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SAP S/4 HANA can run on an SAP HANA database only? True False.
What are the business benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Finance ? Three correct answers Reduced system complexity Single source of truth on the line item level Automatic update of custom applications to SAP HANA standards Overall reporting across financial applications.
The currency of the controlling area must always be the same as the currency of the company code ? True False.
In 1:n assignments, the operational charts of accounts in all assigned company codes and in the controlling area must be the same. True False.
Which of the following statements about activity types are correct ? Three correct answers The allocation cost element is a mandatory field in the master data of the activity The allocation cost element must be a secondary cost element of the type 43. A cost center can only perform activities for another cost center The price must be planned per cost center and activity type.
You can define master data fields for cost centers, cost, and activity types as time-based. True False.
The system performance is better for groups if they do not have selection variants. True False.
A validation can always contain only one step. True False.
The substitution is stronger than (has priority over) the validation. True False.
A sender check is carried out for the transaction Re-posting of line items> True False.
The manual posting is always related to the Financial Management document. True False.
The system requires the activity type for the direct activity allocation. True False.
Debiting and crediting can be exceeded under a G/L account of type primary or secondary cost. True False.
The internal order can be the sender of a direct activity allocation. True False.
Which of the following statements about statistical key figures are correct ? Two correct answers Those defined as fixed values are updated from the corresponding posting period onwards, in all of the following posting periods of the fiscal year Can be used as basis for periodical allocations Must be defined within the framework of the activity allocation Cannot be changed once they have been entered.
Which of the following statements about apportionment are true? Two correct answers It can transfer primary and secondary costs It requires a primary cost element of type 42 to clear the costs. It requires a secondary cost element of type 43 for clearing It can be reversed and repeated as often as required It can only be used in conjunction with the allocation structure .
You can select individual business transactions for looking from a list of the actual and plan business transactions. True False.
Which of the following settings are influenced by the cost center category? The default value for the control indicators The Cost Element The Company code.
Every cost center must be assigned to the standard hierarchy. True False.
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