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You want to enable context-sensitive user assistance for SAPUI5-based SAP Fiori apps. How do you configure the product and the corresponding version of the help texts? A. Via the redirect txt file of the SAP web dispatcher B. Via parameters of the respective target mapping C. Via the default of the FES system D. Via customizing in the BES system.
What can you use the combination of SAP Fiori apps reference library and the maintenance planner for? (2 Answers) A. Deploy a set of SAP Fiori apps in your SAP Fiori system Landscape B. list the SAP Fiori apps that are the currently implemented in your SAP Fiori System Land scape C. Prepare the installation of new systems that meet the prerequisites of multiple SAP Fiori apps D. Download the software packages required to implement a set of SAP Fiori apps.
What is needed to define the target of an SAPUI5 target mapping? (2 Answers) A. SAPUI5 component ID B. ICF service URL C. SAP Gateway service D. Systems alias.
What are the SAP Fiori design guidelines? (3 Answers) A. Intuitive B. Role based C. Native D. Simple E. Coherent.
You want to set up SAP Fiori search for SAP S/4HANA 1610. What should you do in the BES system? (2 Answers) A. Assign role SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN to your user B. Assign role SAP_ESH_SEARCH to your user C. Run task list SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT D. Run task list SAP_ESH_INTIAL_SETUP_000_CLIENT.
You want to create an SAP Fiori tile to launch an SAP GUI Transaction. Which of the following do you have to enter in the corresponding target mapping? (3 Answers) A. Application ID B. Application name C. Application type D. Transaction code.
In an SAP Fiori app, what does an intent-based navigation consist of? (2 Answers) A. Target URL B. Semantic object C. Application name D. Action.
Your AS ABAP-based SAP system does not start correctly and you need to analyze the log files.in which directory are the logs from the start process of the SAP system stored? A. /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/sapcontrol B. /<sapmnt>/<SID>/<INSTANCE><No>/exe C. /<sapmnt>/trans/log D. /<sapmnt>/SID>/<Instance><no>/work.
You want to enable apps based on KPI design. Which configuration steps apply to the KPI design? (2 Answers) A. Registration of the following OData services : /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS /UI2/INTEROP B. Activation of ICF services below node /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2 C. Activation of ICF services in the name range /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/sb_apps_* D. registration of the following OData services: /SSB/SMART_BUSINESS_DESIGNTIME_SRV /SSB/SMART_BUSINESS_RUNTIME_SRV.
What are some of the steps to implement a transactional SAP Fiori app in a central hub deployment? (2 Answers) A. Activate the relevant ICF service for SAPUI5 in the FES system. B. Activate the relevant OData service in the FES system. C. Activate the relevant ICF service for SAPUI5 in the BES system. D. Activate the relevant OData service in the BES system.
Which Databases are supported for an SAP Fiori FES 3.0 System when combined with an SAP S/4HANA 1610 BES system? (2 Answers) A. SAP Max DB B. Oracle data base C. SAP HANA D. Microsoft SQL server.
You want to enable analytical apps for SAP S/4HANA what do you use to install the technical SAP business Warehouse Content for SAP Fiori? A. Transaction RSTCO_ADMIN B. Report EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP C. Report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN D. Function module RSEC_GENERATE_BI_ALL.
Which selection options do you have when you execute program /UI2/INVALIDATE_CLIENT_CACHES? (2 Answers) A. For a selected user B. For the current client C. For all clients D. For all users.
In additional to a transaction code. What is required to define the target mapping for a single ABAP transaction? A. SAP Gateway service B. ICF service URL C. Application configuration D. System alias.
Which of the following single sign-on mechanisms is not supported for SAP Fiori search? A. Kerberos/SPNEGO B. X.509 client certificate C. SAML 2.0 D. SAP logon Tickets.
You want to add an SAP Fiori group to a user's SAP Fiori launchpad to what do you have to assign the SAP Fiori launchpad.to what do you have to assign SAP Fiori group? A. To a user profile of the user B. To an SAP Fiori catalog of the user C. To a user role of the user D. To a user group of the user.
You want to enable the context sensitive user assistance in the SAP Fiori launchpad. Where are the help texts persisted? A. At the FES System B. At a separate web server C. At the BES system D. At the SAP web dispatcher.
You want to set up SSL encryption for the communication channel from the SAP Fiori Clients via an SAP web Dispatcher to the FES system. What is one of the configuration steps necessary to establish an HTTPS connection between SAP Fiori clients and the SAP Dispatcher? A. Sign the SAP Web dispatcher's SSL Client certificate and import it into the SAP Fiori Client. B. Sign the sap Web dispatcher's SSL Server certificate and import into the SAP Web Dispatcher's server PSE. C. Sign the FES system's SSL client Certificate and import it into the SAP Web dispatcher's client PSE. D. Sign the FES System's SSL Server Certificate and import it in to the SAP web dispatcher's client PSE.
In the Sap Web IDE . What does an SAPUI5 extension project reference? A. SAPUI5 service B. SAP Gateway project C. SAP gateway service D. SAPUI5 project.
You are responsible for a newly installed (not upgraded) SAP S/4HANA 1610 System with several instances. Two of them are additional applications servers (AAS).How many active profile files are persisted in the profile directory of this SAP s/4HANA system? A. 4 B. 9 C. 5 D. 7.
You want to enable analytical apps for SAP S/4HANA. What do you use to install the technical SAP business Warehouse Content for SAP Fiori? A. Transaction RSTCO_ADMIN B. Report EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP C. Report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN D. Function module RSEC_GENERATE_BI_ALL.
In your FES system, the following system alias are defined: The following screenshot shows the definition of OData service ZMM_PUR_PR_PROCESS_SRV: Your user is assigned to user roles ZS4SIA and ZS4EUR in the FES system. You are executing the following URI request in the gateway client of the FES system:/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZMM_PUR_PR_PROCESS_SRV:mo/<0Data-request> From which BES system will the data come from? A. S4E and LOCAL B. S4A and S4N C. S4A and S4E D. S4E and S4N.
What are the building blocks of SAP activate? (3 Answer) A. SAP best practice B. Guided configuration C. Methodology D. SAP IT Service management E. Maintenance planner.
You want to ensure that push notifications show up in the SAP Fiori launchpad of a user. How can you do that? A. Assign ABAP role SAP_IWNGW_BR_NOTIFICATION to the user B. Assign one of the user's roles to system alias LOCAL of OData service group /IWNGW/NOTIFICATION. C. Assign SAP Fiori group /UI2/ENABLE_NOTIFICATION to one of the user's roles D. Assign SAP Fiori catalog /UI2/CONFIG_NOTIFICATION to one of the user's roles.
You want to work with the sap gate way performance trace tool (transaction/IWFND? TRACES). What can you configure? (2 Answer) A. The duration in hours for the active trace B. The number of days to keep the performance trace data C. The maximum number of entries in the trace D. The application server(S) on which the trace is activated.
What can you do within the SAP web dispatcher web administration UI? (2 Answer) A. Stop SAP web dispatcher B. Analyze statistics C. Modify rewrite rules D. Evaluate trace files.
What information do you have to provide during the installation of an SAP web dispatcher as it relates to the ABAP-based SAP system? (2 Answer) A. The ICF service in SAP system that is required by SAP web dispatcher B. The instance number of the primary applications server (PAS) of the SAP system C. The HTTP port of the message server of the SAP system D. The system Id (SID) of the SAP system.
Which app types are used in display the details of an SAP Fiori search result entry? (2 Answers) A. Fact sheet B. Object page C. Transactional D. Analytical.
What data can be distributed with Central User Administration (CUA)? (2 Answer) A. Productive password of a user B. Authorization profiles C. Single and composite roles D. Address data of a user.
You want to configure notification for SAP Fiori. Which of the following steps do you perform in the BES system? (3 Answers) A. Register bgRFC inbound destination IWNGW_BEP_OUT_BGRFC B. Activate ICF service /sap/bc/apc/iwngw/notification_push_apc for push channels C. Create bgRFC destination IWNGW_BGRFC D. Create an SAP gateway alias with an RFC destination to the FES system E. Provide the back-end alias (transaction/IWNGW/BEP_SET_ALIAS).
Which selection options are available when you activate the SAP performance trace tool (transaction /IWFND/TRACES)? (2 Answer) A. User name B. Variant name C. Transaction name D. Request URI prefix.
Which of the following can be the source definition of an OData service in ABAP? (2 Answer) A. SAP Gateway project B. Core data services (CDS) View C. ABAP Managed Database procedure (AMDP) D. SAP HANA extended application services OData service.
What can you do to activate multiple OData services? (2 Answers) A. Run transaction STC01 and execute task list SAP_GATEWAY_ACTIVATE_ODATA_SERV. B. Run transaction /IWFND/GW_CLIENT C. Run transaction /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE D. Run transaction /IWFND/MAIFIT_SERVICE.
What can you use the maintenance planner for? (2 Answer) A. Plan a new SAP system installation. B. Group SAP systems into tracks. C. Import Support Packages. D. Apply SPAM/SAINT updates.
What does task list SAP_FIORI_LAUNCHPAD _INIT_SETUP dp? (3 Answers) A. Create a trust relationship from the FES to BES system B. Activate OData services for SAP Fiori launchpad C. Activate OData services for KPI design D. Create system alias LOCAL E. Activate HTTP services for SAP Fiori Launchpad.
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