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глава шестая 6

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глава шестая 6

глава шестая 6

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For what type of data are SAP HANA calculation views of type dimension used? Transactional data Master data Materialized cube data Calculated data.
Which of the following node types can you use to build an analytic view? (There are 3 correct answers.) Star join node Aggregation node Data foundation node Semantics node Union node.
Which types of calculation views can you create? (There are 2 correct answers.) Standard Derived Materialized Time-based.
In which direction do you build calculation views when including the source tables in join nodes? From the join nodes up to the semantic node From the semantic node up to the default node From the join node down to the default node From the semantic node down to the join nodes.
You rename a field in the semantics node to add clarity for end users. What does SAP HANA use to keep track of what the original field name is? The label column property The mapping property The label property The name property.
You want to use a field in a formula but do not want to expose the values of the original field to the end users. What do you do? Make the field a key column Change the data type of the field Rename the field Mark the field as hidden.
Where can you set the default value for the SAP client for the entire calculation view? In the join node of the calculation view In the semantic layer of the calculation view In the default node of the calculation view In the Window menu of SAP HANA studio.
True or False: When you mark a calculation view as deprecated, that view no longer works. Ture False.
What node can you use to generate a column for use in sorting results? Aggregation node Projection node Rank node Union node.
For what SQL keyword is the aggregation node the equivalent? ORDER BY GROUP BY DISTINCT UNIQUE.
What is the default node for a calculation view of type cube? Aggregation node Projection node Star join node Join node.
What node is used to link dimension views to a data foundation (fact tables)? Join node Projection node Union node Star join node.
What data source is available for join nodes in calculation views? All procedures in the current SAP HANA system Scalar functions from all SAP HANA systems Calculation views from other tenants in an MDC system Web services from the Internet.
What feature is similar between an attribute view and a calculation view of type dimension? Full outer join Fuzzy text search attributes Derived views Left outer join.
Which join types are available in a join node of a calculation view? (There are 2 correct answers.) Referential joins Spatial joins Cross joins Temporal joins.
What issue do you have to address after you have migrated your old views to calculation views? Change filters on table columns to filter expressions Unhide the hidden fields in the semantics node Manually migrate the base view for derived views Check the analytic privileges for star join situations.
What node uses a special configuration table to optimize performance? Union node Aggregation node Join node Projection node.
Which features are similar between an analytic view and a calculation view of type cube with star join? (There are 3 correct answers.) Fact tables Spatial joins Temporal joins Referential joins Star join nodes.
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