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Minimum charge in EFB to go to start a Flight? 80% 67% 75%.
MEL has a codes what it means P M O.
Fuel planing policy Domestic Flag operations.
When I need T/O alternate If the visibility is less than 1 mile. If the departure field below landing min. If the dispatcher and pilot are agree to add it.
Need destination alternate if Forecast +/- 1 hr, destination below 2000 ft or 3 miles visibility Forecast +/- 1 hr, destination below 3000 ft or 2miles visibility Forecast +/- 1 hr, destination below 2000 ft and less 1 mile Visibility.
Marc all answers that you need in case of. Need two alternate if: Exemption 8653 Destination and 1st. alternate are marginal Destination < 400 ft / 1 mile visibility. Alternate < 600 ft / 2 miles visibility 1 1 3 CAT I aircraft Alternate minimums HAT/ HAA plus 400 ft and CAT 1 + 1 mile 2 RWYs / Two approaches +200 ft and 1/2 mile.
Engine start, min oil quantity? 75% 80% 70%.
Starter duty cycle? NG Max.
Hot start if the temperature is ______ NG and ______ in the Max. 735 and 763 725 and 763 725 and 753 735 and 753.
Starter cut out at _____ NG and, ______ in the Max. 56% , 63% 55%, 65% 63%, 56%.
Engine is stable at idle when? The engine indications are in idle EGT start limit is not longer shown EGT indication change the color.
Max motoring when? N2 increases 3% in 5 seconds N2 increases 1% in 5 seconds N2 stop to increase.
Engine start first flight of the day If the temperature is below 5 degrees C or 41 degrees F and or High altitude start above 5000 ft. Select all conditions. Start the engine 1 first. Ignition select switch to both An indication of N1 rotation Min 20% N2 are required prior to introduce .
Witch conditions are right SMGCS in effect when RVR below 1200 ft. SMGCS foreign equivalent chart RVR < 600 RVR needs to be controlled for taxi operations.
Max speed taxi straight 20 25 30.
Max speed to exit from the runway to high speed exit? 30 kt 45 kt 60 kt.
When we have to request a new TO performance If Altimeter decrease by 1 gpa or 0.3” If If the temperature change in more than 3 degrees. Using reduce thrust and actual OAT is greater than ASSMD TMP. If difference between FWM CG and T.O. REF page exceed 3 points ( ex 21% to 24%).
No reduce thrust when: Gusty winds and strong crosswinds Reported or suspected windshear Contaminated Runway MRD displays message starting MAX THRUST TAKE OFF DUE.
Low visibility T.O. Jepp plate 10-9A CT no lower than 500 RVR FO no lower than 1000 RVR, Mid can substitute for an unavailable T/D or rollout. Contaminated runway or braking action less than medium CT should performing.
Minimum altitude to read or do check list in case of emergency 200 ft 400 ft 300 ft.
Check the actions at 10.000 ft as CT Check the fuel remaining Check the cabin altitude and announce Verify after T.O. Check list complete Ding to FA. Sterile light off ECON climb at FMC.
Check the actions at 18.000 ft as CT Standard QNH Fuel panel check Lights off Howgozit .
Required dispatch reports Actual ETA > 15’ from planned Cruise altitude varies by 4.000 ft Lateral deviation from planned route exceed 100 miles Any en route failure in the fuel quantity indicator If the Contingency fuel will be used Moderate to severe turbulence If ATC assigned a holding Assigned CDRs .
Landing distance must be checked if Landing at other than destination airport Available runway less than 9000 ft. Reported braking action less than dry Using auto brakes less than 3 Non normal affecting stopping distance Landing distance tail wind OEI.
Two Center and four wing booster pumps provides fuel pressure respectively. 23 and 10 PSI 20 and 10 PSI 25 and 15 PSI.
When should VNAV not be armed for takeoff? If the first turn will be below the acceleration height. When there is an EO procedure that requires a turn below the acceleration height. The pilot flying decided it. .
True or false. Can I use reduced V speeds with max thrust: True False.
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