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Which of the following is a characteristic of SAP S/4 Hana It is available on AnyDB and SAP Hana It is a new product It is an update of SAP ERP It is only available as cloud-based product.
Which object is mandatory within a refurbishment order? Material Functional location Serial number Equipment.
Which process step belongs only to the SAP Fiori-based process report malfunction? Print Pause work Create measurement reading Put in process.
A pump requires regular maintanance based on the throughput in liters. How can the planner specify the call horizon in the performance-based maintenance plan? As percentage of the cycle As a quantity of liters In months In hours.
Where do you add a warranty subscreen if you require warranty data in the equipment master? View selection of equipment master View profile for technical object Warranty category Master warranty.
Where can you assign a main work center? Object list of a maintenance order Maintenance plan header Task list header Task list operation.
Where can you assign activities? NOTE: 2 answers correct Notification header Notification item Order operation Order header.
Which of the following are characteristics of CDS views? NOTE: 3 correct answers Combine transactional and analytical data Provide immediate access to live data Available for SAP HANA and any other database Developed in ABAP layer Modeled in SAP Business Warehouse.
Which UI technologies are supported in SAP S/4 HANA Asset Management when you use SAP Fiori Launchpad? Business Server Pages (BSP) SAPU15 Web Dynpro SAP GUI for Windows SAP GUI for HTML.
Which information does the usage list for equipment display Material consumption Validity periods Operating hours Failure frequency.
Which parameters are calculated during scheduling of a performance-based maintenance plan? NOTE: 2 correct answers Monthly performance based on annual estimate Planed date based on sum of counter readings Planed date based on cycle and daily performance Daily performance based on annual estimate.
The planner must add an activity to a notification which must be executed in the future. Which option in the notification that can be predifined in a catalog, does the planner use? A text in the notification item A text in the subject long text screen An activity in the notification item A task in the notification header.
What must you define before you can create a new functional location? NOTE: 2 correct answers Functional location category Status profile Reference functional location Structure indicator.
When the planner adds a non-stock material in the order, what are valid process steps? NOTE: 3 correct answers Create the purchase order Post the credit memo Post the goods issue Post the invoice Post the goods receipt.
Which of the following is a scheduling indicator Time - fixed date Time - latest date Time - earliest date Time - key date.
Which object combination influences the display of fleet-specific tab strips and fields? Equipment category and measuring point category Equipment category and Fleet Object Type Fleet Object Type and vehicle usage indicator Fleet Object Type and measuring point category.
What is the primary goal of SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service To pre-calculate maintenance projects To provide advanced cost controlling analyses To create a cloud-based equipment directory To collect and analyze machine data.
Which order type do you need when you refurbish defective parts? Order type with refurbishment indicator Order type for preventive maintenance Order type for breakdown maintenance Order type with investment indicator.
In which object can you change the Offset of a Maintenance Plan Strategy? Maintenance Package Maintenance Plan Item Maintenance Plan Header Maintenance Plan Category.
Which options do you have to allow the assignment of order operations to object list entries? NOTE: 3 correct answers To all object list entries To all task lists To all maintenance plans To all notifications Only to notifications created via maintenance plans.
When the planner checks the capacity load of a work center, which data of the order is used? NOTE: 2 correct answers Amount of work Scheduled start Duration of the activity Basic start.
You create an Equipment Task List for a piece of equipment without BOM assignment. How can you assign components to a Task List Operation of this Equipment Task List? Manually assing the BOM usage to a Task List Header. Add Components from the BOM to the Task List Operation Assign the BOM usage for free material assignment in Customizing. Freely assign material as components to the Task List Operation. Assign the header material of a master as BOM to the Equipment Task List Header. Select components from the BOM to the Task List Operation. Assign the header material of a material BOM as assembly to a Task List Operation. Select components from the BOM to the Task List Operation.
You set up the process for Inspection Rounds, so that the technician can enter measurement readings in a simplified way using the overall time confirmation. What must you do before you set up a general maintenance task list? NOTE: 2 correct answers Assign a measuring point as a PRT to a Task List Operation Assign a measuring point as inspect on point to the Task List Header Create a piece of PRT equipment and allocate it using the PRT overview button. Assign a piece of equipment with allocated measuring point to a Task List Operation.
Where can the planner check the material availability? NOTE: 3 correct answers Within the SAP Fiori-based background job Within an individual order From the reservation list From the list of orders Within the SAP Fiori-based Material Documents Overview.
What are the effects when the planner technically completes the maintenance order? NOTE: 2 correct answers The system closes open reservations The planner CANNOT add an order operation The technician CANNOT create time confirmations The system deletes open purchase orders.
How do you activate subscreens for equipment master data in customizing? Assign object information parameters to the equipment category Create a view profile and assign it to the equipment category Create a screen group info type and assign the group to the equipment category Define the field select on for the equipment master data.
How can you define the data transfer within a technical object hierarchy? NOTE: 2 correct answers Use the Data Origin function to change the supported fields for pieces of equipment Use the Data Origin function to update the supported fields for bills of material Use the reference functional locations to transfer data to the corresponding functional locations Use the Data Origin function to change the supported fields in the functional location.
What is the consequence when you activate alternative labelling? You can change the primary functional location label and keep the old label as a historical label The labelling system must be assigned to the functional location category You CANNOT deactivate an alternative labeling You can change a primary functional location labed and delete the old functional location label.
A technician uses the new SAPUI5-based apps. Which steps can the technician perform when processing a malfunction report? NOTE: 3 correct answers Pause work Print Put in Process Start work Complete.
Why do you create maintenance planner groups? To map a group of persons which plans maintenance budgets To map a group of persons responsible for maintenance plans To map a group of persons which plans maintenance activities of technical objects To map a group of persons responsible for maintenance strategies.
Which prerequisites do you require for SAP Asset Manager? NOTE: 2 correct answers SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Add-On for SAP S/4 HANA SAP Mobile Platform Mobile Add-On for SAP ERP.
You have several defective parts that you need to send to a subcontractor to get them refurbished. What must you do to trigger the external refurbishment within the refurbishment order? Create a manual purchase requisition and add the refurbishment order number Create an internal activity (control key PM01) and add the defective material as non-stock component Create an external activity (control key PM02) within the refurbishment order. Create a manual purchase order and add the refurbishment order number.
When the planner adds a stock material in the order, which activities are performed next in relation to the order? NOTE: 3 correct answers Perform the availability check Print the material provision list. Post the goods receipt Post the goods issue Create the purchase order.
You create a revision for a Maintenance Event Builder (MEB) scenario. Which objects can you manually assign to a revision? NOTE: 2 correct answers Manually created notifications Automatically created maintenance orders from a Maintenance Plan Manually created maintenance orders Automatically created notifications from a Maintenance Plan.
Two Maintenance Packages of a Maintenance Strategy are due at the same time. Which parameter determines that only one of these maintenance packages is executed? Hierarchy Package Sequence Lead Float Offset.
What is the purpose of the SAP GUI Belize theme? Make SAPUI5 apps available for SAP GUI Create a simplified copy of a transaction. Make Web Dynpro apps available for SAP GUI. Create a similar user experience as in SAP Fiori Launchpad.
Which operations can the responsible person perform after a maintenance order is technically completed? NOTE: 3 correct answers Change the settlement rule Lock or unlock the order Change the planned costs Update the estimated costs Create invoice receipt for delivered materials.
During the implemntation project you need to define the organizational units. Which of the following objects can you directly assign to a maintenance plant? NOTE: 2 correct answers Controlling Area Maintenance Work Center Maintenance Planner Group Location.
Where can the technician confirm the required time for the work on a maintenance order? NOTE: 3 correct answers In the maintenance order In the collective time confirmation In the Manage Orders and Notifications in Information Center tile In the technician's confirmation list In the Repair Malfunction tile.
You create a maintenance order with header-based costing. At which level can the planner display the expected costs? NOTE: 2 correct answers At the work center level At the cost element level At the value category level At the component level.
Which of the following parameters are available when you define a new Maintenance Plan Category? NOTE: 3 correct answers Change Documents Maintenance Activity Type Call Object Order Type Completion Date.
What is a characteristic of the SAP Fiori tile group? It provides an invisible group of SAP Fiori catalogs It is a building block of the SAP Fiori catalog It is assigned using the SET/GET parameters It shows active tiles in SAP Fiori Launchpad.
Which valuation category do you use to refurbish the material? Condition-based In house/External Procurement Retail Origin.
What are the goals of the new SAPUI5-based Fiori apps? NOTE: 2 correct answers They are designed for simple tasks. They are designed to work on any device type. They offer more functionality than usual transactions. They are designed to run especially on smartphones.
To which objects can you assign a budget? NOTE: 2 correct answers Functional allocation WBS element Planning plant Maintenance order.
When does the system create the entries in the web apply job list for the technician? When the planner performs capacity planning When the planner creates the maintenance order When the planner prints the job card When the planner releases the maintenance order.
The maintenance engineer creates a single cycle plan with a cycle of 12 months and enters the scheduling indicator Time - key date. Which further scheduling parameter must you enter so that the calculated call date is always scheduled six months before the planned date? Enter a Call Horizon of 50% Enter a Tolerance of 50% Enter an Offset of six months Enter a Scheduling Period of six months.
You are planning maintenance execution on the employee level. Which combination of SAP objects is mandatory within SAP S/4 HANA? SAP User and Personnel Number Planner Group and Personnel Number Organizational Unit and Personnel Number Business Partner and Personnel Number.
Which of the following process features are part of breakdown maintenance? NOTE: 3 correct answers Maintenance orders always need planning of maintenance tasks Notifications are used for documentation of technical findings and activities performed Orders and notifications can be utilized in combination Maintenance orders can be created as immediate orders without any planning Orders created without notifications can be used within the Maintenance Event Builder.
Which actions must the engineer perform to serialize a piece of equipment? NOTE: 3 correct answers Add a serialized material into the construction type field of the equipment master Add a serialized material to the equipment serial data view Assign a serial number profile to the equipment master Add a serial number to an existing equipment master Assign a serial number profile to the material master.
At which level can the planner estimate costs in a maintenance order? At the component level At the value category level At the work center level At the cost center level.
What does the structure indicator define? NOTE: 2 correct answers The category of the functional location The field selection for the functional location list The hierarchy levels of the function allocation structure The allowed characters for a functonal location.
The technical completion of the actual maintenance order was posted with a delay of 10 days. How can the planner shift the next planned date by the same amount? Set the shift factor for late completion to 10% Set the shift factor for early completion to 100% Set the shift factor for late completion to 100% Set the shift factor for early completion to 10%.
What must you do before the system can generate entries in the action log of an aquipment? Define an additional business view for equipment category Assign a user status profile to the equipment category Maintain the setting for the usage history update Set the corresponding flag when you maintain the equipment category.
What can a planner monitor with the Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners SAP Fiori app? Workload of work centers Non-available stock materials Maintenance orders NOT confirmed Notifications without maintenance orders.
What does the planner use to trigger the procurement of external services from a maintenance order? Special order type Special activity type Special maintenance activity type Special control key.
Which materials are displayed when the planner checks the availability list? Stock and non-stock materials Only the stock materials Only the non-available stock materials Stock materials and Production Resources Tools materials.
You use SAP Work Manager. Which operations can the Maintenance Worker execute? NOTE: 2 correct answers Schedule resources Change task list Create notification Create a measurement reading Change BOM Create a work order on the ESRI map Create equipment Install equipment.
Which of the following partner types in supported out of the box in technical objects? NOTE: 2 correct answers Organizational unit Controller Maintenance plant Contractor.
Which actions can you perform with the Create Technical Object SAP Fiori app? NOTE: 3 correct answers Edit classification data and characteristics Create measuring point Assign documents Display asset viewer Change a reference location.
Which activities can the planner perform using the Maintenance Planning Overview with the default filters? NOTE: 3 correct answers Display approved purchase requisitions for non-stock materials for which NO purchase order was generated. Analyze released maintenance orders whose end date is in the past and were NOT finally confirmed Display purchase orders for non-stock materials for which the goods receipt was NOT posted Analyze confirmed maintenance orders which were NOT settled Analyze outstanding notifications that have NOT been assigned to a maintenance order.
What must you maintain before you create the measuring points or counters for your technical objects? Assign characteristics to classes Create a code group in the necessary catalog Create necessary characteristics in the classifications system Enter an annual estimate.
Which features does SAP S/4 HANA include? NOTE: 2 correct Unchanged data model SAP U15-based UI In-memory platform Support of any database.
Which of the following are mandatory parameters for a counter used for performance-based maintenance planning? NOTE: 2 correct Characteristic Counter Overflow Reading Code Group Estimated Annual Performance.
What must you assign for a cross-plant planning scenario? The same planner group to multiple planning plants The same planning plant to multiple maintenance plants Multiple planning plants to a maintenance plant The same planner group to multiple maintenance plants.
Which steps in the maintenance orded are directly based on data within the maintenance work center? NOTE: 2 correct Cost calculation Material availability check Damage analysis Capacity planning.
In which maintenance object can you use an activity type? NOTE: 2 correct Maintenance Order Header Maintenance Order Operation Task List Header Work Center.
You need to create a structuring element within a BOM without the view for physical inventory. Which material type do you use? Spare part (ERSA) Non-valuated material (UNBW) Maintenance assembly (IBAU) Operating supplies (HIBE).
What is a feature of the Technical Object Breakdowns SAP Fiori app? The underlying InfoCube The presentation in an SAP BW Query The underlying CSD View The visualization in SAP Lumira.
What must you define for the material master before you can refurbish the corresponding material? MRP type replanishment Serial number profile Transport group 0001 Split valuation of stocks.
What are the effects when the planner releases a maintenance order? NOTE: 3 correct The technician can record confirmations. The planner can print the job papers The planner CANNOT change planned costs. The planner can estimate costs. The warehouse clerk can post a goods issue.
What is the function of the offset within a maintenance strategy? It shifts the next planned date due to the delay of the confirmation. It sets the start date of the maintenance plan It extends the cycle length of a maintenance package It determines the first due date of a maintenance package.
The planner adds a stock material in the order. When does the system create reservations depending on the settings of the order type NOTE: 2 correct When the costs are determined When the order is released After the availability check is performed When the order is saved.
The maintenance engineer creates a single cycle plan with the following parameters: - The call object is maintenance order - The indicator for separate completion of maintenance call date is NOT set - The indicator for completion requirement is NOT activated Both shift factors are set to 100% Which date is relevant for the calculation of further planned dates for call objects? Completion date of the maintenance plan Technical completion date of the maintenance order Planned date of the next call number Basic finish date of the maintenance order.
How does SAP offer SAP Asset Intelligence Network? As part of SAP S/4 HANA On Premise As a cloud-based application As a license-free SAP S/4 HANA Add-On As a license-free ERP Add-On.
Which of the following are valid scheduling parameters in the multiple-counter plan? NOTE: 2 correct Scheduling Period OR-Link Call Horizon Start Counter Reading.
What are the prerequisites to run SAP Work Manager? NOTE: 3 correct SAP Geographical Enablement Framework Mobile Add-On for SAP S/4 HANA SAP Mobile Platform Device operating system (iOS, Android or Windows) Sybase Unwired Platform.
In which product does SAP deliver Embedded Analytics? SAP Business Warehouse SAP Business Intelligence SAP BW/4HANA SAP S/4 HANA.
At which level does the system calculate costs of maintenance orders? On header level or on operation level depending on the controlling area On header level or on operation level depending on the order type and the maintenance planning plant Always on header level depending on the maintenance plant Always on operation level depending on the order type and the maintenance planning plan.
You plan to use the integration of maintenance orders and Project System (PS) objects. To which PS objects can you assign a maintenance order? NOTE: 2 correct WBS element Network header Network operation Project definition.
Which of the following objects can you directly assign when you define the work center master record? NOTE: 2 correct Calculation Key Business Partner Capacity Category Organizational Unit.
What is a prerequisite to start a performance-based maintenance plan? Initial Measurement Document Call Horizon Cycle Modification Factor Scheduling Period.
To which of the following organizational units can you directly assign a maintenance plant? Standard purchasing organization Personnel area Profit center Controlling area.
To which SAP objects can the planner assign a maintenance order to make a budget available for this order? Note: 2 correct Investment program item with allocated budget Network header with allocated budget WBS element with allocated budget Functional location with allocated budget.
To which objects can you assign a safety plan? NOTE: 2 correct Permit Task List Work Approval Maintenance Order.
Which activities can a planner perform with the Manage Malfunction Report SAPUI5 app? Note: 3 correct Enter effort Assign work to technician Enter measurement reading Enter material Print shop papers.
What is the purpose of the initial and subsequent buffers in a maintenance strategy? To set the start/end date of the maintenance order. To set the call date To set the planned date To set the start date of the maintenance plan.
Which period does the planner define when using the scheduling period in the maintenance plan? The period for which the system generates planned or call dates The period in which a shift of planned dates is allowed The period in which the system job for scheduling runs The period for which orders are created in advance.
The planner uses control key PM02 to purchase external services. What are valid process steps? NOTE: 3 correct Create the purchase order Book the invoice Create the service entry sheet Book the goods receipt Accept the service entry sheet.
The planner calls the document flow in the work order. Which of the following document types are directly displayed? NOTE: 3 correct Accounting document Controlling document Material document Time confirmation Invoice.
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