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Новый практический тест

Новый практический тест

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You develop an SAP Fiori sales app to display sales order information from the backend system. Which of the following model types do you use? Resource model JSON model OData model XML model.
Your customer extends an SAP Fiori app with View Replacement. Which activities do you perform? (2 answers) Create an SAPUI5 view that replaces the complete view Identify a specific SAPUI5 control to be replaced Verify that adding custom content in the Extension Points will NOT suffice Create an SAPUI5 control that replaces the original control.
You need to consume the ODATA service from the gateway to create a new SAP Fiori App in the SAP WEB IDE. What value do you configure in the WeblDEUsage property by the destination in the SAP? odata_xs odata_gen dev_abap odata_abap.
Which application types can you develop and deploy on the SAP HANA Cloud platform? (3 answers) HANA XS apps ABAP apps HTML apps Objective-C apps Java apps.
You need the server to sort and filter the data used in your customers app. Which SAPUI5-supported data model must you use? ODataModel JSONModel ResourceModel XMLModel.
Which tile types can you use to display real-time data values read from an OData service? (2 answers) News tile App Launcher - Static tile KPI based tile App Launcher - Dynamic tile.
In the design thinking phase of your customer project, one design is accepted as viable. What other attributes need to be valid for this design to be considered? (2 answers) Feasible Usable Achievable Desirable.
You extend an SAP Fiori app. The visibility value of a View Button control needs to be modified. Which extension point do you use? View Modification View Replacement View Extension View Visibility.
Why does SAP Fiori use an intent-based navigation? Apps targets can be deployed separately App implementation make the app deployment easier The concrete app targets can be deployed separately Apps can be developed and deployed in parallel.
What does coherence refer to in the SAP Fiori design principles? (2 answers) The way in which the data is handled internally A description of the technological foundation The same intuitive experience across the whole enterprise A consistent interaction and visual design language.
Which properties do you need to configure when you use the Mock server? (2 answers) Module path Destination Binding type Service URL.
Which model type in SAPUI5 does NOT support one-way and two-way binding from model to view? Resource model XML model JSON model OData model.
When SAP Web IDE deploys an SAPUI5 app to the ABAP server, which type of app is it deployed as? ABAP HTML5 OpenUI5 BSP.
Which file of the SAP HAT Connector stores the WeblDEHosts URL and can be used for troubleshooting? Assistmsg.json Config.json Package.json appConfig.js.
For which operations will the SAP Gateway server compute and return a new ETag in a response header? (2 answers) DELETE POST PUT GET.
Why do you use the Cordova and SAP Kapsel plug-ins when using the SAP Web IDE, SAP HAT add-on? (2 answers) To integrate device APIs To use offline OData To enable multiple SAPUI5 apps To use X.509 client certificates.
What do you configure to import the BUILD prototype in the SAP Web IDE for development? The connection in the SAP HANA Cloud Integration The connection in the SAP HANA Cloud Connector The API key in the SAP Web IDE plugin The destination in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Your customer asks you to demonstrate their app with localization changes. Which activity do you perform? Configure the run configuration file in the app Show the file translations Enable the preview frame in the run configuration Configure the Supported Languages settings in the Project.json File.
What are the limitations of OPA5 test? (2 answers) The developer needs to create the test during development End-to-End tests are NOT recommended It never causes a test to fail Testing across more than one page is NOT possible.
Which activities does the OData Model Editor support? (3 answers) Create ODataModels Deploy ODataModels Test ODataModels Edit ODataModels Define ODataModels.
Which dependent plugin must you enable to include the Push plugin when you create a hybrid mobile app? Logon Manager Network Connection Dialog Notification App Update.
Which file is referred to as the App Descriptor and what is its function? The configure.xml file is referred to as App Descriptor Its function is to configure web apps and turn on ^ plug-ins The neo.json file is referred to as App Descriptor Its function is to capture data from objects The manifest.json file is referred to as App Descriptor Its function is to instantiate the model The config-json file is referred to as App Descriptor Its function is to configure ports and turn on plug-ins.
What are the advantages of the Sinon.JS framework? (2 answers) It can be used with any JavaScript unit test framework It enables test-driven development It provides support for Spies, stubs and mocks It supplies higher level test doubles for timers and AJAX requests.
You need to explain the core functions of OPA5 for testing SAPUI5 apps. Which test options are offered by OPA5? (2 answers) User interaction tests Development tests Load tests Navigation tests.
Your customer requires that the SAPUI5 design of all apps reference a specific and consistent look and feel. What do you create? (3 answers) Create a module using the Web IDE implementing the specific look and feel and reference this module in the bootstrap of all apps Create a ess file using the Web IDE implementing the specific look and feel and reference this ess in the bootstrap of all apps Create a model using the Web IDE implementing the specific look and feel and reference this model in the bootstrap of all apps Create a global JavaScript file using the Web IDE implementing the specific look and feel and reference this file in the bootstrap of all apps Create a theme using the Theme Designer implementing the specific look and feel and reference this theme in the bootstrap of all apps.
Which SAP Fiori personalization elements holds all of the technical information needed to start an app? User Preferences Tile Group Catalog.
What result do you expect from the de-composition and re-composition phases? (3 answers) The prevention of irrelevant data being shown to the user A purpose-built app to support personas A responsive de-composed design The break-down of a large transaction An adaptive and coherent app.
How do you integrate SAPUI5 in a Kapsel/Hybrid app? Add the SAPUI5 bootstrap code into index.html Configure the SAPUI5 resources in the config.xml file of the Hybrid app Create a new Kapsel plugin using SAPUI5 Add the sap-mobile-hybrid.js file to the Hybrid app.
Which methods can you use to bind data to the controls in SAPUI5? (3 answers) Structure Property Aggregation Combination Element.
What activity does the QUnit Stub functionality perform? Verifies that expected methods are called correctly Provides parameters and return values for method calls Supplies parameter for method calls Returns values for method calls.
In the data in the screenshot, you need to display the List of Companies in the Americas region. Which binding option do you use for the values X, Y, and Z in the view? X: /region/0/companies Y: name Z: city X: /region/companies Y: name Z: city X: /region/0/companies Y: companies/0/name Z: companies/0/city X: /region/companies Y: companies/name Z: companies/city.
Which security features does the SAP Fiori provide to restrict the access to native device capabilities? (2 answers) Bridge for non-Fiori content Encrypted storage of data on the device Restricted device functionality using a client policy Privacy screen.
You are extending an SAP Fiori app. Which of the extension properties are defined in the manifest.json? (2 answers) sap.ui.viewModifications sap.ui.modelModifications sap.ui.i18nModifications sap.ui.controllerExtensions.
Which of the following sequences is the correct sequence for the Problem Space phase in a Design Thinking workshop? 360° Research, Scoping, Synthesis Scoping, Synthesis, Ideation Scoping, 360° Research, Synthesis Scoping, 360° Research, Ideation.
In the source code below, which of the following locations must reference the extension point? EmployeeDate.controllers Components Neo-app.json EmployeeData.view.xml.
Which deployment options do you have for SAP Fiori Uls and OData Services regarding the software components? (2 answers) One deployment package on the same system as the business system Two different deployment packages on a different from the business packages One deployment package on a different system from the business system Two different deployment packages on the same system as the business system.
Where are the themes saved for the SAP Fiori launchpad? In the theme repository In the theme data center In the bootstrap In the Ul theme designer tool.
In a typical SAP Fiori landscape, which server instance stores the SAP Fiori SAPUI5 application code for a transactional app? SAP HANAXS Engine SAP Back-End Server (BES) SAP Front-End Server (FES) SAP Web Dispatcher.
What are the basic guidelines of the Extension Point concept of SAPUI5? (2 answers) The custom app remains modification free The custom app is located in a separate project The custom app and the parent app contain a component.js file The parent app contains all modifications.
What happens when you use the SAP Web IDE console during a deployment? (2 answers) You can view error messages when a deployment is successful You can debug the error messages in the console You can archive the success messages in the console You can view error messages when a deployment is NOT successful.
A business user is unable to find an application on the SAP Fiori Launchpad or on the App Finder. Which of the following options could explain why the tile is unavailable? Note:There are 3 correct answers to this question. The catalogs assigned to the user do not contain the relevant application or tile. The user does not have the proper PFCG role assigned to see the application or tile . The end user is missing the required group containing the tile. The OData service authorization is missing. The target mapping for the tile is missing in the cata log.
In which cases, is a local annotation better than a CDS annotation? Choose the correct 2 answers. UI with data intensive. Annotations is for 1 field. Complex UI relevant annotations. You want to use annotations which are not support by your current ABAP version.
Which of the following components are part of the SAP Web IDE, hybrid app toolkit add-on? Please choose the correct answer. Hybrid Companion App, Config.json, Package.json, SAP Web IDE Plugin Kapsel Plugins, SAP Web IDE Plugin, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector SAP Web IDE Plugin, Hybrid Companion App, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector Hybrid App Project Templates, Device Configuration, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector.
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