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Which of the following methods is an accounting method? Cost-of-sales accounting method Marginal accounting Inventory accounting Stock list accounting.
Profit center accounting (PCA) is a component of logistics? True False.
A profit center is an organizational sub-unit that represents internal responsibility? True False.
Which of the following values can be analyzed in Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) but not in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)? Fixed cost Gross sales Cash flow Net sales.
Which of the following master data is not a part of Overhead cost controlling (CO-OM)? Business processes Cost center House Bank Master data Internal orders.
Which one of these items can only be analyzed in costing-based Profitability Analysis(CO-PA)? Revenues Cost of Sales Sales deductions Miscellaneous accrued costs.
A Controlling area is ________________ ? An organizational unit used to report internally The key organizational unit in Profitability analysis COPA An independent accounting unit within a client A production facility in operations and manufacturing.
Account based Profitability Analysis(CO-PA) stores all transactions in the following currencies: Transaction currency, Local currency and __________________ ? Base Currency Group Currency Operating concern Currency Profit Center accounting (PCA) Currency.
Which of the following are basic concepts of costing-based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) ? Three correct answers Characterstics Values fields Internal responsibility Profitability Segments Controlling area currency.
In Costing Based Profitability analysis(COPA), the actual data is always updated in the operating concern. As long as no data has been posted in the operating concern, you can change the _____________ ? Operating concern currency Company code currency Profit center valuation Fiscal year variant.
Which of the following tables enable you to access the line item data and the information through line item display features? CE1XXXX CE2XXXX CE3XXXX CE4XXXX.
All profitability analysis (COPA) relevant transactions are affected by the _________ . Valuation configuration Derivation strategy Valuation Strategy SAP system.
The system automatically creates the derivation for all fixed characteristics? True False.
Derivation ________ can be created to derive user-defined characteristics? logic rules rule entries steps.
Product cost estimates for materials are created in which of the following modules of SAP? Profitability analysis -- COPA Internal order accounting (CO-OPA) Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) Profit Center accounting --- EC-PCA.
The ______ consist of a sequence of user-defined condition types ? condition category costing sheet condition class operating concern.
The consultation type determines how the system interprets the value or quantity scale for a condition. True False.
_________ is a representation in the system of some aspect of your daily pricing activities. A condition type A condition table An access sequence.
You can transfer the production cost variance categories to: Cost-based COPA and account based COPA Only account based COPA Only costing based COPA Only to Financial (FI).
Which of the following is required to execute a direct or indirect allocation of internal activities into Profitability Analysis COPA? Three correct answers Cost center Profitability segment profit center Quantity of the activity performed.
Which of the following options do you use to configure the value field charged in an Activity allocation? Settlement profile Settlement structure PA transfer structure Source structure.
Where you create an internal order, you need to specify _______ so that the system can determine which settlement profile and, as a result, which settlement structure and PA transfer structure to use. a company code a profit center an order type a cost center.
In Costing based profitability analysis - COPA, costs are settled to the settlement cost element ? True False.
If a cost center and profitability segment are charged on the same posting, the real posting goes to which of the following entities? Cost center Administrative center Material management segment Profitability segment.
The periodic valuation in CO-PA? Two correct answers Is available in costing-based COPA Is available in accounting-based COPA Is only available for Material Leger --- Actual costing can be used only for all valuation areas (plant) or no valuation area.
Which of the following is needed, to transfer data to from MM via FI to accounting-based COPA ? Three correct Answers PA Transfer structure Allocation structure Account Assignment Primary cost element.
A price difference profile is used to: assign cost elements to value fields assign cost element group and variance category to a target account assign variance category and cost element group to a value field settle variance categories to costing-based COPA.
A cost collector, which is created for the sales order item to use the item as a cost object, is defined within. requirement class requirement type account assignment category planning strategy .
Which of these record type combinations is possible for Top-Down distribution ? The record type of the data to be distributed might be different to the record type of the reference data. They could also be equal. The record types of distributed data and reference data must be equal You cannot accumulate the record types You cannot select several record types for reference data.
The planning data in costing-based COPA.? Two correct answers Is updated in the COPA tables "CE2xxxx line items" and "CE3xxxx total values". cannot be transferred to FI GL will be posted directly in ACDOCP.
Which of the following functions can be used to calculate new plan data automatically using the existing data? Forecasting Planning Sale and Operation Manual planning.
Which plan integration could be used in COPA S/4 HANA 1610? Two correct answers You can transfer plan data from costing-based COPA to sales operations planning (SOP) You can transfer plan data from accounting-based COPA to financials FI You can transfer plan data from costing-based COPA to financials FI You can settle plan data from internal orders to COPA.
What tables are used in COPA? Two correct answers Costing based COPA still uses the table CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx for plan line items Accounting based COPA uses the table COSS for actual totals Accounting based COPA uses the table COEP for actual line items, except posting with value type "4" and "11" COPA uses the table ACDOCP for the plan data.
Which of the following reports are output types of reports ? Three correct Answers Graphical report Classic report Object list report Line item report.
What do need in customizing if you want to delete an entire group of reports? Change report function User-defined ABAP functions Reorganize reports function Standard arithmetic operations.
Which type of report form could use the Define Drilldown display function ? Two correct answers One axis without key figure One axis with key figure Two axes Drilldown display has to be defined in the report.
Which of the following are basic key figures in accounting-based COPA reports? Two correct answers Value CO area currency Fixed value CO area currency Revenue COGS.
Line item list are available for which of the following type of Profitability Analysis ? Two correct answers Costing based Profitability analysis Acconuting based Profitability analysis Line display Compact display.
The usage of summarization levels is available for: Accounting based COPA Costing based COPA Costing based COPA and Accounting based COPA Costing based COPA, when Accounting based COPA is not active.
In the customizing monitor, _________ displays an overview of the objects in which a characteristic or value field is used in Profitability analysis COPA customizing. organization structures overview where-used list analysis options report overview.
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