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C_CPI Fundamentals

C_CPI Fundamentals

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What are the three layers of the SAP Integration Suite architecture? Data/backend layer, standard API layer, and consumer layer Standard API layer, UI layer, and consumer layer Integration layer, data/backend layer, and standard API layer Consumer layer, data/backend layer, and integration layer.
Who hosts SAP Business Accelerator Hub APIs? 2 correct answers SAP Partner SAP SAP end users.
For users to access specific tools in SAP Integration Suite, what must you directly assign to them? Role collection(s) Roles Capabilities None of the above.
What are the four core capabilities of SAP Integration Suite? Select four correct answers: The Integration Advisor Cloud Integration API Management Integration assessment Open Connectors Trading Partner Management.
What are the four environments of SAP BTP? Select four correct answers: SAP BTP, ABAP environment Integration environment SAP BTP, Neo environment SAP BTP, Kyma runtime SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment.
What are the three planes of SAP BTP’s technical architecture? Select three correct answers: Application plane Foundational plane Data plane Integration plane System plane.
What are the four capabilities of SAP BTP? Database and data management, intelligent technologies, application development and integration, and automation Database and data management, automation, application development and integration, and analytics Database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies Intelligent technologies, automation, database, data management, and analytics.
How should a development environment be set up, in the proper order? 1) Subscribe to SAP Integration Suite, 2) Enable access to capabilities, 3) Create a trial account, and 4) Add role collection(s) to the user 1) Create a trial account, 2) Subscribe to SAP Integration Suite, 3) Enable access to capabilities, and 4) Add role collection(s) to the user 1) Enable access to capabilities, 2) Subscribe to SAP Integration Suite, 3) Add role collection(s) to the user, and 4) Create a trial account.
What role collection(s) must be assigned to the user for API Management? Select one or more answers: APIPortal.Administrator APIPortal.Guest APIManagement.SelfService.Administrator PI_Administrator APIPortal.Service.CatalogIntegration.
After subscribing to SAP Integration Suite as the application, what is the next preferred step? Adding roles Adding role collection(s) to users Provisioning capabilities None of the above.
For the SAP free tier, which of the following statements is false? To obtain it, you must provide your credit card information. There is no expiry date. Paid plans can be consumed quite simply. Only current SAP customers are eligible to use it.
To avoid paying anything, which commercial model should I choose if I don’t use SAP BTP services during a billing cycle? Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP Subscription model CPEA model Prepaid model.
Which of the following best describes a contract between SAP and an SAP customer? Subaccount Directory Space Global Account.
Which SAP BTP environment, when active, provides a Kubernetes cluster? SAP BTP, ABAP environment SAP BTP, Neo environment SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.
At what level in SAP BTP is a region selected Space Global Account Subaccount Directory.
What services does an SAP BTP environment offer? Select three correct answers: Runtimes Tools Services Virtual Machines.
What environment would you use to create serverless functionalities and containerized microservices within SAP BTP? SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment SAP BTP, Kyma runtime SAP BTP, ABAP environment SAP BTP, Neo environment.
What characteristics does a directory hierarchy level have in the SAP BTP account model? Select two correct answers: A region can be assigned at the directory level. Entitlements and quotas can be assigned at the directory level. A commercial model can be assigned at the directory level Usage can be monitored at the directory level.
Which of the following statements about not setting a quota at the space level is true? No resources can be consumed at the space level. Space can consume resources up to the parent org’s quota. Space can use only free services. There is no limit to the number of resources that can be used by the space.
What resource is not accessible with a subaccount? Virtual machines Applications Services Subscriptions.
What is the main purpose of the migration assessment capability in SAP Integration Suite? For assessing and then moving integration scenarios from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite For analyzing extracted data For taking the data out of your current SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 system. All of the above.
What are the role collection(s) assigned to a user for the migration assessment capability? Select one or more answers: PI_Integration_Developer PIMAS_Administrator PIMAS_IntegrationAnalyst PI_Business_Expert.
What is SAP Discovery Center? A marketplace for SAP products and services A training platform for SAP consultants A collaborative workspace for SAP customers and partners A virtual event for showcasing SAP innovations.
Who can access SAP Discovery Center? Only SAP customers with a valid subscription Only certified SAP consultants Anyone with an internet connection Only employees of SAP and its partners.
What commercial models are available in SAP BTP? Subscription-based model Commercial-based model Pay-per-use model Premium model.
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