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Creation Date: 26/09/2023

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EgonSpengler77 ( uploaded 9 months )
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is there anymore question please
Which statement is correct regarding ACLs and TCAM usage? Applying an ACL to a group of ports consumes the same resources as specific ACE entries Using object groups consumes the same resources as specific ACE entries Compression is automatically enabled for ASIC TCAMs on AOS-CX switches Applying an ACL to a group of VLANs consumes the same resources as specific ACE entries.
What is correct regarding rate limiting and egress queue shaping on AOS-CX switches? Only a traffic rate and burst size can be defined for a queue Limits can be defined only for broadcast and multicast traffic Rate limiting and egress queue shaping can be used to restrict inbound traffic Rate limiting and egress queue shaping can be used to restrict inbound traffic.
A network administrator needs to replace an antiquated access layer solution with a modular solution involving AOS-CX switches. The administrator wants to leverage virtual switching technologies. The solution needs to support high-availability with dual-control planes. Which solution should the administrator implement? AOS-CX 8325 AOS-CX 6300 AOS-CX 6400 AOS-CX 8400.
A company has implemented 802.1X authentication on AOS-CX access switches, where two ClearPass servers are used to implement AAA. Each switch has the two servers defined. A network engineer notices the following command configured on the AOS-CX switches: radius-server tracking user-name monitor password plaintext aruba123 What is the purpose of this configuration? Implement replay protection for AAA messages Define the account to implement downloadable user roles Speed up the AAA authentication process Define the account to implement change of authorization.
A company has an existing wireless solution involving Aruba APs and Mobility controllers running 8.4 code. The solution leverages a third-party AAA solution. The company is replacing existing access switches with AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The company wants to leverage the same security and firewall policies for both wired and wireless traffic. Which solution should the company implement? RADIUS dynamic authorization Downloadable user roles IPSec User-based tunneling.
A network engineer is having a problem adding a custom-written script to an AOS-CX switch's NAE GUI. The script was written in Python and was successfully added on other AOS-CX switches. The engineer examines the following items from the CLI of the switch: What should the engineer perform to fix this issue? Install the script's signature before installing the new script Ensure the engineer's desktop and the AOS-CX switch are synchronized to the same NTP server Enable trust settings for the AOS-CX switch's SSL certificate Remove a script that is no longer used before installing the new script.
Which option correctly defines how to identify a VLAN as a voice VLAN on an AOS-CX switch? Switch(config)# port-access lldp-group <LLDP-group-name> Switch(config-lldpgroup)# vlan <VLAN-ID> Switch(config)# port-access role <role-name> Switch(config-pa-role)# vlan access <VLAN-ID> Switch(config)# vlan <VLAN-ID> Switch(config-vlan-<VLAN-ID>)# voice Switch(config)# vlan <VLAN-ID> Switch(config-vlan-<VLAN-ID>)# voice.
An administrator will be replacing a campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches that support VSX capabilities. The campus involves a core, as well as multiple access layers. Which feature should the administrator implement to allow both VSX-capable core switches to process traffic sent to the default gateway in the campus VLANs? VRF VRRP IP helper Active gateway.
What is correct regarding the tunneling of user traffic between AOS-CX switches and Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs)? Uses IPSec to protect the management and data traffic Uses IPSec to protect the management and data traffic Supports only port-based tunneling Uses the same management protocol as Aruba APs.
An administrator is implementing a multicast solution in a multi-VLAN network. Which statement is true about the configuration of the switches in the network? IGMP snooping must be enabled on all interfaces on a switch to intelligently forward traffic IGMP requires join and leave messages to graft and prune multicast streams between switches IGMP must be enabled on all routed interfaces where multicast traffic will traverse IGMP must be enabled on all interfaces where multicast sources and receivers are connected.
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