregation method .
With SAP HANA 2.x. you can model information views in the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA with SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (XSA). Which node types for a native SAP HANA information view are ONLY available in this framework? (2) Intersect Graph Rank Aggregation .
You use a measure wah semantic type "Amount Currency Code" in your SAP HANA calculation view. Which kind of currency reference can be assigned to measure? (2) A column from another SAP HANA view Another column Of the seme SAP HANA view A fixed currency from table TCURC A variable in the same SAP NANA view .
You want to integrate an SAP HANA information view for master data into another one for transaction data. What do you need to do before you can integrate the master data view? (1) Activate the design time version of the master data view to turn it into a CompositeProvider Integrate the design time version of the master data view into a CompositeProvider Integrate the design time version of the transaction data view into a CompositeProvider Activate the design time version of the master data view to generate a run time version.
What can you leverage using the live data connections of SAP Analytics Cloud SAP BW/4HANA? (2) BW data models for planning scenarios Existing authorization concepts Process chain streaming functionality BW data models for analysis.
Which features does SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office provide? (3) Creating bookmarks for a navigation state Dragging measures in and out of the report Changing context menu entries Including more than one data source Displaying data simultaneously in a table and a chart.
You open an SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office workbook. On which Design Panel tabs can you verify the filter values? (2) Design Rules Analysis Information Components.
You want to build Web-based dashboards wâh hteractive visualizations. Which SAP tool do you suggest? (1) SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office SAP Lumira, designer edition SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise SAP Analysis for OLAP .
You create a report with SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise and need analysis view as a data source. Which tool can you use to create this analysis view? (1) SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence SAP Lumira, designer edition.
Which user group is the Digital Boardroom designed for? (1) IT users Business executives Business users BI architects .
Which external hierarchy properties can be changed the query definition? (3) Position of child nodes Suppress unassigned node Expand to level Time dependency Sort direction .
With which query considerations can you optimize the query performance? (3) Use exclude functions in the restricted key figures Use fewer drill-down characteristics in the initial view Use include functions in the restricted key figures Use mandatory characteristics value variabies Use characteristic filters that overlap.
What is the maximum number of objects that can be used for a multi-dimensional exception aggregation? (1) 10 5 3 7.
Which Objects can be used in the BW query "Fixed Values" area to restrict the data? (2) Characteristics Navigation attributes of a characteristic Key figures Display attributes of a characteristic .
What are some Of the possible variable types for the processing type SAP HANA Exit?(2) Formula Text Characteristic value Hierarchy node.
You are required to provide an analysis allowing selections among specific months (for seasonal reasons). Therefore you want to prefil a variable for processing this request. Which processing type should you use? (1) Replacement Path Customer Exit Authorization Manual Entry with default value .
You want to execute a query, but do not have the authorization for selection defined in the query for authorization-relevant characteristics. What would occur in this scenario? (2) You get an error message You will not get a query result You cannot run the query You get only the authorized data.
You defined a condition in a query for the top 10 customers based on sales revenue (key figure of type Sum). If you keep the default settings of the query, what is the total of the sales revenue on the result line? (1) Sales revenue total of all customers Sales revenue total of the 10 customers Sales revenue value of the 1st customer Sales revenue value of the 10th customer.
What are the possible ways to fill a pre-calculated value set (bucket)? (3) By using a transformation and data transfer process (DTP) By using a query By referencing a table By accessing a calculation view of data category Dimension By entering the values manually .
You would like to highlight the deviations between budget and actual revenue in query. Which BW feature do you use? (1) Formula variable Calculated key figures Exceptions Conditions .
In a query with cells you need to Override some of the automatically created cell values with other values. Which Cell types do you use instead of automatically-created cell? (2) Help cells Selection cells Formula cells Reference cells .
What kind of cold data tiering options do you have with SAP BW/4HANA?(2) SAP HA NA extension node SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Hadoop cluster SAP IQ database .
Which features of an SAP BW/4HANA InfoObject are intended to reduce the physical data volume? Enhanced master data update Transitive attribute Compounding Reference characteristic .
You developed a BW information model and want to re-use a generated external SAP HANA view. Which objects are supported? (3) Open ODS view SAP BW/4HANA query Semantic group object CompositeProvider Query as InfoProvider.
Considering the mixed modeling approach, what can you do an SAP HANA calculation view exclusively? Compress datasets by Aggregation Select a dataset by Projection Generate a Rank column Combine datasets by Union .
SAP provides three data warehousing solutions to provide customers more flexibility. How is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud positioned? (1) To empower business users to create and maintain authorization To support clients usng this cloud-based successor Of SAP BW/4HANA To support business userS with a new self-service tool To empower business users to create and maintah users.
With SAP BW/4HANA the new HANA-optimized business content is designed according to the LSA++ framework. Which technical namespace is assigned to identify new SAP ERP-reIated business content? (1) /SFA/ /0SAP/ /IMO/ /BW4/ .
Why should you run an SAP HANA delta merge? (2) To improve the read performance of InfoProviders To clear the BW query cache To move most recent data from disk to memory To decrease memory consumption.
How can you ensure that the delta merge process will be initiated? (3) By using a specific process type a process Chain By setting a specific flag in the transformation By setting a specific flag in the delta data transfer process By using SAP HANA smart merge technology By using the SAP BW/4HANA data load monitor.
What are the key benefits of using the SAP Landscape Transformation Rep5cation Server for data provisioning into SAP HANA? (2) Virtualization capabilities Support of cluster and pool tables Real-time and scheduled data replication Log-based replication .
SAP HANA studio provides a data file import wizard to create and fill tables SAP HANA from flat files. What is an advantage of using the file wizard? (1) Option to adjust the suggested column type, Iength, and name Immediate assignment of delta logic Combining different source fields into a single table Automatic field mappings to InfoObjects .
Your company decided to use a Hadoop cluster as a data storage location. Which components can be used to consume remote Hadoop data in your SAP HANA native app? (3) Spark SQL adapter SAP HANA smart data access SAP Vora ODBC adapter SAP HANA smart data integration SAP HANA SQL controller .
In an SAP HANA smart data integration flowgraph, which transformation options are available? (2) Data flow object generation Code execution SAP HANA analysis process Advanced SQL.
In SAP BW/4HANA you realize that standard content data Source (New GL Balances) is delivering incorrect values into the first persistent data layer in SAP BW/4HANA. Which options do you have to analyze a potential extractor issue in the SAP ERP source system? (2) Use transaction RSA3 (Extractor checker) SAP ERP Use PSA maintenance in SAP BVW'HANA Check entries in table RSDDSTATEEXTRACT in SAP ERP Use program RODPS_REPL_TEST in SAP ERP .
You define a remote subscription Of type INSERT in an SAP RANA Smart Data Integration (SOI) real-tine update scenario. Which fields are added to the DataSource automatically? (3) SDI_RECORD_SEQUENCE SDI_CHANGE_TIME SDI_CHANGE_SEQUENCE SDI_RECORD_MODE SDI_CHANGE_TYPE.
In which ODP context is the operational delta queue (ODQ) managed by the target system? (1) ODP_SAP ODP_HANA ODP _CDS ODP_BW.
Where Can you automatically generate a process chain? (1) From a CompositeProvider From a data flow object Within the Process Chain Editor app Within the process chain maintenance .
With BW/4HANA 2.0, SAP introduced a new capability called Write Interface for DataStore obiects (advanced). Which SAP solution can leverage this interface to push data into the table of aDSOs SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 via HTTP-based connection (REST)? (2) SAP Cloud Platform Integration SAP Data Services SAP Data Warehouse Cloud SAP Process Integration.
You created a generic DataSource. ZWEATHER_DATA in SAP ERP using a function module. You tried to replicate the DataSource in SAP BW/4HANA, but it is not available in the ODP_SAP context. Which prerequisite must be fulfilled for this DataSource before you can use it in SAP BW/4HANA? (1) It must have a delta queue entry transaction ODQMON It must be defined with a delta-specific field durütg data source creation. It must be released for OOP with program RODPS_OS_EXPOSE It must be released for ODP with program BS_ANLY_DS_RELEASE_ODP .
Which Source types are available to create a generic DataSource? (3) ABAP class method ABAP function module SAP HANA calculation view Database view SAP query.
You are involved in an SAP BW/4HANA project focusing on General Ledger reporting and want to use the SAP ERP Standard DataSource 0FI_GL_ 14 (New GL Items). Which transaction can be used to activate this DataSource? (2) Transaction RSA1 (BI Content) in the SAP BW/4HANA system Transaction ODQMON (Monitor Delta Queues) in SAP source system Transaction RSA5 (Installation of DataSource from Business Content) SAP source system Transaction RSO2 (Maintain Generic DataSource) in the SAP source system.
Which of the following are possible error handding settings in a data transfer process (DTP) SAP BW/4HANA? (3) Cancel Request Track First Incorrect Record. No Update Request Red. Write Error Stack. Update Valid Records Request Green. Write Error Stack. update Valid Records Request Red. Do Not Track Records. No Update Cancel Request. Write Error Stack, No Update.
The SAP S/4HANA virtual data model (VDM) is buit with ABAP-managed COS views. What are some of the prerequisites for using these SAP S4HANA ABAP COS views for eextraction into SAP BW/4HANA in an ODP context? (2) ABAP CDS views must be defined with the appropriate data annotations The Operational Data Provisioning Framework must be configured SAP BW/4HANA ABAP CDS Views must be released via program for BW extraction An ODP source system with type ODP_CDS must be created in SAP BW/4HANA.
For which business requirements do you suggest an SAP HANA modeing focus rather than an SAP BW/4HANA modelins focus? (2) Report on a harmonized set Of master data Load snapshots or deltas from different SourceS on a periodic basis Enhance existing SAP HANA content models Leverage SQL in-house knowledge.
Which objects can be affected by the key date in a BW query? (3) Navigation attributes Display attributes Hierarchies Key figures Conditions.
Which join types Can you use in a CompositeProvider? (3) Full Outer join Inner join Referential join Text join Hierarchy join.
When loading master data for a material you want to have a look at the new values before they are released for reporting. What could you do using modeling features? (2) When you define attributes Of material. select the "Time Dependent" Setting When you define the data transfer pr0C.eSS. select the "Load records with new key only" setting When you define the data transfer process. choose "Set manually" setting for "Overall status Of request' When you define the material characteristic. select "Enhanced Master data update" setting.
Which layers Offer the virtualization approach for layered scalabie archRecWre (LSA++) Of SAP BW/4HANA? (3) Agile data mart Data acquisition layer Open operational data Store layer Virtual data mart layer Open hub layer .
You can NOT turn a display attribute into a navigation attribute. Which setting of this attribute could be the reason? (2) Useable InfoProvider Attribute Only Case-Sensitive High Cardinality.
Which interface do you use to create a BW InfoObject access "SAP HANA view"?(1) SAP HANA modeler perspective in SAP HANA stu60 BW modeling perspective in SAP HANA studio SAP web for SAP HANA Embedded SAP GUI in SAP HANA studio.
Which Objects Can you associate with a Source field in the Characteristics folder Of an Open ODS view type "Facts"? (2) SAP BW InfoObjects type Key Figure Open ODS view type Master Data for Hierarchies SAP BW Inf00bjects type Characteristic Open ODS view type Master Data for Attrbutes .
SAP BW/4HANA Modeling You want to integrate data from different sources using SAP HANA Solutions for Enterprise Information Management. Which other object type would you use to continue with the same modeling focus? (1) BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) Stored procedures Function modules AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures).
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