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Which of the following can be maintained in a maintenance notification? (3) Location data Cause of damage Tasks Operations Materials list.
What tasks are performed for legal reporting? (2) Calculate production variances Track company car costs Create a balance sheet Perform inventory valuation.
What is document splitting used for? To summarize CO line items to produce fewer line items To update multiple ledgers for parallel accounting To summarize G/L postings at the controlling area level To fill the segment characteristic in all line items.
In a project, what is linked via relationships? Activities Project definitions Work breakdown structure elements Networks.
Within a MRP net requirements calculation, which of the following are demand elements? (3) Purchase order Planned independent requirements On hand inventory Safety stock Sales order.
What is the correct sequence of steps in the order-to-cash business process? 1 Check availability Create sales order Billing Post goods issue Create sales order Check availability Process a delivery document Post goods issue Check availability Create sales order Post goods issue Billing.
What is the purpose of the SAP S/4HANA simplification list? 1 To provide custom code analysis that can be moved to S/4HANA To indicate functions of SAP S/4HANA that are not yet available To perform real time data migration within SAP S/4HANA To provide a list of new SAP Fiori applications.
What happens when you post a goods issue for a delivery document in sales? (3) Inventory quantities are updated An invoice is created The billing due list is updated A warehouse transfer order is created An accounting journal entry is created.
What master data defines the quantity structure to create a standard cost estimate? (2) falta 1 Activity type Bill of material Cost center Routing.
What is required for picking in SAP Extended Warehouse Management? (1) Outbound delivery order Warehouse material document Sales order Stock transport order.
What master data records are used in advanced planning? (3) Resource Product Bill of material Work center Location.
What can a successful MRP run create? (1) Reservations Purchase orders Planned independent requirements Dependent requirements.
An internal activity price can be assigned to the combination of activity type and which object? (1) Profit center Cost center Funds center Work center.
Whar is required to report on a combination of characteristics, such as customer, product, and region? (1) G/L accounts Profit centers Primary cost elements Profitability segments.
Which of the following organizational levels are defined in SAP S/4HANA Finance? (2) revisar Segment Controlling area Payroll area Company code.
What master data in the activity type is used to post an activity allocation? (1) Non-operating expense Secondary cost element Primary cost element Balance sheet account.
Which SAP Fiori application types use the SAP HANA data layer directly? (2) Transactional Fact sheet Web Dynpro Analytical.
Which objects can you settle? (3) revisar Maintenance order Profitability segment Cost center Work breakdown structure (WBS) element.
Which processes can be automatically performed when you post an order confirmation for a production order?(2) Variance calculation Order settlement Goods receipt Goods issue Post actual costs.
You need stock materials to complete your maintenance process. At what steps can a material reservation be created? (2) Save an order Technically complete an order Release an order Settle an order.
Which enterprise structure elements are in a sales area? (2) Distribution channel Division.
A goods issue is posted against a production order. What are the results? (3) A controlling document is created A warehouse task is created Internal labor costs are posted Actual costs are updated in the production order The material reservation is reduced.
In your warehouse, you want to ensure that material is putaway in the ideal bin to improve efficiency. What SAP Extended Warehouse Management feature do you implement? (1) Yard management Cross-docking Slotting/rearrangement Wave management.
To which application areas can Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) data be transferred directly? (3) revisar Human Capital Management (HCM) Management Accounting (CO) Production Planning (PP) Project System (PS) Financial Accounting (FI).
Which document post directly to the universal journal? (3) Material Ledger document Asset Accounting document Material document Sales document Profitability Analysis document.
Which objects can be assigned to a purchasing organization? (2) Vendor Plant Controlling area Material master.
What must you do in a purchase order to purchase a material for a cost center? (1) Change the account to a cost element Enter a purchase order item category Enter an account assignment category Change the material type appropriately.
Which maintenance order element includes the field values for work center, control key, and activity type? (1) Order header Assembly Actual cost Operation.
For what network activity can you plan capacities? (1) Service activity External activity Cost activity Internal activity.
How do you view all records created for an employee? (1) Organizational assignment Personnel action Basic personal data Personnel file.
What does a depreciation area control? (2) Depreciation accounts Depreciation start date Estimated useful life Asset class.
What MRP control parameter defines the scope of a planning run? (1) Processing key Planning mode Procurement type Lot size.
What can you record during overall completion confirmation of a maintenance order? (1) Measurements Notification completion Serial numbers Planned time.
What fields are required when you create a cost center? (2) Person responsible Hierarchy area Address Department.
What does Management Accounting provide? (2) Profitability analysis of market segments Reports that meet accounting standards and principles Account balances for customers and vendors Information used for internal areas of responsibility.
What are the integration points between a fixed asset and a cost center? (2) Asset acquisition Asset book value Depreciation run Asset creation.
What document, when saved, creates a commitment for an internal order? (1) Accounting document Sales order Material document Purchase order.
You are posting a document. In the line item, for which account must you enter a transaction type? (1) REVISAR Asset account Vendor account Material account General ledger account.
Which SAP solution is used to perform marketing operations within the SAP S/4HANA suite? (1) SAP Fieldglass SAP SuccessFactors SAP Ariba SAP Hybris.
What are the major aspects of SAP S/4HANA? (3) Reduced data footprint Bring together OLAP and OLTP Minor changes are made to the data model Simplified applications Can be run on any database.
What does a work center control? (2) Calculation of costs of work performed Scheduling of operations Release of production orders Valuation of bill of material components.
What is the integration point between an internal order and a fixed asset? (1) Asset class Settlement rule Depreciation area Order type.
In what step of the purchase-to-pay process is a purchase requisition generated? (1) Invoice verification Source of supply determination Determination of requirements Vendor selection.
What is the hierarchical model of a project? Task list Network Work breakdown structure Project definition.
Which documents are created when you post a valuated goods receipt for consumable materials? (2) Vendor invoice document Controlling document Accounting document Sales order document.
What can a planned order be converted to? (2) A purchase requisition A production order A purchase order A planned independent requirement.
Where do you maintain primary and secondary cost elements? (1) Cost Element Accounting Cost Center Accounting General Ledger Accounting Profit Center Accounting.
What are the benefits of using a business partner in SAP S/4HANA? (2) General data is unique to each role It provides a harmonized architecture You can maintain multiple addresses for an entity Vendors are managed separately from customers.
What activities can an employee complete using employee self-service? (3) Enroll in a training course Enter work times Update banking information Perform compensation planning Recruit employees.
What is an element that you can assign to the SAP Human Management organizational structure? (1) Operating concern Profitability segment Cost center Cost element.
What general ledger account information is defined at the chart of accounts level? (1) Account group Account number Account management Account balance.
Which step in the order to cash business process integrates with profitability analysis? (1) Creating an outbound delivery Saving a transfer order Generating a invoice Generating a sales order.
What is the result of posting a vendor’s invoice? (1) The purchase requisition is updated The vendor’s account is cleared of open items The PO history is updated The material document is generated.
What are the process steps in corrective maintenance? (1) Create Notification Create Order Release Order Execute Order Complete Order Create Task List Create Plan Schedule Plan Complete Order Billing Create Notification Release Order Execute Order Complete Order Billing Create Task List Create Plan Schedule Plan Release Order Complete Order.
Which of the following is a feature of Streamlined Procurement? (1) Invoice processing Source assignment Self-service requisitioning Supplier evaluation.
Which of the following areas are part of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central? (3) Employee Data Organization management Success and Development Payroll Learning Management.
What function compares assigned funds to the budget of a work breakdown structures (WBS) element? (1) revsisar Availability control Settlement Results analysis Cost forecast.
What can be assigned to a profit center? (2) Organizational unit Operating concern Material Asset Company code.
What are functions of SAP Extended Warehouse Management? (2) Putaway with transfer orders Inventory management at storage bin level Expected goods receipt Inventory management at storage location level.
What must two company codes have in common if you want to link them to the same controlling area? (2) Operational chart of accounts Country Fiscal year variant Company code currency.
In which situation would you create an equipment master record? (2) To functionality represent the technical system structures in your company To report and track preventive maintenance tasks for an object To report the usage time of an object at a functional location To report the effects of usage on the likelihood of damage to the installed equipment.
Which of the following master records are directly assigned to a company code? (2) Fixed asset Material master Cost center Activity type.
At which points in the order-to-cash process are postings made to the general ledger? (2) Confirming a transfer order Saving the sales order Posting a goods issue Saving the invoice.
Which of the following sequences of purchase-to-pay process steps is valid? (1) Source of supply determination Vendor selection Determination of requirements Purchase order handling Goods receipt Vendor selection Source of supply determination Purchase order monitoring Goods receipt Handling of payments Determination of requirements Vendor selection Purchase order handling Goods receipt Invoice verification Determination of requirements Purchase order handling Handling of payments Goods receipt Invoice verification.
What are the key technologies that enabled the development of SAP S/4HANA? (2) Multicore central processing units Large memory capacities Fast wireless networking Mobile devices.
Which of the following can be included in a customer pricing condition record? (2) Invoice amounts Discounts Order values Surcharges.
Which of the following are Management Accounting organizational levels? (2) Operating concern Company code Controlling area Segment.
What does the material ledger in SAP S/4HANA enable? Reporting of all materials required during maintenance processing Material valuation in multiple currencies Recording of all business transactions Reporting for parallel accounting.
You post an invoice to acquire a new company car. Which account types do you enter in the invoice? (2) Vendor account G/L expense account Material account Asset account.
You have created an asset master data record. Which other master data record can be created synchronously? (1) Cost center Functional location Primary cost element Equipment.
What object is always a true Controlling (CO) object? (1) Internal order Project Cost center Profit center.
What assigns actual costs to a project? (1) Processing a cost forecast Calculating project interest Saving a purchase order Posting a vendor’s invoice.
What is an advantage of using stock transport orders instead of stock transfers? (1) Ownership transfer is delayed until goods receipt Goods movements occur in one step MRP can be executed to plan the material The quality inspection is performed by the sending plant.
What does the posting key control? (2) Account type Posting date G/L document number Field status .
What type of document is generated for an external network activity? (1) Purchase requisition Planned order Reservation Sales order.
How do you use the result of a released standard cost estimate? (3) To calculate the price of an activity type To determine the base costs used to calculate overhead To determine a material sales price in Sales and Distribution To update the current standard price in the material master record To calculate the plan costs in a production order.
In a make-to-order process, a raw material needs to be issued from the warehouse to the manufacturing line. In which order will you post the goods issue? (1) Sales order Stock transfer order Planned order Production order.
How can you post internal labor costs to a network activity? (2) Distribution Activity allocation Confirmation Service entry sheet.
When would you use a statistical key figure? (1) To collect actual expenses for an area of responsibility To distribute primary expenses in a standard cost element To identify internal cost flows To use as a tracing factor in an assessment.
What are some of the characteristics of the SAP Fiori UX design? (1) Function-based applications Adaptive to devices Role-based applications Multiple access entry points.
You purchase raw materials with a purchase order against an internal order. During which process step are journal entries posted? (1) Release purchase order Post valuated goods receipt Save purchase requisition Calculate the payment method.
What is included in the structure of a maintenance order? (2) Record manufacturing activities Calculate production cost Release production order Convert planned order to production order.
Which of the following functions can result in a creation of reservations for a production order? (2) Record manufacturing activities Calculate production cost Release production order Convert planned order to production order.
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