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Where can you find APIs provided by SAP and SAP partners? Choose the correct answer. SAP Cloud Connector SAP Business Application Studio SAP API Business Hub.
What is the actual automation part of SAP CI/CD? Choose the correct answer. Configure a branch in the GitHub repository. Configure a job.
Which of the following identifiers of the communication scenario is used for accessing the Business Partner API in an SAP S/4HANA Cloud system? Choose the correct answer. SAP_COM_0109 SAP_COM_0008 SAP_COM_0009 SAP_COM_0213.
What are the two structures JSON is built on? (2 corrects) Ordered list of values Unordered list of strings Collections of value/value pairs Collections of name/value pairs.
Why do you need an approuter for your application? (2 corrects) To connect requests from the web browser to the provider of UI sources To connect requests from the web browser to a service To route microservices to the web browser that runs your extension To replace static URLs with dynamic content.
After what period of time does GitHub remove unused personal access tokens? Choose the correct answer. 1 month 100 days 28 days 1 year.
What is required when registering an SAP S/4HANA Cloud system in your SAP BTP global account? Choose the correct answer. A voucher A developer token A coin.
Which service plan of the SAP BTP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility service do you choose when you want to use the Business Partner API of your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system? Choose the correct answer. Cloud Foundry SAP_COM_0008 api-access.
What is SAP Business Application Studio? Choose the correct answer. A Microsoft Visual Studio Code extension An SAP Mobile Application A web browser-based development environment A source code management system.
Which of the following does OData use to address and access data feed resources? Choose the correct answer. URI URL URN.
Which file contains an app's "declaration of security"? xs-app.json xs-sec.json xs-security.json.
Which severity level matches which request method? Req.notify - 1 Req.info - 2 Req.warn - 3 Req.error - 4 Req.error - 1 Req.notify - 2 Req.warn - 3 Req.info - 4 Req.warn - 1 Req.notify - 2 Req.error - 3 Req.info - 4 Req.info - 1 Req.notify - 2 Req.warn - 3 Req.error - 4.
What is the next step after you initialize a new local git repository (git init) and add files to it (git add)? Choose the correct answer. Commit Pull Fetch.
In the Builds view of SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery there is no new tile for your job. Which command do you run to trigger the job manually? Choose 2 correct answer. Trigger run Trigger build Trigger refresh Trigger title.
In which of the following apps can you manage connected SAP BTP accounts in an SAP S/4HANA system? Choose the correct answer. Manage Add-ons on SAP BTP Maintain Integrations on SAP BTP Maintain Extensions on SAP BTP.
Which command do you use to install dependencies in your project? Choose the correct answer. cds npm yum bash.
What do you use to tell a job which steps it needs to perform? Choose the correct answer. Set up an OData service. Set up a pipeline. Create a webhook.
You want to register custom event handlers using instances of CAP Node.js SDK classes cds.Event cds.Service cds.Request.
A global account has a relationship with entitlements. The cardinality of this relationship is "0-n" as shown in the graphic. What are the cardinalities for the other relationships in the attached diagram? (Drag and drop the labels at the bottom onto the framed locations of the image above.) 1-n 1 0-1 0-n.
Which command adds a file called Jenkinsfile to your CAP project? Choose the correct answer. cds add pipeline git add Jenkins cd .pipeline.
Role collections of a global account are available in a subaccount of this global account? false true.
When deploying applications on SAP BTP, what is the maximum application package size? 1.5 GB 2 GB 1 GB 2.5 GB.
In SAP Business Application Studio, how many dev space types are available? Choose the correct answer. 5 4 6 3.
Your company is using the SAP Authorization and Trust Management service in conjunction with the XSUAA service to authorize their applications. Where do you bundle your defined scopes in role-templates? In an xs-security.json file In a role-collection In an instance of the XSUAA service.
Which of the following statements applies to Continuous Deployment? Choose the correct answer. The trigger for deployment to a productive system is a human decision. Software is ready for deployment to a productive system all the time. Feedback from a productive system gets quickly integrated into teams’ backlog. Code changes are pushed to a remote source code management system. Deployment to a productive system is triggered automatically.
Which of the following is provided by an environment? (3 corrects) Services Tools Regions Subaccounts Runtime.
Which document types are associated with an OData service? (2 correct) Service description document Service manifest document Service metadata document Service document.
What do you use to retrieve the information about a change on the repository? Choose the correct answer. A PUT request to GitHub A change document webhook.
How can you get the information about org name and API endpoint of your Cloud Foundry environment? There are two correct answers. Run command cf help -a in the terminal of SAP Business Application Studio. Access the values from the subaccount overview in the SAP BTP cockpit. Run command cf target in the terminal of SAP Business Application Studio.
What kind of request does the webhook send? Choose the correct answer. PUT POST GET.
What can you install to add authentication to your CAP application? Passport.js Node.js RiskManager.
Your CAP project contains an entity called Books. You want to extend the Books entity with the managed aspect. You have already imported the aspect from the '@sap/cds/common' package (see attached graphic). Which is a valid way to extend the entity with the aspect? Entity Books : { key ID : UUID @(Cora.Computed : true); title : String; author : String; aspect : managed; } Entity Books : managed { key ID : UUID @(Cora.Computed : true); title : String; author : String; } Entity Books : { key ID : UUID @(Cora.Computed : true); title : String; author : String; } aspect managed : Books{}.
What are some characteristics of YAML files? Note: There are 2 to choose. YAML files relyon correct indentation. YAML files can be used as configuration files. YAML files are based on XM YAML files are also valid JSON files.
What does the Extended Services - User Account and Authentication (XSUAA) service enable your app to do? (2 corrects) Store "real" users. Identify users by address and social security ID. Identify users by e-mail, userId, first and last name. Check users' roles to allow or prohibit actions.
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