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Please select the Non Database user of Oracle installation for Arcsight sys system root Arcsight .
Oracle accepts network connections through an Oracle service is known as TNS Listener HTTP Listener Message Listener Exception Listener .
_____files contains metadata about the database data Control online redo configuration .
The _____ is used to move the partitions out of the database for offline storage Offline Achiever Database Achiever Partition Achiever Partition Separator .
To perform the online backup of an Online database, ensure that the database is configured for mode ARCHIVERLOG ONLINELOG OFFLINELOG BACKUPLOG .
Which is not the component in the notification structure for Rule Action Notification Groups Escalation Levels Destinations User Role .
Which one is not the tablespace in Arcsight DB arc_system_data arc_system_index arc_event_data arc_data_index .
By default, a user's account is disabled after _____ failed login attempts Three Five Six Ten .
A____ is a temporary certificate used during initial installation CA Signed Certificate Self-signed Certificate Demo Certificate SSH Certificate .
A network consists of _____ Zone Report Filter Channel .
Which log file contains information on Memory, Persistence, time & thread dumps Server.log Server.std.log Server log Server.sql.log .
Which log file contains information & errors related to Partitioner Achiever wrapper.log Server log Server.log Agent log .
To troubleshoot a problem, start from the ______ and move towards the ____ Console & Source Source & Console Connector & Console Source & Console .
List the function that is performed by system package Aggregation Benchmarking and analysis Email Alerting and Acknowledgement Compression and Storage .
What stores information about logons, user actions, and the resulting events in the most concise way? Event annotations Active Lists Session Lists Cases .
Which firewall will generate Outbound TCP connection event even if there is no 3 way hand Shake ASA Checkpoint Juniper Pal Alto .
To detect a Brut force Attack effectively, name the field that should be used in the correlation rule Source User Destination IP Source IP Destination User .
Name the field that is common in firewall events for "TCP Connection" & NAT Translation in ASA event Destination Port Source Port Destination IP Command .
In Windows, the installation directories can be located by selecting the service in the _____ TNS Listener Service Applet MSG Applet Task Manager .
Services for the ArcSight ESM components must be started in the following order "Start the Oracle instance Start the Oracle TNS Listener service Start the ArcSight Manager service Start the ArcSight Web service" "Start the ArcSight Web service Start the Oracle instance service Start the Oracle TNS Listener Start the ArcSight Manager service" "Start the Oracle instance Start the ArcSight Web service Start the Oracle TNS Listener service Start the ArcSight Manager service" "Start the ArcSight Manager service Start the Oracle instance Start the ArcSight Web service Start the Oracle TNS Listener service" .
On Reserve period holds how many partitions? 8 26 14 72 .
Arcsight manager Connects to Oracle installation over TCP port ___ 1521 8080 8443 443 .
What is the recommended backup Method for Oracle DB Offline online Both None of the above .
List the stage that is not part of partition lifecycle: Online Reserve Period Online Retention Period Offline Retention Period Offline Reserve Period .
An encrypted repository on the SSL server that holds the SSL Certificate and the server's private keys called _____ TrustStore: Key Pair KeyStore Masterkey .
___ file helps to restrict access for Connectors agents.accept.ips web.accept.ips xmlrpc.accept.ips xmlrpc.reject.ips .
For applying oracle CPU, on windows , you to need to logon as ____ user Oracle sys sysuser Administrator .
the procedure for downloading and running the patch installer on _____ platform Is different in ArcSight Windows Mac Aix Solaris .
communication between Arcsight web and client is _____ encrypted SSH SSL TLS SFTP .
______ is usually installed on the same server as ArcSight manager ArcSightDB Oracle ArcSight Web ArcSight Console .
choose arcsight table which will occupy more space in the DB ARC_EVENT_DATA arc_system_index ARC_SYSTEM_DATA ARC_EVENT_INDEX .
which one of the listed here is of least importance during Sizing of ArcSight soultions? Retention Policy aggregation ratio Events per second Number of users .
______ offers no parity, stripping or spanning of disk space across multiple disks Raid 3 Raid 4 Raid 1 Raid 5 .
_____ consists of block - level stripping with distributed parity and is distributed among the drives Raid 3 Raid 4 Raid 1 Raid 5 .
The Arcsight recommendation for disk sizing is to allow ______ buffer to prevent solutions being undersized 1.5X 3.5X 1.25X 1.55X .
The ARcSight recommendation for Peak EPS is to allow ______ buffer to prevent soultion being undersized 1.5X 2.0X 1.25X 1.55X .
In a typical environment, where you would see high EPS per device Firewall Windows Server IPS Antivirus server .
the ArcSight recommendation for windows connector sizing is to allow ______ buffer to prevent solution being undersized 1.5X 3.5X 0.5X 2.5X .
For Optimal performance, Arcsight database required dedicated _____ WAN link Instance & Machine CPU Cores Disk space .
Raid level recommendation from Arcsight to Storage is ______ 1+1 0+1 5 4.
Arcsight database constantly performs a lot of random ____ because of large number of event insertions Writes Reads Query Search .
In _____ two disks fail, all data is lost 1+1 0+1 5 4.
Most I/O load will be on ____ db table due to random read/writes ARC_EVENT_DATA arc_system_index ARC_SYSTEM_DATA ARC_EVENT_INDEX .
A separate volume in Db server is required if Arcsight is running ______ Webserver Usecases Partition Achiever Partition Separator .
What is considered to be "Good persistence" when troubleshooting performance on Arcsight DB Post EPS filter count is 0 Post aggregation count is 0 Estimated Cache size is 0 post filter count is 0 .
How can Write performance issue can be resolved ? Raid level changes in Storage Event filtering at the device Usecsae modification Changing the retension policy .
what is integration method used to integrate remedy ticket system to Arcsight ARP TNS ARS DNS.
Post integration of remedy ticketing system what is stored in case "External ID attribute" Source IP Attacker IP Remedy ticket Number Remed Assest ID .
Events are partitoned by _______, hence Oracle would know exactly which partition to scan Manager Receipt time End time Connector receipt time Device start time .
Asset based variables are heavier and consume more system resource than ______ based variable Event Log Time List .
Chained rules same as join rules , except they utilize ______ to retain event details, often for longer periods of time active lists active channel filter Rule .
If the manager Receipt time 1-2 min is more than Agent receipt time,what could be the possible issue which closely matches log source has an issue in event processing Network latency Arcsight service is down Webserver is down .
When all conditions in a rule are satisfied, a rule can be configured to take ______ actions Add to an existing case create a new rule create a active channel create a report .
Rules can write, read and remove entires dynamically in ______ active lists active channel filter Rule .
Where do you set max. # of correlated alerts per min limit to minimize rule recursive issues? Server.log server default.properties Server1.log Server.sql.log .
To Avoid excessive rule firing for repetitive events in case of an attack , in action and if you set "On time unit" to a value what will happen will notify end of attack will periodically notify that the attack is still going on will notify start of attack will notify whenever alert is triggered .
Use active lists to correlate information from events will limit ______ consumption Memory CPU Drive Space DB records .
The usage of performance datamonitors can be monitered from ____ Packages CapsManager Services.MSC Foundation .
what is the pre-requisite when configure a usecase "to identify inactive user accounts" through a Wizard ? Network & Asset Model Vulnerablility data Enriched data Time based variables .
Which one listed here is not a Jump start package? PCI SOX Perimeter monitoring Db Monitoring .
For all perimeter monitoring use cases _____ to be detained Zone Asset Network Vulnerablility .
To configure a usecase to detect users not performing "Two factor authentication" if they are from untrusted realms, which of the listed below is least pre-requisite Network Modelling Zone management Log source integration Third party integration .
When you build a report based on the query, by clicking on which field you will schedule it? Attributes Templates Jobs Parameters .
The communication through Arcsight manager center & Connector is through ______, if there is no ARcMC agent HTTPS SSH API FTP .
As a best practice, when to schedule regular configuration backup for all Arcsight Appliance Same time with a Gap of 6 hours with a Gap of 34 hours with a Gap of 48 hours .
_____ rules are defined to generate alerts against health data metrics Health Datasource Breach Manager .
A _________ is a managed Arcsight product (ie, Connector logger etc) Host Node Asset Resource .
when logger report to generated _____ to view, copy , modify, run Parameter explorer Report Explorer Category explorer Favorite explorer .
Logger report and its performance cannot be affected by _____ Data distribution Server load Querry complexity Aggregation settings .
when the compression ratio is higher for the rawlog storage, the data retrieval rate would be _______ Faster slower Normal None .
If the raw log data in Syslog FlexConnector contains nonASCII characters, where do you configure character encoding? agent.properties agent.default.properties JVM options Server.properties .
To tune the advance configuration parameters in file Rotation for the flex connectors, where do you make changes agent.properties agent.default.properties JVM options Server.properties .
during key field assignment when you build a flex connector which filed you will use for custom fields flexcustom devicecustom deviceVendor deviceProduct .
Please select from the following which is not a Arcsight syslog Smart connectors Syslog Daemon Syslog Pipe Syslog Package Syslog File .
After modification in syslog.conf file in the log source what else should be done at the log source level to start receiving the event to syslog connector Restart the log source No other actions required Restart the Syslog server Restart the network service .
events not being received at Syslog Smartconnector, mark the correct troubleshooting step run a Packet Sniffer at log source level telnet to port 514 to log source telnet to port 514 to Smart connector Check webservice is up .
In Cisco secure IPS SDEE integration with smart connector, which field would not be retrieved & stored by default? Device Vendor Device Payload Device Severity Threat category .
How do you turn off SSL for troubleshooting for SDEE connections in smart connectors? Modify agent.properties Modify agent.default.properties Modify JVM options Modify server.properties .
During integration of apache webservers ___________ can be used to get the logs if data rotation is confifured at OS level File contents File name pattern time stamp of logs Agent receipt time .
If Database auditing is enabled , what it’s the database related operations oracle writes to the operating system audit file as an event ? Database start up Table creation Table Delete Insert record .
what is the Arcsight recommended Syslog audit level that need to be set for Oracle DB integration Warning Debug Informational Notice .
which one is not a Audit trail in Oracle DB? OS XML D3 DB ML .
For Checkpoint integration _______ Arcsight smartconnector is being used File smart connetor LEA WMI Syslog .
The Oracle RDA Tool gathers configuration information on your oracle installation and writes the output to a series of ______ files XML HTML CSV TXT .
From the get status output for specific connector peformance, what does "Sent (SLC)" Denotes The number of events per second processed by the connector in the last few minutes The number of events sent to the manager The number of events in the connector cache Any exception in the connector that pervents events from being sent .
if the server.std.log file repeatedly reports the arcsight manager is running out of memory ____ may need to be increased CPU Cores Heap size Procure additional Manager Aggregation .
Events to the Arcsight console flow from _____ Arcsight Manager Arcsight connector Device Logger .
where will you check to troubleshoot or confirm if the arcsight manager is able to connect to the Arcsight database Server.log Server.std.log Server.log Server.sql.log .
_____ log file name contains information & related errors on partition achiever Server.log Agent.log Wrapper log Server.sql.log .
what is the command to be executed to find any error in the TNSListener service tnsctl listctl parserctl Isnrctl .
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