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Assessment 3

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Assessment 3


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List the four steps in the payment program in order 1 2 3 4.
Name the five areas into which the payment program configuration is divided. All company codes Paying company codes Payment method/country Payment method for company code Bank selection Client Fiscal Year.
The ----------------------------- specify the accounts and documents that are to be included in the payment run. Parameters Proposal Payment Run.
The payment program needs the ----------------------------- to determine whether an open item has to be paid now or in the next payment run. Next posting date Docment type Payment terms.
The sequence in which the payment methods are entered in the --------------------------------- reflects their priority. Payment parameters Paymrnt run proposal posting period.
All the company codes in the payment run parameters must be in the same country. True False.
A payment method can be used only if it is entered in the account master record. True False.
The payment proposal can be edited, deleted, and re-created as often as necessary. True False.
The exception list is part of the payment proposal. True False.
List the four steps that have to be taken by the dunning program to perform the automatic dunning procedure in order 1 2 3 4.
Customers without a dunning procedure in the master record are dunned using a default dunning procedure. True False.
It is possible to dun vendors as well as customers. True False.
The run date is always the date when a certain dunning run is supposed to be started. True False.
The parameters specify the accounts and documents that are to be included in the dunning run. True False.
List some reasons why overdue items might not be dunned: Account is not contained in the parameters. Items are within the grace period. Items or accounts are blocked for dunning Items or accounts have a payment method for incoming payments but no payment block. The overdue amount is less than the minimum amount. Items can be cleared with overdue items on the credit side. None of the items exceeds the minimum days in arrears (account). The dunning data has not changed since the last dunning run and “Always dun?” is not selected.
List the main steps involved in creating the dunning proposal: Account selection Line item dunning Account dunning Document Dunning.
The payment terms of a credit memo usually do not apply, and the due date is either the due date of the associated invoice or the baseline date of the document. True False.
Every dunning procedure must have at least four dunning levels. True False.
An account is only dunned if all the overdue items have exceeded the minimum days in arrears. True False.
The dunning run updates the dunning data in the dunned items and accounts. True False.
A dunning notice is only sent if the dunning data has changed since the last dunning run or if “Always dun?” is selected. True False.
After the dunning proposal has been created, changes to the dunning data in items or master records are ignored in the current dunning run. True False.
The dunning proposal can be edited, deleted, and recreated as often as required. True False.
One dunning form can be used for all dunning levels. True False.
The dunning text for dunning level 3 is stored in text module 513. True False.
The last dunning level is equal to the legal dunning procedure. True False.
Name the three documents used in the payment process: Vendor invoice Payment document Dunning Notice/Form Checks.
Name two ways of creating a check. Can you name the check printing program? Manual check Automatic payment program: RFFOUS_C or RFFOD_S Automatic check Pysical check.
You can void a check without reversing the payment document. True False.
You can void a check and reverse the payment document at the same time. True False.
You can void a check and reverse the payment document and the vendor invoice all at the same time. True False.
You have to maintain customer bank details manually in the master record to ensure that as many incoming payments are assigned as possible. True False.
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