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C_FIORDEV_21 - Part II

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C_FIORDEV_21 - Part II

SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer

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What steps needs to be done in manifest.json if you need to hide variant function in a list report? (2 correct) Add setting to enable smart Variant Management Set setting variantManagementHidden to true Set setting variantManagementHidden to false Add setting to disable smart variant Management.
What are the limitations of publishing CDS as OData service by adding a @OData.publish:true? (3 correct) Can not change names of entity sets No customized ABAP code in SAP Gateway Only 1 level is taken into consideration when exposing associations Can not expose associations.
What are the features of Fiori Elements? (3 correct) A replacement for traditional free style SAPUI5 programming, can satisfy all customer needs in a brand new approach. Centrally Provided Templates covering Reporting, Analytic, Transaction secnarios. No JavaScript UI Coding Metadata-driven approach of Fiori development.
In which base class implementation is the setModel function implemented? sap.ui.base.ManagedObject sap.ui.base.Object sap.ui.model.base.BaseModel sap.ui.base.Interface.
Which types are supported as header facets for an object page? (3 correct) Smart Chart Facet Plan Text Facet Rating Indicator Facet Field Group Facet.
Which of following steps are needed to create an association in CDS and expose it? (2 correct) Declare an association using "association to" statement Declare an association using "left outer join" statement Expose the association by writing its name in projection list Expose fields in the association by writing each field in projection list.
What goals does the SAPUI5 framework have? (2 correct) Providing a lightweight programming model for desktop only applications Providing an extensible framework for building desktop and mobile applications User Interface technology for building and adapting server based applications User Interface technology for building and adapting client applications.
What property is used in the manifest file, to configure how the selection and presentation variants display using a single variant management area? variantManagement allowSmartVariantManagement smartVariantManagement.
Which OData versions are currently supported by SAPUI5? (2 correct) OData V2 OData V5 OData V7 OData V4.
Which info will be used for creating a destination in SAP Cloud Platform for Fiori Elements development? Internal name in SAP Cloud Connector Internal address of SAP Backend Server External name in SAP Cloud Connector Virtual name in SAP Cloud Connector.
What steps are part of the discover phase in the DLD? (3 correct) Test Synthesize Research Scope Implement.
Which of the following properties are relevant to the type of facet? (2 correct) type targetQualifier purpose parentId.
What are the options for external navigation? (3 correct) Navigation to URL (As a button) Navigation to Intent (As a link) Navigation to Intent (As a button) Navigation to URL (As a link).
@OData.publish is used to publish CDS view as OData? True False.
What are the current SAP UI Tools? (3 correct) SAPUI5 Application Development Tools Flexible UI Designer SAP NetWeaver Gateway SAP Screen Personas SAP NetWeaver Portal.
To add a header facet, you should use @UI.HeaderFacet annotation and put it before the define statement of your CDS view. True False.
Which of the following layouts, are described in version 1.48 of the Guidelines? (2 correct) MobileDeviceLayout Split-Screen Flexible Column Layout Dynamic Page Full Screen.
When creating a CDS view, the SQL view name and view name for CDS must be identical. True False.
Which of following description about search field is NOT true? There is only 1 search field per list report Search field searches for only 1 data field Search field support fuzzy search The Search field is searching on more that one data field.
Which areas are part of an Analytic List Page? (3 correct) Content Area Selection Fields Title Area Visual Filters.
What steps are used to display a field as a rating indicator? ( 2 correct) Set the visualization of line item to #RATING Add a @UI.datapoint to the field and set the visualization to #RATING Add a @UI.chart annotation to the field and set the visualization to #RATING Set type of line item to #AS_DATAPOINT.
What are the current UI Technologies of SAP? (3 correct) Web Dynpro ABAP / Floorplan Manager Java Server Pages Dynpro SAPUI5 Business Server Pages.
Which of the following information about an OData service should be provided as an annotation? The entities of an OData service The position for each field in a list report Data type for each property in an Entity Set / Connection Properties of an Entity Set / Connection.
Is it true to say that the sap.m.App control does not provide responsive behavior? No, that is not true. The sap.m.App control provides responsive behavior It depends on the SAPUI5 version. From version 1.30 and later, the sap.m.App control provides responsive behavior That is true, the sap.m.App control does not provide responsive behavior.
If your backend system is based on ABAP 7.50, which are available ways of using facets? (2 correct) It is not possible to use facets in ABAP 7.50 Declare both: field group and facet as local annotation using WebIDE Declare field group in CDS view, declare facets as local annotation using WebIDE Declare both: field groups and facets in CDS view.
Which of the following are best practices when developing a SAPUI5 app? (4 correct) Use an asynchronous model definition in your JavaScript code Describe your app using a set of metadata Use the Synchronous Model Definition (SMD) syntax Minimize the code in the index.html file Make use of patterns.
In an Analytic List Page, the user can filter data by clicking some points in the chart. True False.
What steps are part of the design phase in the DLD? (3 correct) Test Validate Prototype Scope Ideate.
Which of following templates display only one business entity? Overview Page Object Page Analytic List Page List Report.
The combination of Term/Target is unique, that means for an Entity or a field, every term can be used only once. True False.
Why does it make sense to use the navigation API of SAPUI5 and concepts such as eventbus or the navcontainer functions of the base application? (2 correct) Using the navigation API, the configuration of routes and targets are clearly separated from the application implementation. The eventbus concept is deprecated and should no longer be used. The NavContainer of the App object is not accessible inside a component-based app. Using the navigation API, it is possible to use bookmarks.
Which control is used in the index.html file to support letterboxing if required? sap.m.Shell sap.ui.core.View sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer sap.ui.core.Component.
What can you do by editing manifest.json? (2 correct) Define facets on Object Page Add object pages as sub page under an object page Disable object page Disable List Report.
From which control does the sap.m.App control inherit navigation capabilities? sap.m.NavContainer sap.ui.core.NavContainer sap.m.NavigationContainer.
What is the use of the annotation @UI.hidden? Not expose these fields as a property of OData service Create a invisible column to save the value in a hidden control of HTML Prevent a column from display on the UI Prevent a column selected by user when customizing table settings.
In an overview page, all entity sets for cards have an association with the entity set for global filter, otherwise the filter will not work on the card. True False.
In which cases, is a local annotation better than a CDS annotation? (2 correct) Complex UI relevant annotations UI with data sensitive You want to use annotations which are not supported by your current ABAP version Annotations is for 1 field.
What approach gives you the most flexibility for your SAPUI5 app? Implement complex UIs in the index.html file Using a view-only based approach Using a component-based approach Using a controller-based approach.
What are the differences between analytical entity set and normal entity set from an OData consumer perspective? (3 correct) Analyzes the use of the database and runs faster when SAP HANA is used as database compared to a normal entity set. The Analytical entity set, returns all data, needed to analyze the client. The Analytical entity set, returns summarized results according to the $select parameter. The Analytical entity set, generates a new field for primary key.
Choose available options for creating a value help for a selection field. (2 correct) If the domain which associates to the field, has a fixed value, the value help will be generated automatically. By adding a value help annotation By adding a foreign key annotation By adding annotation to list all possible in source code of CDS.
How can you hide some columns when the list report is accessed by a mobile phone? Prepare different version of @UI.lineitem and assign them as different qualifier Add @UI.hidden for fields, not import Set UI.lineItem importance for those fields as #LOW or #MEDIUM Put all fields, which are not important at the end of the report, when screen gets smaller, the fields will hide automatically.
Using S/4 HANA 1610 with ABAP 7.51, which of following templates can you use for Fiori Element? (3 correct) Analytic List Page Object Page Overview Page List Report.
How do you set a field as the title for a business entity? Add @UI.headerInfo.title annotation for that field Add @UI.headerInfo.title for the CDS view and reference it to field Add @UI.title annotation for that field Add @UI.headerInfo.title.value for the CDS view and reference it to the field.
What is SAP Kapsel? (2 correct) SAP specific plug-in for Apple iOS SAP specific plug-in for Android SAP specific plug-in for Cordova SAP Kapsel provides the API to interact from Cordova based web applications to SMP# and software cloud platforms.
Which of the following types are types of cards in an Overview Page? (4 correct) List Cards Analytic Cards Link List Cards Array Cards Table Cards.
Fiori Elements support write operations, if the backend service is written by CDS working with BOPF. True False.
When running a list report, users can only filter data using fields provided as selection fields by developer. True False.
The CDS annotation @UI.facet is used to: (3 correct) Create a reference under collection facet Create a collection facet, which is displayed as section Create content, like field groups or charts for a Facet Create a Header Facet.
Which binding modes are supported by SAPUI5? (3 correct) One-way Single-time only Two-way Once One-time.
What configuration steps are necessary to define a navigation route? (3 correct) Activate routing in the sap.app Configure a target Assign at least one target to the route Configure a route in the manifest.json file.
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