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SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer

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What is the usage of Object Model annotations? UI-relevant annotations used SAP Fiori elements Semantic annotation for fields of the result set Annotation for structured and transactional aspects of the data model Annotation for the consumption layer.
What SAPUI5 control is used as a starting point to implement the initial page? sap.m.Table sap.m.Select sap.m.List sap.m.Input.
SAPUI5 provides two different router implementations. What router class is used in SAP Fiori apps as a router or as a router base class, when you want to implement your own router? sap.ui.core.routing.Router sap.m.routing.Router sap.routing.Router sap.m.Router.
What problem is solved by the worklist report floorplan? The user must process a long and unfamiliar task You want to display all the information of a simple or complex object, with different facets, in a responsive way You want to display a large collection of items, and the user can take some action You want to display a collection of items and process them or delegate them to someone else.
What is the main benefit to using predefined CSS margin/padding classes of SAPUI5? Consistent width Consistent spacing Consistent borders Consistent height.
What is SAP Fiori floorplan? A floorplan defines the overall layout of an application A floorplan is a layout of the SAP web dynpro layouts for SAP Fiori apps A floorplan is a UI pattern that provides consistent UX A floorplan is a layout of SAPUI5.
Which of the following make up the configuration of a tile for launching an SAP fiori app of type SAP UI5 in the SAP Fiori launchpad designer? (3 correct) Target Mapping Tile Configuration Tile Implementation Semantic Object Launchpad creation via LPD_CUST.
Which of the following components are part of the SAP Fiori launchpad? (3 correct) Shell Services Runtime configuration UI2 services Runtime container Shell container.
What aggregations are defined by the sap.suite.ui.commons.ChartContainer? (3 correct) dimensionSelector content legend container customicons.
Which of the following artefacts are contained in the OData URL structure? (3 correct) Service Root URI Header data Query Options Resource Path.
Which of the following statements are talking about the SAP Fiori app architecture? (2 correct) SAP Fiori apps need to have an app descriptor that describes the applications metadata SAP Fiori apps should use the SAPUI5 core as a place to hold app data models SAP Fiori apps have a index.html file that is used for SAP Fiori launchpad integration SAP Fiori apps are implemented using the component-based approach.
What areas are mandatory in the tile layout? (2 correct) Content area Subtitle KPI area Status area Header area.
What problem is solved by the wizard floorplan? The user must process a long and unfamiliar task You want to display all the information of a simple or complex object, with different facets, in a responsive way You want to display a large collection of items, and the user can take some action You want to display a collection of items and process them or delegate them to someone else.
What impact does UX have on monetary values? (3 correct) Increase user statisfaction Decreases change requests and user errors Strengthens relationships with customers Improves productivity and data quality Saves training costs.
What are common design thinking brainstorming rules? (2 correct) Go for quality Be visual Discuss and judge every idea Fail early and often.
When do you use flexible column layout? You want to create a master-detail-detail scenario in which the user can drill down or navigate You want to embed the SAP Fiori launchpad or overview page into one of the columns You want to open multiple instances of the same object type You want to split a single object into multiple columns or display only a small amount of information.
Which types of services are known or supported by the SAP Fiori launchpad (2 correct) UI2 services Platform-independent services UI5 services Platform-specific services.
Which of the following layouts, are described in v1.48 of guidelines? (2 correct) Dynamic page Flexible column layout Split-screen Mobile device layout Full-screen.
What is the purpose of SAP Build? Provides tooling to support the designer during various phases of design thinking Provides tooling to support the developer during development of back-end services Provides tooling to support the developer during development of SAPUI5 applications.
What is the purpose of the neo-app.json file located in the project root folder of your SAP Web IDE project? It contains the mapping configuration of the front-end and back-end server URLs. It contains the configuration for the mock server. It contains the OData service configuration parameters used at runtime. It contains the mapping between an application URL and a destination configured in the SAP Cloud Platform.
What do you focus on when it comes to decomposition and re-composition? The data and functions that are already in the system The person’s tasks that should be supported by the application The expensive of the implementation The building of mega transactions to support all needs of all people.
What names have the view ports of the SAP Fiori lanchpad? (3 correct) Notification area Me area Desktop Workspace.
What content density is used for touch-enabled devices? Cozy form factor Small form factor Mobile form factor Desktop form factor Compact form factor.
What are the main configuration objects of the routing configuration? (3 correct) targets routes config routing.
What impact does SAP Fiori have on business? ( 3 correct) Simplication Re-imagines processes User centered Web and open standards Digitization.
Why is it advisable to not use a custom CSS file in your SAP UI5 applications? Time spent designing modified CSS is expensive. SAPUI5 has problems with custom CSS Having one central design created with the theme designed is every efficient. When something needs to be changed at the client interface, it is easier to handle.
What transaction is used to create an semantic object for customer configuration? /UI5/LPD_CUST /UI5/SEMOBJ /UI2/SEMOBJ SU01 PFCG.
Which type of application can use the dynamic page layout? The layout is deprecated, which means you should not use the layout anymore. You can use the dynamic page layout of any kind of application The dynamic page layout is only used for analytical applications? The layout is only used for master-detail scenario.
What is the idea behind the golden rule of having one common UX? Reduce the overall total cost of ownership. Reduces development costs Reduces training costs and increases the quality of data.
What three key aspects are important when talking about innovation? (3 correct) Feasibility Scalibility Desirability Viability.
How many columns are supported by the flexible column layout? 1 2 3 5 4.
What main aspects does the developer have to configure for a sap.viz.ui5.controls.VizFrame control? (4 correct) DimensionDefinition Feed MeasureDefinition Dataset Datacontainer.
Which of the following can be used for usability assessment? (3 correct) Heuristic evaluation Questionnaires User observation User testing.
What factors are key to user experience with user assistance? (3 correct) Confusing Seamless Instant Error prone Context-sensitive.
Which aspects should be considered in deciding which layout template to use? (2 correct) You need to consider which browser type is used It is helpful to answer questions on the nature of tasks You need to analyze the capabilities of the user. You need to analyze what end device the app is executed on You need to consider what the user wants to achieve when working in the app.
When do you not use the overview page floorplan? (3 correct) You just represent one application and less than three cards. You want to display a collection of items and process them or delegate them to someone else. A high-level or birds-eye view of an application content is sufficient. You want to show information about one object only. In this case, use the object page instead.
What are the key aspects of SAP's UX strategy? (3 correct) SAP screen personas Architecture and Technology New / Renew / Enablement Design Strategy New / Renew / Empower.
Which of the following should you avoid with regard to golden rule "Every SAP Fiori app must run as a web app"? (4 correct) Absolute URLs generated in front or back-end Hard dependencies between apps Use of platform-specific functionality without availability check Using SAPUI5 Calling UI2 services directly instead of using APIs.
Since when is the Split-Screen layout deprecated? 1.48 1.42 1.44 1.46 1.5.
What are the tasks of the controller in the Model-View-Controller implementation? ( 2 correct ) Holds the business data Contains the UI implementation Modifies the model Modifies the view via API Updates using data binding.
What happens if the text is not available in the customized bundle of your extension? The key will display in the application in capital letters. No text is displayed SAPUI5 tries to find the text in the resource bundle of the standard application. An exception is raised.
What are the main artefacts of an SAPUI5 application? (3 correct) CSS Controllers Views Control Models.
What does effectiveness mean in the relation to user interface? The comfort and acceptability of the work system to its users and other people affected by its use The accuracy and completeness with which specific users can achieve specified goals in specific environments The resource expended in relation to the accuracy and completeness of goals achieved.
What is described as the person's perceptions and response that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service? Usability User experience User interface User acceptance.
The SAP Fiori Design Guidelines are available for various device types. For what device types are the design guidelines available? (3 correct) SAP Fiori for Blueberry SAP Fiori for Windows SAP Fiori for Web SAP Fiori for Android SAP Fiori for iOS.
Which different app types can be found in SAP Fiori? (2 correct) Conceptual Infrastructural Technical Mobile Industrial.
Which of the following statements are correct with respect to the SAP Web IDE? (2 correct) SAP web IDE is a development environment for SAP ABAP. SAP web IDE is a browser-based development environment. SAP web IDE provides application templates as a foundation of highly efficient app development.
What is true of the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE for full-stack development? (2 correct) It is released with SAP HANA SPS's It requires zero installation There are twice weekly updates It is included with SAP HANA express edition.
What UI control can be used to define a hook to extend an application ? sap.comp.ExtendControl sap.m.Extend sap.ui.core.Extend sap.ui.core.ExtensionPoint.
Which application in SAP Fiori launchpad helps the user to find applications that are available to user? Application Finder Tile Finder Fiori AppSearch Fiori Designer.
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