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Which SAP Fiori app types require the SAP HANA database? (2 answers) Analytical Transactional Factsheet Legacy.
What happens if you execute an app that contains the following bootstrap file? <script src=”resources/sap-ui-core.js” id=”sap-ui-bootsrap” data-sap-ui-libs=”sap.m” data-sap-ui-xx-bindingSyntax=”complex” data-sap-ui-resourceroots=’{“sales.reporting”:”/”}’ The bootstrap will load and the SAP default theme will be used The bootstrap will NOT load and the application will produce an error message that the theme is missing The bootstrap will load and the customer-defined default theme will be used The bootstrap will load and the application will run successfully but without a theme.
You are developing SAP Fiori Elements applications Which of the following actions are available in SAP Web IDE? (2 answers) Create an annotation file associated with the OData service and add annotations Create a catalog, target mapping, and tiles Add catalog to user menu in a PFCG role and grant the role to user Choose the OData service as data provider for the project.
Why does SAP Fiori use an intent-based navigation? The concrete app targets can be deployed separately App implementation make the app deployment easier Apps targets can be deployed separately Apps can be developed and deployed in parallel.
You want to create a business catalog for all employees that contains a standard SAP Fiori app How would you do this? Reference the tile from a Technical Catalog provided by SAP Reference the tile from an SAP Business Group Reference the tile from an SAP Business Catalog Reference the tile from OData metadata.
Which information is included in the SAPUI5 app’s manifest.json file? (3 answers) Localization keys Referenced data sources Client side data-models SAPUI5 dependencies App ID, Name and Version.
What result do you expect from the de-composition and re-composition phases? (3 answers) A responsive de-composed design A purpose-built app to support personas The break-down of a large transaction An adaptive and coherent app The prevention of irrelevant data being shown to the user.
You develop an SAPUI5 app that updates data on the SAP back-end system. What activities are required when you implement an XSRF token? (2 answers) Generate a token on each read and write request Include the token in the HTTP request body of each write request Execute the Refresh method for an expired token Retrieve the token and send it with each service request.
You are creating KPI Design or KPI Modeler Apps using the SAP KPI Framework Which of the following sequences is the correct one for this? Create Evaluation, Create Tile, Create KPI, Manage KPI Associations, Configure Drill-Down Create KPI, Create Evaluation, Create Tile, Configure Drill-Down, Manage KPI Associations Create Tile, Create KPI, Create Evaluation, Configure Drill-Down, Manage KPI Associations Create KPI, Configure Drill-Down, Create Evaluation, Create Tile Manage KPI Associations.
Which of the following are features of the SAPUI5 SDK? (2 answers) Provides an interface to Web Dynpro Is a subset of OpenUI5 Allows the usage of the jQuery library Keyboard interaction support and accessibility features.
Which properties do you need to configure when you use the Mock server? (2 answers) Binding type Module path Destination Service URL.
What are the advantages of Local Annotations Over SADL-based Annotations? (2 answers) Can handle Complex annotations which is not a bound to a single field or entity Can Override the CDS based Annotations Local Annotations are more reusable as compared to SADL based annotations All the Framework-Specific Annotations available as a part of CDS views are also available as a part of Annotation Modeler, which makes it highly flexible.
Your customer needs to securely connect the SAP HANA Cloud Connector to the Web IDE of an on-premise system. How does the SAP HANA cloud connector help do this? (2 answers) It supports custom destination API configuration and certificate inspection It creates connectivity by a reverse-invoke process on the on-premise system It initiates a cloud-based reverse-invoke process It secures an SSL tunnel between the SAP Hana Cloud and the on-premise system.
What are Smart Controls? Application templates for SAPUI5 applications to optimize development Basic SAPUI5 controls recommended for standalone usage SAPUI5 controls that can be rendered dynamically according to OData service annotations The predecessor of Smart Templates.
What options can you use to add UI annotations to a SAP Fiori Element Page? (3 answers) Add Annotations to the manifest file present as a part of WebIDE project using the Descriptor Edit Add Annotations to the underlying CDS view Add Annotation with the help of a Metadata Extension Add Annotation to the Annotation file present as a part of WebIDE project using Annotation modeler Add Annotation to the underlying Database Table.
SAP Fiori Elements utilizes a metadata-driven approach for SAP Fiori app development. What are the implications of this? Smart Templates must be used by the developer to consume OData annotations and metadata so the SAPUI5 runtime can use the corresponding view App developers must use JavaScript to allow their applications to read OData annotations and metadata SAPUI5 Smart Controls must be created by developers to utilize the Data annotations and metadata of SAP Fiori Elements templates The SAPUI5 runtime interprets metadata and annotations of the OData service and uses the corresponding views for the Fiori app at startup.
Your customer extends an SAP Fiori app with View Replacement. Which activities do you perform? (2 answers) Verify that adding custom content in the Extension Points will NOT sufficient Identify a specific SAPUI5 control to be replaced Create an SAPUI5 control that replaces the original control Create an SAPUI5 view that replaces the complete view.
Which file can you use to configure internal navigation for List Report and Object Page templates? manifest.json file OData annotation file index.html file vocabulary.xml file.
Which activities does the OData Model Editor support? (2 answers) Edit ODataModels Deploy ODataModels Create Odata models Test ODataModels.
In the source code below, which of the following locations must reference the extension point? <code:View xmlns:core=”sap.ui.core” xmlns:mvc=”sap.ui.core.mvc” xmlns=”sap.m” controllerName=”appextension.EmployeeData” xmlns:html=> <Page title=”Title”> <content> <Label text = “First name:”/> <Input/> <core:ExtensionPoint name=”forMiddleName:”/> <<Label text = “Last name:”/> <Input/> <Button text=”Get Info” press=”doGetInfo”/> </content> </Page> </core:View> EmployeeDate.controller.js EmployeeData.view.xml Component.js Neo-app.json.
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