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What processes are supported by the SAP TM with EWM? (3 correct) Outbound process with transportation planning in SAP EWM Outbound process with transportation planning in SAP ERP Outbound process with delivery-based transportation planning in SAP TM Outbound process with order-based transportation planning in SAP TM.
What SAP component generates unchecked delivery documents? Sales and distribution SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) Logistics execution EWM.
What SAP component supports RFID processing in EWM? Auto RFID (ARFID) Automatic Input Identification (AII) Active ID Identification (AII) Auto-Id Infrastructure (AII).
What SAP components can be used to perform delivery scheduling? (2 correct) Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP SAPCRM SAP APO Global Available to Promise EWM SAP Event Management.
What scenario can be controlled with the storage locations Received on Dock (ROD) and Available for Sale (AFS)? Distinguish material that is in quality inspection from material that is unrestricted. Distinguish material that belongs to the vendor from own stock. Distinguish material that is still in inbound processing from material that has reached the final bins. Distinguish material quant ties that are assigned to a sale order.
What structures are possible in Yard? (3 correct) Parking spaces Checkpoints Doors Transportation Units Vehicles.
What technique is used to transfer transaction related data to EWM? BAPI BAdI APO Core Interface BAPI/qRFC.
What transactions in the ERP system can generate EWM-relevant posting changes? (2 correct) ME21N VLMOVE MIGO VA01.
What triggers a posting in an SAP ERP system during the inbound process? (2 correct) Inbound delivery confirmation Proof of delivery Warehouse order confirmation Warehouse task confirmation.
What types of EWM data can be displayed using the warehouse monitor? (4 correct) Warehouse product master data EWM documents Process related data Alerts EWM location master data EWM storage bin data.
What values can the system determine using determination rules? (4 correct) Staging area Doors Warehouse process type Staging area groups Staging bays.
When a customer complains about a product and return is raised, you can perform a check if this is same product that is supplied to him. Which of the following Serial number profile is maintained in ERP or in EWM system? Serial number of warehouse movement No Serial number requirement Serial Number for Document items Serial Numbers on warehouse number level.
When an inspection document is activated in EWM, the QIE triggers the creation of an inspection lot in ERP QM. In which one of the following systems is the inspection process then executed? The ERP QM system The EWM QM system The external QIE system.
When handling unit contains different products and products has to put away in different storage sections, which of the following is used? Put Away task De-consolidation function Stock Denial Activity Area.
When staging products for a production order with the delivery based production integration, three types of staging are available. What are they? (3 correct) Release Order Parts Crate Parts HU-Parts Pick Parts.
When using batches with de-centralized EWM, where does the batch master data exist? It depends on customizing In SAP ERP and in SAP EWM Only in SAP ERP Only in SAP EWM.
When working with semi-system-guided queues, after scanning the system checks which of the following? (3 correct) The scanned HU is available in the specified storage bin The HU field is empty The reported resource is allowed to process the HU An open warehouse task exists for this HU.
When you generate an EWM inbound delivery manually without a template, meaning without an expected goods receipt. In this case you must make sure that the data in the inbound delivery is validated. From where you can use the standard implementation of Business Add-In (BAdI)? SCWM/EX_ERP_PROD SCEP/EX_ERP_PROD SCWM/EX_EWM_PROD SCWM/FX_EWM_PROD.
Where does the system obtain the Stock Removal Control Indicator used to determine the storage type search sequence? Storage type Warehouse process type Warehouse product master Customizing.
Where does the system obtain the Storage Section Indicator used to determine the storage section? Storage Type Plant Warehouse product master Hazardous material master Storage bin.
Which applications in SAP EWM allow you to adjust the analysis data displayed to fit your needs? (3 correct) Dock appointment scheduling Graphical warehouse layout Shipping cockpit Warehouse cockpit Warehouse management monitor.
Which assignment do you make to create external process steps in process oriented storage control? External process step to a work center External process step to a storage process External process step to a warehouse process type External process step to an SAP internal process step.
Which cross-docking methods require the use of SAP Advanced planning and Optimization? (2 correct) EWM-triggered opportunistic cross-docking Recipient-driven flow-through Push deployment Picking from goods receipt.
Which customizing setting in process-oriented storage control, what can you use rule-based determination for? To determine the destination storage bin To determine the HU type group To determine the processing time To determine the warehouse process type.
Which distribution methods can you use to replicate delivery documents from an SAP ERP system to SAP Extended Warehouse Management? (2 correct) Immediate distribution at document creation Core Interface (CIF) distribution model Distribution via post processing framework (PPF) actions Manual distribution.
Which document is created in SAP Extended warehouse management when you use advanced production integration? Production order Outbound delivery Production material request Outbound delivery request.
Which documents are used in the expected goods receipt process during inbound processing in a decentralized SAP Extended Warehouse Management? (2 correct) Expected goods receipt Inbound delivery notification Advanced shipping notification Inbound delivery.
Which field in the warehouse process type is used to determine warehouse order creation rules? Storage process Destination storage type Activity Priority.
Which inbound processing document is distributed from an SAP ERP system to SAP extended warehouse management SAP EWM? Advanced shipping notification Expected goods receipt Expected goods receipt notification Inbound deliver.
Which level to activate 2-step picking? Storage type HU type Activity area Warehouse number.
Which level to activate pick denial? (2 correct) Device item type level Warehouse process type level Warehouse level Process step level.
Which limit values can you use to restrict the size of the warehouse orders? (2 correct) Products Resources Processing time Items.
Which methods do you use to transfer transactional data between SAP ERP and SAP Extended Warehouse Management? (2 correct) IDoc BAPI qRFC IPPE.
Which objects can you add to the warehouse cockpit? (2 correct) Tailored measurement services Basic measurement services Calculated measurement services Alert from alert management.
Which objects in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application are used to map an SAP ERP warehouse to an SAP EWM warehouse? (2 correct) Business system Storage location Plant Warehouse number.
Which of the following actions are possible based on a value-added service (VAS) order? (3 correct) Perform quality inspection. Consume auxiliary products. Capture time required. Capture costs. Assemble a kit.
Which of the following are characteristics of tailored measurement services? (3 correct) They can be started based on alerts and exceptions. They can be connected for calculated measurement services. They can be displayed in the graphical warehouse layout. They use basic measurement services for the key figures. They can be used for the SAP Business Warehouse.
Which of the following are examples of EWM internal functions/processes? (4 correct) Quality Inspection Task and Resource Management Value Added Services Yard Management RFID.
Which of the following are examples of PPF processing types supported by Smart Forms? (3 correct) Print Fax Mail Delivery creation Workflow.
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