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Which environment would you use to develop small to medium extensions? Choose the correct answer. ABAP Cloud Foundry Kyma.
Which statements about YAML files are correct? (Choose 2) YAML uses hashes: # for comments. YAML uses whitespace indentation for structuring purposes. YAML uses hyphens: - for comments. YAML uses tab indentation for structuring purposes.
n <i>Node.js</i>, which statement do you use to create an exception? throw try catch.
What can you do to provide meaningful error messages to users in your CAP application? Register an error handler. Hide the cause of errors. Catch exceptions. Register an event handler.
Which command do you use to install dependencies in your project? Choose the correct answer. bash npm yum cds.
What do you use to access the SAP Cloud Connector? Directory Subaccount Entitlement Global account.
What is SAP Fiori? design language. A collection of design guidelines. An SDK to develop multi-target applications.
What is the limitation of spaces within one Cloud Foundry org? Maximum 2 spaces per org Unlimited spaces per org Exactly 1 space per org.
How many global accounts are associated with one license type? Choose the correct answer. Many 1 2.
What are some of the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Connector? (3 correct) Serves as a link between SAP BTP applications and on-premise systems. Runs as on-premise agent in a secured network. Provides access to the SAP Cloud Identity Services. Manages dev spaces. A Provides fine-grained control over the connectivity.
What does the .env file provide? Values into the runtime environment of a CAP service Values for your version-management-system.
What encryption type does the SAP Cloud Connector use? TLS XMPP SSH SSL.
Which modules must you install to enable authentication support in CAP for BTP? (2 corrects) xssecure xssec xsenv xsjs.
Role collections of a subaccount are available in the global account. False True.
You are asked to add a User Interface to your CAP project as quickly as possible and without any unique functionalities. Which option do you choose? SAP Fiori Elements SAPUI5 Freestyle.
You have set up a pipeline in the SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service with automated deployment. A build was initiated and failed. What do you check to find out which step of the pipeline failed? The webhook of your version control system The stages of the failed job run The webhook event receiver The stages in the config.yml in the .pipeline folder.
What are directories? Choose the correct answer. Groups of environments Groups of applications Groups of subaccounts.
What kind of relationship does a subaccount and a Cloud Foundry org have? n:n 1:1 1:n n:1.
In your Git system, you have set up a webhook for your SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline. What does the webhook require to send a request to the specified payload URL? Note: There are 2 to choose. A user A secret A password A content type.
Which of the following components is required to connect SAP BTP to an on-premise system? Remote SaaS app SAP Gateway SAP Cloud Connector.
In CAP, which keyword is used to send events? throw emit actions stream.
What is the relationship between YAML and JSON? Choose the correct answer. YAML is a superset of JSON. JSON is a superset of YAML. YAML and JSON are unrelated.
The managed approuter is a service in SAP BTP. false true.
What is the default identity provider for SAP BTP platform users? SAML 2.0 XSUAA SAP ID service SAP Cloud Identity Services.
What is an Application Programming Interface (API)? Choose the correct answer. A way for applications to interact with other applications A way for applications to remotely modify other applications A software development kit (SDK) for mobile applications.
What is a reason to add UI annotations to your project? To display columns and form fields. To add tooltips to the header fields of tables. To allow users to annotate table cells.
After you run the command <code>cds add hana</code>, which file is updated with the required configuration? package.mta package.json package.cds package.js.
JSON is based on which programming language?Choose the correct answer. JCL JavaScript Java Julia.
What are yaml files used for? To describe data To describe documents.
Which concept describes Cloud Foundry applications? Proglot Epiglot Monoglot Polyglot.
Which tools can you use to manage the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment? (2 correct) SAP BTP cockpit CF CLI SAP Business Application Studio Eclipse.
Which services does SAP BTP Connectivity consist of? There are 2 corrects answers. SAP Destination service SAP Connectivity service OData Connector for SAP Solutions XSUAA Connector for SAP Business Technology Platform.
Which of the following are standard floorplans of SAP Fiori Elements? Worklist List report Blueprint Dashboard.
Which OData versions support SAP Fiori elements? V1 V4 V2 V3.
Which of the following statements are correct? There are two correct answers. JSON’s foremost design goal is support for serializing arbitrary native data structures. Each YAML file is a valid JSON file. Each JSON file is a valid YAML file. YAML’s foremost design goal is support for serializing arbitrary native data structures.
Which pattern do you use to register an event handler? srv.() phase.() event.().
Why does CAP set the file <code>risks-service.js</code> automatically as a handler file for the respective service? Because SAP Business Application Studio added a respective annotation. Because the filename and the service definition filename are the same.
What do you need to connect a service to the Sandbox environment of the SAP API Business Hub for the Business Partner API that you want to use? A personal token An API key.
What are advantages of using an MTA file for deployment? (Choose 2) It provides a build tool. It supports blue-green deployment. It provides workflows. It supports red - green deployment.
Which dev space type should you select to extend SAP S/4HANA with a CAP project? Choose the correct answer. Full Stack Cloud Application SAP Fiori SAP HANA Native Application.
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