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Amazon SAA-C01 Dumps [June 2020]

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Question No. 1 A Solution Architect is designing a two-tier application for maximum security, with a web tier running on EC2 instances and the data stored in an RDS DB instance. The web tier should accept user access only through HTTPS connections (port 443) from the Internet, an the data must be encrypted in transit to and from the database.What combination of steps will MOST securely meet the stated requirements? (Choose two.) Create a security group for the web tier instances that allows inbound traffic only over port 443. Enforce Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on the RDS database. Create a network ACL that allows inbound traffic only over port 443. Configure the web servers to communicate with RDS by using SSL, and issue certificates to the web tier EC2 instances. Create a customer master key in AWS KMS and apply it to encrypt the RDS instance.
Question No. 2 A company plans to migrate a website to AWS to use a serverless architecture. The website contains both static and dynamic content and is accessed by users across the world.The website should maintain sessions for returning users to improve the user experience.Which service should a Solutions Architect use for a cost-efficient solution with the LOWEST latency? Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Amazon RDS Amazon CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB.
Question No. 3 A team is launching a marketing campaign and the peak database read activity in Amazon Aurora for MySQL is expected to increase. A Solutions Architect decides to add two Read Replicas to the cluster.How should the Solutions Architect ensure that the connections for read activities are load balanced? Reader endpoint for Amazon Aurora Cluster endpoint for Amazon Aurora Primary DB instance endpoint for Amazon Aurora Replica DB instances endpoint for Aurora.
Question No. 4 A company has an application that accesses a MySQL database installed on a single EC2 instance. The instance recently experienced a fault and brought down the entire application for several hours. The company wants to address the issue but is concerned about spending too much time modifying application code or managing the legacy application.What should the Solutions Architect recommend to remove this single point of failure with the FEWEST changes to the application code and the LEAST amount of administrative effort? Implement a caching layer by using Amazon ElastiCache to store query results of frequently accessed information. Deploy a second EC2 instance with MySQL installed, and configure replication between this instance and the existing MySQL instance. Migrate the database to an RDS MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance, and point the application servers to the new RDS instance. Create a DynamoDB table to use as a cache layer, and update the application to query data from Amazon DynamoDB before querying MySQL.
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