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Agile T2- 2022

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Agile T2- 2022

Agile T2 2022

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Agile software engineering refers, A philosophy and a set of development guidelines An active and continuous communication between developers and customers Encourages customer satisfaction All of the mentioned above.
Agile software engineering demonstrated to deliver successful systems quickly True False.
Agility can be applied to any software process using design a process in such a way that, Allows the project team to adapt tasks Conduct planning to get the fluidity of an agile development approach An incremental delivery strategy that gets working software to the customer All of the mentioned above.
Dynamic systems development method of agile software development which provides a framework for….. Building and maintaining systems Meets time constraints Uses of incremental prototyping in a controlled project environment All of the mentioned above.
In Agile methodology ,the activity that distributes estimated effort across the planned project duration by allocating the effort to specific software developing tasks is ____________. Project scheduling Detailed schedule Macroscopic schedule None of the mentioned.
Which of the following is an important factor that can affect the accuracy and efficacy of estimates? Project size Planning process Project complexity Degree of structural uncertainty.
Software project estimation can never be an exact science, but a combination of good historical data and systematic techniques can improve estimation accuracy. True False.
Which of the following is not achieved by an automated estimation tools? Predicting staffing levels Predicting software cost Predicting software schedules Predicting clients demands.
In the popular prioritization technique called “MoSCoW”, the “M” stands for ... Must Have Major May Have Mandatory.
he agile methodologies are described as “adaptive” because The rate of development progress on an Agile project is constantly tracked to allow adaptation Agile teams have the empowerment to frequently respond to change and to learn on a project by changing the plan. Project Managers are not needed in Agile methods because teams are self-organizing A and B.
The ……………. is typically performed during the first week of a project, the goal of which is to identify the scope of your system and a likely architecture for addressing it Envisioning phase Business study phase Modeling phase Planning by feature phase.
A job role is responsible for the overall design of the system in the Feature Drive Development (FDD) method. Development Manager Expert Domain Chief Architect Class owner.
All phases in the DSDM methodology are considered iterative process without the following ... Business study Feasibility study Modeling phase A and B.
The ………………. cannot change the effort estimate on a product backlog item Product owner Chief programmers Chief Architect A and B.
In a DSDM method, a collaborative and cooperative approach shared by Team members All developers Stakeholders All of them.
In a FDD method, the ……. …… is responsible for leading small teams in the analysis, design and development of new features Chief programmer Chief Architect Stakeholders All of them.
In the DSDM method, the functional model iteration phase produces many outputs without ……. Prioritized functions Functional prototyping review documents Non-functional requirements Outline plan for development.
According to agile manifesto, the developers should be: Able to contact the customer to clarify aspects of the work Completely uninterrupted by the customer In twice-daily contact with the customer Able to work without needing to disturb the customer.
In the Feature Drive Development (FDD) method, who are they responsible for writing a model Notes? Development manager and chief Architect Chief programmers and chief Architect Domain experts, chief programmers , and chief Architect Domain experts and developer manager.
Which of the following is delivered at the end of the Sprint? A document containing test cases for the current sprint An architectural design of the solution An increment of done software Wireframes designs for User Interface.
Product Backlog should be ordered on the basis of? Value of the items being delivered The complexity of the items being delivered Size of the items being delivered The risk associated with the items Based on the Scrum Team choice.
Who is responsible to measure the Project’s performance? The Scrum Master The Delivery Manager The Product Owner The Development Team The Scrum Team.
In Scrum Method, what does a BurnDown Chart display? Project Progress Amount of remaining work with respect to time The velocity of the team The capacity of the team members How many more items can be picked up in a Sprint.
Select the option that suits the Manifesto for Agile Software Development Individuals and interactions Working software Customer collaborat All of the mentioned.
Agile Software Development is based on Incremental Development Iterative Development Linear Development Both Incremental and Iterative Development.
Agility is defined as the ability of a project team to respond rapidly to a change. True False.
How many phases are there in Scrum ? Two Three Four Scrum is an agile method which means it does not have phases.
Which of the following does not apply to agility to a software process Uses incremental product delivery strategy Only essential work products are produced Eliminate the use of project planning and testing All of the mentioned.
In agile development it is more important to build software that meets the customers’ needs today than worry about features that might be needed in the future True False.
In Agile methodologies, software maintenance includes: Error corrections Enhancements of capabilities Deletion of obsolete capabilities All of the mentioned.
Incremental development in Extreme Programming (XP) is supported through a system release once every month. True False.
In XP, as soon as the work on a task is complete, it is integrated into the whole system. True False.
Which four framework activities are found in the Extreme Programming(XP) ? analysis, design, coding, testing planning, analysis, design, coding planning, design, coding, testing planning, analysis, coding, testing.
Which of the following is the correct pairing according to the Agile Manifesto statement of values? Individuals and Interactions over Working Software Individuals and Interactions over Contract Negotiation Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools Individuals and Interactions over Customer Collaboration.
In an Agile team, who is responsible for quality? The developers The testers The product owner The entire team.
In Scrum method, what is the purpose of a daily stand-up meeting? It provides team building by encouraging everyone to stand up together for a quick exercise session It provides a way for each member to communicate progress and problems It forces the team to be co-located It helps determine where overtime will be required to keep the project on schedule.
In which Agile method is simplicity one of the stated values used to guide development? XP FDD Scrum DSDM.
In an Agile project, when is software first expected to be delivered that will provide value to the customer? At the end of the project At the end of a release At the end of an iteration At the end of an epic.
What does it mean when a feature is classified as “done”? It has been developed It has been developed and integrated It has been developed, integrated and tested It has been developed, integrated, tested and released to production.
What does a task board show? Tasks completed against the budget spent Return on investment The progression of the tasks selected for an iteration The number of tasks still to be done against the time allocated.
Which of the following is a tester skill that is more important in an Agile environment than in a sequential lifecycle environment? Collaboration Manual testing Performance testing Test case preparation.
Which one of the following statements is correct regarding acceptance of any deliverables on an Agile Project? The team should allow only senior managers to sign off deliverables The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the appropriate stakeholders at least at the end of every iteration. The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the users during a UAT phase at the end of the project Acceptance of any particular deliverable on the project is gained from all stakeholders at the same time.
In Scrum method, which one of the following is an important feature of the daily stand-up meeting? Everyone is expected to stand for the whole time, to keep the meeting short The meeting must be kept short and well-structured The meeting should ensure that it is clear to all which team members are not performing No-one is allowed to leave the stand-up meeting until all problems raised have been solved.
The working culture of an Agile team is … Collective Collaborative Connective Contemplative.
The Agile Manifesto states the following values: People are more important than contracts Working software should have priority over comprehensive documentation Plans should have priority over ability to respond Contracts should be negotiated which allow control over the people.
Which of the following are attributes of an Agile team? Courage to change and adapt Trust of fellow team members to do the work Responsiveness to change All of these.
A burn-down chart shows The energy level and velocity of the team The remaining work (effort, points) to complete before the iteration (timebox) end The number of hours worked by each team member during the iteration (timebox) The rate of spending of the budget for a project.
GQM approach is a method used to identify important and meaningful metrics? True False.
“GQM is a hierarchical model that follows a top-down approach where first the goals are specified”, This statement is … True False.
What is Fuzzy Logic? a method of reasoning that resembles human reasoning a method of question that resembles human answer a method of giving answer that resembles human answer None of the Above.
COCOMO-II estimation model is based on( Complex approach Algorithm approach Bottom up approach Top down approach.
Cost and effort estimation of a software uses only one forms of decomposition, either decomposition of the problem or decomposition of the process. True False.
In the agile development process taught in class, the development team estimates each user story and decides the priority for each story. True False.
Which of the following techniques is used for estimating effort? Role playing Planning poker Observation None of the above.
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